Current 2000 - Abstracts

Current 2000
A dominant America. A fear of empire.EducationTucker, Robert W.
Adoption pains.(personal viewpoint of the long drawn out adoption process)EducationSullum, Jacob
After Yeltsin: more of the same.(political aspects of Russia after the retirement of president Boris Yeltsin)EducationTreisman, Daniel
American foreign policy. Offering guidelines.EducationPodhoretz, Norman
An end to complacency: Reinventing Japan.EducationGibney, Frank B.
A new vision for education.(excerpt from 'A Radical Vision for Education')EducationBuchen, Irving H.
Animal rights claims: Some dangerous implications.EducationEpstein, Richard A.
A village's assets and its kids: helping children.(excerpt from "Helping America's Troubled Children")EducationFry, Patricia L.
A violent world: local solutions needed.EducationBuvinic, Mayra, Morrison, Andrew R.
Behind the walls of segregation.EducationWortham, Anne
Can America remember its past? The threat of cultural amnesia.EducationBertman, Stephen
Civilian-military attitudes: why the gap matters.EducationCohen, Eliot A.
Confessions of a soft communitarian.EducationRauch, Jonathan
Corruption of the academy: student evaluations of faculty.EducationZwanziger, Lee L.
Culture and the state.(role of politics in the cultural development of countries)EducationHoggart, Richard
Defense and the new president: remaking the military.EducationCohen, Eliot A.
Ethnicity in Russia: the Kremlin's weakness.EducationNunn, Sam, Stulberg, Adam N.
Forecasts that missed by a mile.EducationLee, Laura
Freedom and the political system: big government isn't over.(excerpt from "Why the Era of Big Government Isn't Over".)EducationDeMuth, Christopher C.
Globalization: how it affects us.EducationWright, Robert
Global trade: a new concept of business.(excerpt from "A New Concept of Business")EducationMaresca, John J.
Historical memory: setting history straight.EducationWolfowitz, Paul D.
Humanitarian hawks.(the Persian Gulf War, sanctions)EducationWolfson, Adam
Humanitarian intervention: the Rwanda experience.EducationKuperman, Alan
Immigration and an economic downturn: Increasing tensions.EducationGoldsborough, James
McNamara's Struggle.(excerpt from "McNamara's Struggle for Understanding", former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, Vietnam War)EducationKuklick, Bruce
Measurement of education: ranking colleges.EducationThompson, Nicholas
Military service: reexamining its moral foundations.EducationCook, Martin L.
Muhammed: the universal man of all times.(profile of the Prophet Muhammad and his influence on the daily lives of Muslims)EducationNyang, Sulayman
Privacy and law: safeguarding civility.EducationPost, Robert C.
Public school alternatives: the voucher controversy.(school voucher schemes in the United States)EducationRosen, Gary
Saving downtown. Face-to-face markets.EducationEhrenhalt, Alan
Saying "I'm sorry": apologies in law.EducationShuman, Daniel W.
School cheating: Buying term papers.EducationSteinberg, Iain
Statistics and race: misleading public policy.(disparities between racial equality and statistical research)EducationScanlan, James
Talking computers: will talking replace literacy?(impact of voice in/voice out technology on the skill of literacy)EducationCrossman, William
The big mac in China.(excerpt from 'China's Big Mac Attack')EducationWatson, James L.
The devil's advocate.(excerpt from "The Devil's Advocate", Pope Pius XII)EducationRubinstein, William D.
The future of high tech: toward a postmodern era.EducationBorgmann, Albert
The gun control controversy:looking at both sides.EducationRosen, Gary
The papacy in a secular world: John Paul 11.EducationLinker, Damon
The SAT: a new defense.(Scholastic Assessment Tests, excerpt from "Enemies of Promise: Why America Needs the SAT")EducationDowling, William C.
The United States and Colombia: new forms of assistance.EducationShifter, Michael
The unmaking of presidents.(portrayal of politicians in the media and in literature)EducationGraff, Henry
Three World Wars.(excerpt from 'The American Way of Victory: A Twentieth-Century Trilogy')EducationKurth, James
Too many nations: the future of the Western hemisphere.(threat to political stability)EducationEnriquez, Juan
Transforming colleges: more collegiality.EducationClark, Burton R.
Transforming Japan.(excerpt from 'Japan: A Rising Sun?')EducationHelweg, M. Diana
"We aren't here to do the decent thing": Saving Private Ryan and the morality of war.EducationPrior, William J.
Who do you say that I am?(researching the real Jesus)EducationFredriksen, Paula
World-besotted traveller.(author Evelyn Waugh)EducationAllen, Bruce
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