Economic Review (San Francisco) - Abstracts

Economic Review (San Francisco)
Adaptive forecasts, hysteresis, and endogenous fluctuations.GovernmentEvans, George W., Honkapohja, Seppo
An analysis of inefficiencies in banking: a stochastic cost frontier approach.GovernmentKwan, Simon H., Eisenbeis, Robert A.
A new look at the distributional effects of economic growth during the 1980s: a comparative study of the United States and Germany.GovernmentDaly, Mary C., Burkhauser, Richard V., Crews, Amy, D.
Bank holding company stock risk and the composition of bank asset portfolios.GovernmentNeuberger, Jonathan A.
Borrowing constraints and asset market dynamics: evidence from the Pacific Basin.GovernmentKasa, Kenneth
Capital regulation and bank lending.GovernmentFurlong, Frederick
Central bank independence and inflation expectations: evidence from British index-linked gilts.(Bank of England)GovernmentSpiegel, Mark M.
Changes in the structure and duration of U.S. unemployment, 1967-1998.GovernmentValletta, Robert G.
Changes in the structure of urban banking markets in the West.GovernmentLaderman, Elizabeth S.
Changing geographical patterns of electronic components activity. (effects of geographical movement on high technology industry)GovernmentSherwood-Call, Carolyn
Commodity prices and inflation.GovernmentIngenito, Robert, Furlong, Fred
Comovements among national stock markets.GovernmentKasa, Kenneth
Consumer sentiment: its causes and effects.GovernmentThroop, Adrian W.
Controlling inflation with an interest rate instrument.GovernmentMotley, Brian, Judd, John P.
Cyclical and demographic influences on the distribution of income in California.GovernmentDaly, Mary C., Royer, Heather N.
Disability and work: the experiences of American and German men.GovernmentDaly, Mary C., Burkhauser, Richard V.
Do capital controls affect the response of investment to saving? Evidence from the Pacific Basin.GovernmentKim, Sun Bae
Does California drive the west? an econometric investigation of regional spillovers. (economic linkages between California and nearby states using vector autoregression techniques)GovernmentCromwell, Brian A.
Economic activity and inflation.(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco economic letter)Government 
Economic factors, monetary policy, and expected returns on stocks and bonds.GovernmentBooth, James R., Booth, Lena Chua
Evaluating non-structural measures of the business cycle.GovernmentCogley, Timothy
Exchange rate policy and shocks to asset markets: the case of Taiwan in the 1980s.GovernmentMoreno, Ramon, Yin, Norman
Explaining differences in farm lending among banks.GovernmentLevonian, Mark E.
Explaining unemployment: sectoral vs. aggregate shocks.GovernmentLoungani, Prakash, Trehan, Bharat
Factors influencing community bank performance in California.GovernmentZimmerman, Gary C.
Factor utilization and margins for adjusting output: evidence from manufacturing plants.GovernmentMattey, Joe, Strongin, Steve
FDIC Improvement Act and corporate governance of commercial banks. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)GovernmentBooth, James R.
Federal Reserve credibility and inflation scares.GovernmentHuh, Chan G., Lansing, Kevin J.
Five questions about business cycles.(excerpt from book 'Business Cycles: Durations, Dynamics, and Forecasting')GovernmentDiebold, Francis X., Rudebusch, Glenn D.
Fixed-premium deposit insurance and international credit crunches.GovernmentSpiegel, Mark M.
Forecasting industrial production using models with business cycle asymmetry.GovernmentChan Huh
Generational accounting in open economies.GovernmentFisher, Eric O'N., Kasa, Kenneth
Growth and inflation: a cross-country study.GovernmentMotley, Brian
Hedonic-based price indexes for housing: theory, estimation, and index construction.GovernmentWallace, Nancy E.
Implementing the single banking market in Europe.GovernmentZimmerman, Gary C.
Index numbers and the measurement of real GDP. (gross domestic product)GovernmentMotley, Brian
Inflation uncertainty and excess returns on stocks and bonds.GovernmentCogley, Timothy
Interpreting procyclical productivity: evidence from a cross-nation cross-industry panel.GovernmentDe Long, J. Bradford, Waldmann, Robert J.
Intervention, sterilization, and monetary control in Korea and Taiwan.GovernmentMoreno, Ramon
Is mortgage lending by savings associations special?GovernmentLaderman, Elizabeth, Passmore, Wayne
Is there a bank lending channel for monetary policy?GovernmentOliner, Stephen D., Rudebusch, Glenn D.
Is there a broad credit channel for monetary policy?GovernmentOliner, Stephen D., Rudebusch, Glenn D.
Long-run trends in labor supply.GovernmentMotley, Brian
Macroeconomic behavior during periods of speculative pressure or realignment: evidence from Pacific Basin economies.GovernmentMoreno, Ramon
Macroeconomic shock and business cycles in Australia.GovernmentMoreno, Ramon
Modeling the time-series behavior of the aggregate wage rate.GovernmentHuh, Chan G.
Monetary policy and monetary institutions.(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research)Government 
Pegging and stabilization policy in developing countries.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentMoreno, Ramon
Performance of urban information technology centers: the boom, the bust, and the future.GovernmentDaly, Mary C., Valletta, Robert G.
Predicitng contemporaneous output. (forecasting of gross domestic product)GovernmentTrehan, Bharat
Recent productivity growth: the role of information technology and other innovations.GovernmentBaily, Martin N.
Sterilization of capital inflows through the banking sector: evidence from Asia.GovernmentSpiegel, Mark M.
Structural change and monetary policy.(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research)Government 
Structure and pricing of large bank loans.GovernmentBooth, James R., Chua, Lena
Taylor's rule and the Fed: 1970-1997.GovernmentRudebusch, Glenn D., Judd, John P.
The 1980s divergence in state per capita incomes: what does it tell us?GovernmentSherwood-Call, Carolyn
The boom and the bust in information technology investment.GovernmentDoms, Mark
The demise of California reconsidered: interstate migration over the economic cycle.GovernmentGabriel, Stuart A., Wascher, William L., Mattey, Joe P.
The effects of industry employment shifts on the U.S. wage structure, 1979-1995.GovernmentValetta, Robert G.
The separation of banking and commerce.(financial services reform)GovernmentKrainer, John
Using monthly data to predict quarterly output.GovernmentTrehan, Bharat, Ingenito, Robert
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