Asian Survey 2008 - Abstracts

Asian Survey 2008
Afghanistan in 2007: a bleeding wound.Regional focus/area studiesGhufran, Nasreen
Bangladesh in 2007: democracy interrupted, political and environmental challenges ahead.Regional focus/area studiesHagerty, Devin T.
Cambodia in 2007: development and dispossession.Regional focus/area studiesHughes, Caroline
China in 2007: the politics of leadership transition.Regional focus/area studiesFewsmith, Joseph
India in 2007: a year of opportunities and disappointments.Regional focus/area studiesGanguly, Sumit
Indonesia in 2007: unmet expectations, despite improvement.Regional focus/area studiesKingsbury, Damien
Japan in 2007: a divided government.Regional focus/area studiesVogel, Steven, Govella, Kristi
Laos in 2007: regional integration and international fallout.Regional focus/area studiesGunn, Geoffrey C.
Malaysia in 2007: high corruption and low opposition.Regional focus/area studiesCase, William
Myanmar in 2007: a turning point in the "roadmap"?Regional focus/area studiesThawnghmung, Ardeth Maung, Myoe, Maung Aung
Nepal and Bhutan in 2007: seeking an elusive consensus.Regional focus/area studiesWhelpton, John
North Korea in 2007: shuffling in from the cold.Regional focus/area studiesHaggard, Stephen, Noland, Marcus
Pakistan in 2007: more violent, more unstable.Regional focus/area studiesKhan, Adeel
Russia and the CIS in 2007: Putin's final year?(Vladimir Putin)Regional focus/area studiesZiegler, Charles E.
Singapore in 2007: high wage ministers and the management of gays and elderly.Regional focus/area studiesHuat, Chua Beng
South Korea in 2007: scandals and summits.Regional focus/area studiesLie, John, Kim, Andrew Eungi
Sri Lanka in 2007: military successes but at humanitarian and economic costs.Regional focus/area studiesWickramasinghe, Nira
Taiwan in 2007: the waiting game.Regional focus/area studiesYun-han Chu
Thailand in 2007: the struggle to control democracy.Regional focus/area studiesOckey, James
The Philippines in 2007: ballots, budgets, and bribes.Regional focus/area studiesHicken, Allen
The United States and Asia in 2007: a region in transition.Regional focus/area studiesScalapino, Robert A.
Vietnam in 2007: a profile in economic and socio-political dynamism.Regional focus/area studiesHan, Vo X.
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