In the Public Interest - Abstracts

In the Public Interest
Balancing the adoption triangle: the state, the adoptive parents and the birth parents - where does the adoptee fit in?LawBehne, Audra
Can OSHA survive in the new international economic order? New constraints on the promulgation of permanent health standards. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)LawBraden, Richard
Effect of the Convention on the Rights of the Child upon street children in Latin America: a study of Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala. (Convention on the Rights of the Child)LawSeitles, Marc D.
Implementing Waters v. Churchill in light of the Loudermill pretermination hearing.LawScarry, Laura L.
Juvenile curfew: legal perspectives and beyond.LawToth, Jeremy
Law, life and literature: using literature and life to expose transracial adoption laws as adoption on a one-way street.LawKupenda, Angela, Thrash, Adam L., Riley-Collins, Jennifer A., Dukes, LaShonda Y., Lewis, Stephany J., Dixon, Rodney R.
Making pedophiles take their medicine: California's chemical castration law.LawSmith, Kathryn L.
Mandatory reporting of domestic violence: an inappropriate response for New York health care professionals.LawMcFarlane, Mia M.
Negotiating demands for justice: public interest law as a problem solving dialogue.LawDominguez, David
Preliminary report: availability of domestic violence services for Latina survivors in New York state.LawRivera, Jenny
Public exposure of the female breast: obscene and immoral or free and equal?LawPundurs, Helen
Reflections on the juvenile death penalty: contravention of precedent and public opinion. (Comment)LawLechner, Kim A.
Regulating rites: legal responses to female genital mutilation in the West.LawMessito, Carol M.
Rethinking the laws: Norplant as a condition of probation for female child abusers.LawKarachuk, R. Feikema
The future of racial redistricting in voting: Clark v. Calhoun County, Mississippi.LawDickerson, Paul H.
The open door: will the right to die survive Washington v. Glucksberg and Vacco v. Quill?LawCohen, Adam J.
The right to treatment for involuntarily committed sex offenders.(Case Note)LawDePugh, David
Youthful offender status and the reproduction of juvenile justice within systems of criminal justice: the case of William Shrubsall.(New York)LawSinger, Simon I.
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