Common Market Law Review - Abstracts

Common Market Law Review
A light in the darkness: recent developments in the ECJ's direct tax jurisprudence.(European Court of Justice)(Law overview)LawKingston, Suzanne
And then they were twenty-seven: a legal appraisal of the Sixth Accession Treaty.LawLazowski, Adam
Application of community law by member states' public authorities: Between autonomy and effectiveness.LawBecker, Florian
Can general measures be ... selective? Some thoughts on the interpretation of a state aid definition.(Law overview)LawKurcz, Bartlomiej, Vallindas, Dimitri
Case C-1/05, Yunying Jia v. Migrationsverket.LawElsmore, Matthew, Starup, Peter
Case C-13/05, Chacon Navas V. Eurest Colectividades SA, judgment of the Grand Chamber of 11 July 2006, nyr.LawWaddington, Lisa
Case C-131/03 P, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and others v. commission, judgment of the grand chamber of 12 September 2006.LawVarju, Marton
Case C-147/03, Commission of the European Communities v. Republic of Austria, Judgment of the Court (Second Chamber) 7 July 2005 .(college admission)(Case overview)LawRieder, Clemens
Case C-148/02, Carlos Garcia Avello v. Etat Belge, judgment of the full court of 2 October 2003.(Case study)LawAckermann, Thomas
Case C-17/03, VEMW, APX en Eneco N.v. v. DTE, Judgment of the Full Court of 7 June 2005, nyr.(electric supply)(Law overview)LawHancher, Leigh
Case C-171/05 P, Laurent Piau, Order of the Court of Justice (Third Chamber) of 23 February 2006, [2006] ECR I-37.(breach of community law)(Case overview)LawWaelbroeck, Denis, Colomo, Pablo Ibanez
Case C-173/03, Traghetti del Mediterraneo SpA in Liquidation v. Italian Republic, Judgment of the Court (Great Chamber) of 13 June 2006, nyr..LawRuffert,Mathias
Case C-217/04, United Kingdom v. European Parliament and Council of the European Union, judgment of the Grand Chamber of 2 May 2006, nyr.LawRandazzo, Vincenzo
Case C-293/02, Jersey Produce Marketing Organisation Ltd v. States of Jersey and Jersey Potato Export Marketing Board, Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 8 November 2005.(free trade)(Case overview)LawTryfonidou, Alina
Case C-310/04, Kingdom of Spain v. Council of the European Union.(Case overview)LawGroussot, Xavier
Case C-344/04, The Queen ex parte International Air Transport Association, European Low Fares Airline Association v. Department for Transport, Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 10 January 2006, nyr.(consumer protection case)LawBradley, Kieran St Clair
Case C-349/03, Commission v. United Kingdom, Court of Justice, Grand Chamber, judgment of 21 July 2005, [2005] ECR-I-7321.LawStanley, Paul
Case C-350/03, Schulte v. Deutsche Bausparkasee Badenia AG, judgment of the Grand Chamber of 25 October 2005, [2005]; Case-229/04, Crailsheimer Volksbank eG v. Klaus Conrads and Others, judgment of the Second Chamber of 25 October 2005 [2005] ECR I-9273.LawTerryn, Evelyne
Case C-386/04, Centro di Musicologia Walter Stauffer v. Finanzamt Munchen fur Korperschaften.(Case overview)LawBecker, Florian
Case C-411/03, SEVIC Systems AG, Judgment of the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of 13 December 2005, [2005] ECR I-10805.(cross-border merger case)(Case overview)LawBehrens, P.
