Ballet Review 1998 - Abstracts

Ballet Review 1998
Aboard the Royal Swedish Ballet jubilee express.Arts, visual and performingReynolds, Nancy
A conversation with Ann Hutchinson Guest.(dancer)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis
A conversation with Julie Kent.(ballerina)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingKokich, Kim
A conversation with Keely Garfield. (modern dance)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingDaniels, Don, Whitaker, Rick
A conversation with Martha Swope.(dancer and ballet photographer)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis
A conversation with Matthew Bourne.(choreographer)(Interview)Arts, visual and performing 
A conversation with Rick Fisher.(theater production designer)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis, Daniels, Don
Alexandra Danilova on 'Raymonda'.(ballerina, ballet)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingFullington, Doug
Alla Osipenko. (Kirov prima ballerina)Arts, visual and performingLobenthal, Joel
Balanchine's way.(Choreographer George Balanchine)Arts, visual and performingKai, Una
Ballet culture and the individual talent.Arts, visual and performingLobenthal, Joel
Baryshnikov, from classicist to modernist.(Mikhail Baryshnikov)Arts, visual and performing 
"Because it is a masterpiece." (Theme and Variations)Arts, visual and performingHering, Doris
Blanchine's Bizet. (George Balanchine, Georges Bizet)Arts, visual and performingTaras, John
Cunningham + Cage.(Merce Cunningham choreographs music by John Cage)(Interview)Arts, visual and performingKuhn, Laura
Elena Kunikova and Les Ballets Trockadero.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingHorwitz, Dawn Lille
Four lost Robbins ballets.(Jerome Robbins)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis, Balanchine, George
Galina Ulanova (1910-1998).(Russian ballerina)Arts, visual and performing 
Jerome Robbins.(remembrance of the choreographer )Arts, visual and performingWhitaker, Rick, Le Clercq, Tanaquil
Jerome Robbins.(reminiscence of the choreographer)Arts, visual and performingWhitaker, Rick, Fernandez, Kristina
Jewels.(New York City Ballet production)Arts, visual and performingMason, Francis
Louise Kloepper (1910-1996).Arts, visual and performingGitelman, Claudia
Louis Martinez and Michael Somes on Margot Fonteyn.(Interview)Arts, visual and performingJordan, Stephanie
Neil Greenberg's trilogy: a survivor's tales.(choreographer)Arts, visual and performingWitchel, Leigh
Opera ballets at the Kirov Festival.(Kirov Opera Festival, 1998)Arts, visual and performingVaughan, David
Paul Taylor's American paradise.(choreographer)Arts, visual and performingWitchel, Leigh
Peeling our eyes.(Altogether Different dance festival, 1998)Arts, visual and performingJacobson, Daniel
'Raymonda' at 100.(ballet)Arts, visual and performingFullington, Doug
Remembering Alexandra Danilova.Arts, visual and performingSaddler, Donald
Sex, murder, and 'Agon.'.(ballets performed by the San Francisco Ballet in the fall of 1998)Arts, visual and performingDaniels, Don
Something for everyone to dislike.(innovations in ballet)Arts, visual and performingFleming, Bruce
St. Petersburg.(symposium in honor of Rudolf Nureyev)Arts, visual and performing 
The way ahead.(work of choreographer Matthew Bourne)Arts, visual and performingDriver, Senta
William Forsythe: an American iconoclast in Europe.Arts, visual and performingWitkins, Darrell
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