European Review of Private Law - Abstracts

European Review of Private Law
Abuse of a relationship: undue influence in English law and French law.Regional focus/area studiesBell, Andrew P.
ADR - the opiate of the legal system?(Alternative Dispute Resolution)(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesLindblom, Per Henrik
Basic concepts of European private law.Regional focus/area studiesBrouwer, Bob, Hage, Jaap
Burden of proof and the unfair terms in consumer contracts directive.Regional focus/area studiesBruder, Florian
Case note/Annotation/Entscheidungsanmerkung.(Case overview)Regional focus/area studies 
Civil law in the Czech Republic: tendencies of development (some notes on the proposal of the new Civil Code).(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesRonovska, Katerina
Conflicting interests in Timeshare Contracts revisited on the occasion of the ECJ (First Chamber) case C-73/04 judgment 13 October 2005, Brigitte and Marcus Klein v. Rhodos Management Ltd..(Case overview)Regional focus/area studiesDownes, Noemi
Convergence and divergence of the English, French, and German conceptions of contract.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesValcke, Catherine
Deformalisation of assignment law and the position of the debtor in European Property Law.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesSalomons, Arthur F.
Der Abschluss der Diagnosephase zum Europaischen Vertragsrecht - Das Grunbuch 2007.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesHeutger, Viola
ECJ 26 October 2006, case C-168-05 Mostaza Claro v. Centro Movil Milenium SL- the unfair contract terms directive: the ECJ's third intervention in domestic procedural law.(Case overview)Regional focus/area studiesPavillon, Charlotte M.D.S.
Estoppel: South Africa.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesLubbe, Gerhard
Extending Ingmar to jurisdiction and arbitration clauses: the end of party autonomy in contracts with commercial agents? (OLG Munchen, 17 May 2006 - 7 U 1781/06).Regional focus/area studiesRuhl, Giesela
'Extinctive' prescription under the Avant-projet.Regional focus/area studiesZimmermann, Reinhard
Freedom of contract: Mandatory and non-mandatory rules in European contract law.Regional focus/area studiesStorme, Matthias E.
Hardship in German codified private law - in comparative perspective to English, French and international contract law.Regional focus/area studiesRosler, Hannes
Herausgabe erzielter Miete bei Doppelvermietung - Nutzbarkeitsdifferenz (Parkplatz/Marktstande) BGH, Urteil vom 10.5.2006 - XII ZR 124/02 (OLG Rostock): disgorgement of profits in the case of multiple lease agreements: German case note.Regional focus/area studiesEbers, Martin
Herausgabe erzielter Miete bei Doppelvermietung - Nutzbarkeitsdifferenz (Parkplatz/Marktstande) BGH, Urteil vom 10.5.2006 - XII ZR 124/02 (OLG Rostock): Estonian case note.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesKull, Irene
Herausgabe erzielter Miete bei Doppelvermietung - Nutzbarkeitsdifferenz (Parkplatz/Marktstande) BGH, Urteil vom 10.5.2006 - XII ZR 124/02 (OLG Rostock): Polish case note.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesMichalowski, Katarzyna
Herausgabe erzielter Miete bei Doppelvermietung - Nutzbarkeitsdifferenz (Parkplatz/Marktstande) BGH, Urteil vom 10.5.2006 - XII ZR 124/02 (OLG Rostock): tenants' remedies for 'double-letting' in English law: 'vindicatory' damages at the interface of property and tort law: English case note.Regional focus/area studiesKraft, David
Implementation of consumer law in Poland.Regional focus/area studiesLetowska, Ewa, Jagielska, Monika, Lis, Katarzyna, Miklaszewicz, Przemyslaw, Wiewiorowska-Domagalska, Aneta
Is good faith an over-arching general clause in the principles of European contract law?Regional focus/area studiesLando, Ole
L'avant-projet francais de reforme du droit des obligations et de la prescription: presentation generale.Regional focus/area studiesCosson, Benedicte Fauvarque
Le contrat en Europe: aujourd'hui et demain - Luxembourg 22 June 2007.Regional focus/area studiesHondius, Ewoud
M. Bussani and V.V. Palmer (eds), Pure Economic Loss in Europe W.H. van Boom et al. (eds), Pure Economic Loss.Regional focus/area studiesVerschuur, Anne Marie E.
On legislative style and structure.Regional focus/area studiesLando, Ole
Parsimony in contract law-the case of the potestative condition.Regional focus/area studiesDe Coninck, Julie
Precedent in English law: A view from the citadel.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesWhittaker, Simon
Prescription in French and Belgian property law after the Pye judgment.Regional focus/area studiesSagaert, Vincent
Privacy and data protection in Spain: a Spanish comment on two German decisions.Regional focus/area studiesMartin-Casals, Miquel, Feliu, Josep Sole
Public service obligations: moral counterbalance of technical liberalization legislation?(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesHouben, Iris
Pye: A Scottish view.(Case overview)Regional focus/area studiesGretton, George L.
Pye (Oxford) Ltd v. United Kingdom: The view from England.Regional focus/area studiesRadley-Gardner, Oliver
Recent case law.Regional focus/area studies 
Recodification of the Hungarian Civil Law.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesGardos, Peter
Restitution of participants' contributions to pyramid trading schemes in the United Kingdom.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesKraft, David
Reversing ubi remedium ibi jus in the common law: the right of privacy.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesO'Callaghan, Patrick
Simultaneity and successiveness in contracting.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesLucke, H.K.
Some comparative remarks on JA Pye (Oxford) Ltd v. The United Kingdom.Regional focus/area studiesCaterina, Raffaele
The Belgian legal tradition: From a long quest for legal independence to a longing for dependence?.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesHeirbaut, Dirk, Storme, Matthias E.
'The Common Frame of Reference and the future of European contract law' - Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA) conference, 1 and 2 June 2007, Amsterdam.Regional focus/area studiesSchaub, Martien
The creation of new Estonian private law.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesVarul, Paul
The influence of European consumer law on general contract law and the need for spontaneous harmonization On the disturbance and reconstruction of the coherence of national contract law and consumer law under the influence of European law.Regional focus/area studiesLoos, Marco B.M.
The Italian road to trusts.Regional focus/area studiesBerlinguer, Aldo
The Marcel-Storme-Chair for International and Comparative Civil procedure at Ghent University - A note.Regional focus/area studiesKerameus, Konstantinos D.
The new rule on the assignment of rights in Rome I - the solution to all our proprietary problems? - Determination of the conflict of laws rule in respect of the proprietary aspects of assignment.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesSteffens, Lilian
The Principles of European Tort Law: The right path to harmonization?(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesVan den Bergh, Roger, Visscher, Louis
'The regulation of unfair commercial practices under EC Directive 2005/29: New rules and new Techniques' - Results of the conference which took place on 3 March 2006, at Oxford University.Regional focus/area studiesMeyer, Olaf
The Seventeenth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law.(Conference notes)Regional focus/area studiesHondius, Ewoud
The two faces of the Catala Project-towards a new general part of the French law of obligations.Regional focus/area studiesHondius, Ewoud
The XVIIth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law - The challenge of comparative law.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesSteyn, Lord
Towards a European ius commune - what lessons can we learn from Quebec's mixed legal system?(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesVan Hedel, Henriette
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