Case C-443/03, Gotz Leffler v. Berlin Chemie AG, Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 8 November 2005, nyr.(Case overview)LawMankowski, Peter
Case C-94/03, Commission v. Council, judgment of the Second Chamber of 10, January 2006[2006] ECR I-1; Case C-178/03, Commission v. Parliament and council, judgment of the Second Chamber of 10 January 2006, [2006] ECRI-107.(Case study)LawKoutrakos, Panos
Case C-95/04 P, British Airways plc v. Commission, judgment of the Court of Justice (Third Chamber) of 15 March, 2007, nyr..(Case overview)Law 
Case law: A. Court of Justice: Case C-320/03, Commission v. Republic of Austria, judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 15 November 2005, nyr.(European Commission)(breach of the environmental law)(Case overview)LawSchrauwen, Annette
Case law: A. court of justice: joined cases C-317/04 and C-318/04, European parliament v. council and commission, judgment of the grand chamber of 30 May 2006, [2006] ECR I-4721.LawGilmore, Grainne, Rijpma, Jorrit
Case law: Case C-174/04, Commission v. Italian Republic, judgment of the Court of Justice (First Chamber) of 2 June 2005.(movement of capitals restriction)(Case overview)Law 
Case law: Case C-205/03 P, Federacion Espanola de Empresas de Tecnologia Sanitaria (FENIN) v. commission, judgment of the grand chamber of 11 July 2006, [2006] ECR I-6295.LawRoth, Wulf-Henning
Case law: Case C-380/03, Federal Republic of Germany v. European parliament and council of the European Union (tobacco advertising II). Judgment of the court (grand chamber of 12 December 2006, [2006] ECR-11573.LawLudwigs, Markus
Case law: Case T-228/02, organisation des Modjahedines du peuple d'Iran v. council and UK (OMPI), judgment of the court of first instance (second chamber) of 12 December 2006.LawEckes, Christina
Case law: Case T-253/02, Chafiq Ayadi v. Council, judgment of the Court of First Instance of 12 July 2006; case T-49/04, Faraj Hassan v. Council and commission, judgment of the Court of First Instance of July 2006, nyr.LawHeliskoski, Joni
Case Law: Court of Justice: Case C-432/05, Unibet (London) Ltd and Unibet (International) Ltd vs. Justitiekanslern, judgment of the Grand Chamber of 13 March 2007.(Law overview)LawArnull, Anthony
Case law.(European Court of Justice )Law 
Cases T-69/00, FIAMM and FIAMM Technologies, T-151/00, Le Laboratorie du Bain, T-301/00, Fremaux, T-320/00, CD Cartondruck AG, T-383/00, Beamglow Ltd and T-135/01, Giorgio Fedon & Figli S.p.A., Fedon S.r.I. and Fedon America USA Inc., Judgments of 14 December 2005, Grand Chamber of the Court of First Instance, nyr..LawThies, Anne
Case T-317/02, Federation des industries condimentaires de France (FICF) and others v. Commission, judgment of 14 December 2004 by the First Chamber (extended composition) of the Court of First Instance, not yet reported.LawBroborg, Morten
Citizenship, free movement and health care: Cementing individual rights by corroding social solidarity.(Law overview)LawNewdick, Christopher
Competition enforcement, regulation and civil justice: What is the case?LawHodges, Christopher
Courts and free markets: perspectives from the United States and Europe.LawWeiler, Joseph
Damages actions under the EC merger regulation.(european commission)LawBailey, David
Development in EC competition law in 2006: an overview.(European Commission)LawDemetriou, Marie, Gray, Margaret
Developments in EC competition law in 2005: An overview.LawVolcker, Sven B.
Die Haftung der Europaischen Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft und ihrer Mitgliedstaaten bei gemeinschaftsrechtswidrigen nationalen Verwaltungsakten.LawSteindorff, Ernst
Dividend taxation in Europe: when the ECJ makes tax policy.(European Court of Justice)(Law overview)LawGraetz, Michael J., Warren, Alvin C., Jr.
EC-ACP economic partnership agreements and WTO compatibility: An experiment in North-South interregional agreement?(European Communities)(African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States)LawDesta, Melaku Geboye
Effect of Commission decisions on private antitrust litigation: setting the story straight.(Law overview)LawKomninos, Assimakis P.
Essays in European law and integration.LawBrown, L. Neville
European constitutionalism and the European arrest warrant: In search of the limits of "contrapunctual principles".Law 
Financial penalties under Article 228(2) EC: excessive complexity?LawKilbey, Ian
Free movement of goods: recent developments in the case law.LawOliver, Peter, Enchelmaier, Stefan
Good governance requirements concerning the participation of interest groups in EU consultations.(European Union )LawObradovic, Daniela, Vizcaino, Jose M. Alonso
Harmonization of intellectual property law in Europe: the European court of Justice's trade mark case law 2004-2007.(Law overview)LawLeistner, Matthias
House of Lords, judgment of 19 July 2006, Inntrepreneur Pub Co (CPC) and others v. Crehan.(Case overview)LawHanley, Colleen
Implementing framework decisions.(Law overview)LawBorgers, Matthias J.
