Economic Development Review 1996 - Abstracts

Economic Development Review 1996
A bird in the hand.... (business expansion)(Existing Business I)EconomicsGensic, Trisha
A comparison of rural and urban economic development programs in Pennsylvania.EconomicsFalcone, Thomas, Allen, Lorraine Dennis, Vatter-Vance, Rheta
AEDO accreditation: a tool for increased organizational competitiveness. (Accredited Economic Development Organization)EconomicsSmith, C. Mark
An Atlantic Canada Trade Development strategy for Latin America.EconomicsPlumstead, Janice E.
An economic development response to the competitive challenges of utility restructuring.(Existing Business I)EconomicsFerri, Mark R.
A simplified, globally competitive economic development policy framework.EconomicsShove, Christopher
Assessing the policy implications of state incentives: firm-specific vis-a-vis economic growth strategies.EconomicsWarren, Barry P.
Barriers to the implementation of economic development projects in rural Texas communities.(Existing Business I)EconomicsWinter, Eric W.
Building a community and sustainability together.EconomicsKnowles, Richard N.
Building a new retention strategy. (business retention)(Existing Business I)EconomicsKlohs, Birgit
Building our own business.EconomicsStreet, John C.
Building social capital: the case of Mineral County, Nevada.EconomicsGardner, Chuck
Business retention and expansion: theory and an example in practice.(Existing Business I)EconomicsPhillips, Phillip D.
Business retention: the basics and beyond.(Existing Business I)EconomicsMaples, Melissa S.
Career fair for high school sophomores.EconomicsVercauteren, Patrick J.
City of Orem, Utah's revolving loan fund.EconomicsGudmundson, Karen L.
Collaborative economic development organizations in rural Wisconsin.EconomicsWagner, Matthew L.
Comparative operating cost analysis: bottom-line incentive for expanding and relocating companies.EconomicsRoybal, Christopher A.
Creating a local leadership development program.EconomicsMorgan, Glen M.
Electric utilities and retail wheeling: the effect on economic development.EconomicsBohmeyer, Laureen S. Moore
Elements of a BEAR (business expansion and retention) program.(Existing Business I)EconomicsBradford, Richard
Employee job termination strategies.EconomicsSelvidge, Susan P.
Enhancing international business development through an international trade and investment summit.(Existing Business I)EconomicsKirchhoff, Michael K.
Evaluating the performance of an economic development program: the case of electric utilities.EconomicsNollette, Debra S.
Existing industry program: the backbone of economic development.(Existing Business I)EconomicsJoy, Earl R.
Foreign trade zone sub-zones: innovative assistance to existing business in a global economy.(Existing Business I)EconomicsWitherspoon, James C.
Formulating an economic development performance bonus program.EconomicsGulotta, Charles
From the editor. (role of business retention and expansion in economic development)(Existing Business I)(Editorial)EconomicsKoepke, Robert L.
Geographical changes in Money magazine's "Best Places to Live" rankings.EconomicsLaird, Donald M.
Growing your organization through the Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO) designation process.EconomicsDavis, Mark S., Neu, Elizabeth A.
Helping firms expand into international markets.(Existing Business I)EconomicsJohnson, Stephen R.
How to create new business prospects: a telemarketing guide for economic developers.EconomicsMcArdle, Joyce K.
Information and training: the foundation for building a path to excellence. (includes directory of agencies providing information and training for economic development professionals)(Existing Business I)EconomicsYarzebinksi, Joseph A.
Initial public offerings and their marketing implications for the economic developer.EconomicsGulotta, Charles
Interacting with the Base Realignment and Closure Commission.EconomicsCrews, Allison
Key factors in the success of a small economic development program: Randolph County, North Carolina Economic Development Corporation.EconomicsSprouse, Walter C., Jr.
Leadership in economic development: the case of the closing of Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois.EconomicsPodagrosi, Kay B.
Locked in the twilight zone: business retention fails the strategic value test.(Existing Business I)EconomicsCanada, Eric P.
Network resource centers as a catalyst for technology. (creation of a community technology center in Lawrenceburg, TN)EconomicsMcMahan, Brent E.
"One if by land and two if by sea...." (detecting signs of business failure)(Existing Business I)EconomicsForman, Maury, Levens, Howard, Rich, Ginger
On-line upcountry: science and technology as an economic development tool in a non-urban setting.EconomicsKingsfield, Bryan
Opportunity knocks: five steps toward a winning existing business development program.(Existing Business I)EconomicsDodd, David A.
Perceived impediments to new business start-ups and growth in a rural Nebraska community.(Existing Business I)EconomicsJohnson, Lowell D.
Pro-competitive alliances: new vehicles for regional, state, and community based economic development.EconomicsGriffin, John M., Sabety, J. Pari
Pulaski County applies itself to stimulate growth. (Virginia)EconomicsGraham, Jane W.
Pulling the plug from the pressure of economic development.EconomicsLawrence, Gary
Real estate appraisal concepts.EconomicsFritz, Wayne C.
Rural development planning: a time for change.EconomicsChambers, Robert E., Jr.
Should you upgrade to Windows 95?EconomicsLawin, Gene B.
Siting major projects & the NIMBY phenomenon: the Decker Energy Project in Charlotte, Michigan. (Not In My Back Yard)EconomicsDorshimer, Karl R.
Strategic alliances for innovation: emerging models of technology-based twenty-first century economic development.EconomicsCeleste, Richard F.
Strategic listening: the key to Ohio's economic development success.EconomicsJakeway, Donald E.
"Successful partners": a promotion strategy for Scarborough businesses and the city of Scarborough. (Ontario)EconomicsGhanem, Saad
The AEDO program: in search of organizational excellence in economic development. (Accredited Economic Development Organization)EconomicsBurt, Jeffrey L.
The changing electric utility environment.(Existing Business I)EconomicsElia, Vincent
The development program of Ardmore, Oklahoma.EconomicsStucky, D. Weston
The effect of deindustrialization on area income: myth vs. reality.EconomicsPeck, John E.
The entrepreneurial community approach to community economic development.EconomicsLenzi, Raymond C.
The Fort Devens reuse plan.EconomicsSimon, Jeffrey A.
The Main Street program in Mississippi. (downtown revitalization program)(Existing Business I)EconomicsKelly, Steve
The management of crisis.(Existing Business I)EconomicsBarnard, John M.
The National Main Street Center.EconomicsWagner, Matthew
The New Mexico Rural Development Council.EconomicsGyulai, Wayne
The other side of the tracks: local response to a deregulated railroad industry.EconomicsDonaghy, Dan
The role of business retention in downtown revitalization.(Existing Business I)EconomicsWagner, Matthew L.
The role of the community college in regional economic development in the Commonwealth of Virginia.EconomicsBudd, E. Roy
Transportation today.(Existing Business I)EconomicsSmith, Judy R.
Two strategic paths to competitiveness. (local economic development)EconomicsMalizia, Emil E.
Using CompuServe for practical economic development.EconomicsDavis, Mark S.
Using on-line technology for community information exchange: city of Nanaimo's experience.EconomicsMcQueen, Tanja
Using technology to stimulate rural economic development activity: Nebraska's Community Internet Navigator Program.EconomicsWilliams, Steve, Ullman, Darrell A., Emal, Jim
Utility sponsored foreign economic development offices and consultants.(Existing Business I)EconomicsOverby, Jeff W.
What the citizens of Central Utah know about economic development.(Existing Business I)EconomicsCowley, Russell J.
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