Healthcare Financial Management - Abstracts

Healthcare Financial Management
Advance Refunding: A Technique for Hospitals to Maintain Their Competitive Edge.Health care industryBruton, P.W., Morgan, L.
AHA Symposium Examines Key Health-Related Issues.Health care industry 
An Effective Way to Plan and Budget for Available Resources.Health care industryNauert, R.C.
An Internal Search for Capital.Health care industryBaldwin, G.C.
A Short-Term Approach to Managing under PPS.Health care industryAnnis, R.J., Holton, J.W.
Assessing the Market for Long-Term Care Services.Health care industryRice, J.A., Taylor, S.
Avoiding Problems in Hospital-Physician Joint Ventures.Health care industryGoldblatt, S.J.
Capital Formation in Washington State: Survey Reports on 49 Hospitals.Health care industryBensen, M.K.
Certification Maintenance - Professional Preventive Maintenance Program Offered.Health care industryZengeler, P.
Contracting Management Services - Options under PRM 2135.Health care industryBryson, J.L.
Determining a Contribution Margin for DRG Profitability.Health care industryKohlman, H.A.
Development and Interpretation of the Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG's).Health care industryKalison, M.J., Averill, R.F.
Finances Are Number One Concern of Hospital Administrators.Health care industry 
Financing an Alternative for Group Health Insurance.Health care industryStano, M.
Financing Long-Term Care: HIAA's Evaluation.Health care industryLifson, A.
Financing Strategies for Long-Term Care Facilities.Health care industrySims, W.B.
How Banks Weigh Letter of Credit Request.Health care industryClare, S., Balding, R.S.
How Financial Managers Can Reduce Their Risk and Insurance-Related Costs.Health care industryBrown, B.M.
How Hospital Managers Should Respond to PPS.Health care industryKalison, M.J., Averill, R.F., Sparrow, D.A., Owens, T.R.
How States Pay for Long-Term Care Facility Services under Medicaid.Health care industryJazwiecki, T.
Implications for Hospital Financial Reporting.Health care industryRobbins, W.
Improving Management Technology: Current Realities and Future Expectations.Health care industryBolek, R.W., LeFort, P.F.
Long-Term Care Insurance: The Edge of an Emerging Market.Health care industryMeiners, M.R., Gollub, J.O.
Medicare Payment of Hospital Capital-Related Costs.Health care industryRubin, R.J., Helms, R.B.
Microcomputers Take the Challenge of the Hospital Environment.Health care industryWoodward, R.W., Anderson, G.W., Boxerman, S.B.
Microcomputer Use Comes of Age in Hospitals.Health care industryBolek, R.W., Menning, W.R., Mon, D.
Mistakes Healthcare Managers Make When Selecting Personal Computer Software.Health care industryPirelli, T.
One Plan Solves Two Disability Problems.Health care industryMacLeod, T.W.
Part 1, Defining the Hospital Product: The Response to PPS: Inside, Outside, Over Time.Health care industryKalison, M.J., Averill, R.F.
Profit Sharing - Incentive for Efficiency.Health care industryHendrickson, J.P., Brophy, J.E.
Providing Access to Clinical Information.Health care industryFischer, G.
Registration of Tax-Exempt Bonds - A New Era.Health care industryRuth, J.M.Jr.
Responding to PPS: The Outside Response.Health care industryKalison, M.J., Averill, R.F., Webb, R.J.
Saving Time and Money with Microcomputers.Health care industryKazahaya, G.
Standard Cost Accounting: Methods That Can Be Applied to DRG Classifications.Health care industryMessmer, V.C.
Statistical Sampling: Its Use in Hospital Decision Making.Health care industryCooper, W.D., Mecimore, C.D.
Tax-exempt Hospital Revenue Bonds: What Are The Options in 1984?Health care industryHenkel, A.J., Hee, D.L.
Ten Hospitals Forge New Directions and Strategies.Health care industryPeters, J.P., Tseng, S.
The Capital Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities.Health care industryValiante, J.D.
The Financial Manager's Role in Controlling Construction Costs.Health care industryDrever, R.A.Jr.
The Long-Term Care Marketplace: An Overview.Health care industryScanlon, W.J., Feder, J.
The Microcomputer Hardware Purchase Decision from the User's Viewpoint.Health care industryKnauer, C.J.
Transferring Funds during Corporate Restructuring. What Are the Consequences?Health care industryBaptist, A.J.
Voice-Activated Computers Aide Handicapped.Health care industryVoda, J.A., Bischof, J.A., Walker, B.C.
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