Interim measures in community courts: recent trends.LawDe La Torre, Fernando Castillo
Judicial implementation of directives and anticipatory indirect effect: Connecting the dots.LawKlamert, Marcus
National Courts.(judgement procedure)LawLeczykiewicz, Dorota
Outsider or frontrunner? Recent developments under international and European Union in international organizations and treaty bodies.LawHoffmeister, Frank
Pay inequalities in the European Communities.LawForman, John
Present and future European judicial problems after enlargement and the post-2005 ideological revolt.LawRasmussen, Hjalte
Promoting solidarity: from public services to a European model of competition?LawRoss, Malcolm
Rough justice? An analysis of the European Commission's new finding guidelines.(Law overview)LawVolcker, Sven B.
Salvation outside the church: judicial protection in the Third Pillar after the pupino and segi judgments.LawPeers, Steve
Seeing the wood despite the trees? On the scope of Union citizenship and its constitutional effects.(Law overview)LawSpaventa, Eleanor
Six principles for limiting government-facilitated restraints on competition.LawGal, Michal S., Faibish, Inbal
State and procedures: developments since the entry into force of the procedural regulation.(European Coal and Steel Community )LawSinnaeve, Adinda
Supremacy without pre-emption? The very slowly emergent doctrine of community pre-emption.LawSchutze, Robert
The case for a European system monitoring foreign investment in defense and security.LawVon Wogau, Karl, Rapp-Jung, Barbara
The case law of the Court of Justice in the field of sex equality since 2000.(Law overview)LawDavies, Gareth, Costello, Cathryn
The case law of the ECJ concerning the free provision of services: 2000-2005.(European Court of Justice)LawHatzopoulos, Vassilis, Thien Uyen Do
The constitutional implications of mutual recognition in criminal matters in the EU.LawMitsilegas, Valsamis
The constitutional status of the European Central Bank.LawZilioli Chiara, Selmayr, Martin
The double-headed approach of the ECJ concerning consumer protection.(European Court of Justice)(Law overview)LawUnberath, Hannes, Johnston, Angus
The dynamics of development in the European Human Rights Convention system.LawDuffy, P.J.
The European data protection supervisor: The institutions of the EC controlled by an independent authority.LawHijmans, Hielke
The European Parliament: towards a uniform procedure for direct elections.LawPatijn, Schelto
The European Union and asylum: An illusion of protection.(Law overview)LawTeitgen-Colly, Catherine
The ever-longer arm of EC law: the extension of community competence into the field of criminal law.(European Commission)(Law overview)LawLynskey, Orla, Dawes, Anthony
The Green paper on damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules and beyond: reflections on the utility and feasibility of stimulating private enforcement through legislative action.LawEilmansberger, Thomas
The meaning of Petersberg: some considerations on the legal scope of ESDP operations.LawKielmansegg, Sebastian Graf Von
The new audiovisual media services directive: television without frontiers, television without cultural diversity.LawBurri-Nenova, Mira
The relationship of the EC courts with other international tribunals: non-committal, respectful or submissive?(Viewpoint essay)LawBronckers, Marco
The role of objective justification and efficiencies in the application of Article 82 EC.(European Commission)(Law overview)LawAlbors-Llorens, Albertina
The rule of law and the coherence of the judicial system of the European Union.LawLenaerts, Koen
The Thirteenth company law directive and competing bids.(Law overview)LawKemperink, Guus, Stuyck, Jules
''The winner takes it all'': Recovering lawyers' fees and other costs before the Community courts.(Law overview)LawRitter, Cyril
U.N. sanctions against individuals - a challenge to the architecture of European Union governance.LawNettesheim, Martin
When East meets West: Approximation of laws in the EU-Mediterranean context.(European Union)LawHarpaz, Guy
When worlds collide! Competing visions of the relationship between direct effect and supremacy.(CIA Security and Unilever Italia S.p.A.)LawDougan, Michael
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