Journal of American Studies 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of American Studies 1995
"A foothold in Europe": the aesthetics and politics of American war cemeteries in Western Europe.Regional focus/area studiesRobin, Ron
American scenes. (exhibition of American impressionist and realist paintings)Regional focus/area studiesTallack, Douglas
"A very pleasant patriarchal life": professional authors and amateur architects in the Hudson Valley, 1835-1870.Regional focus/area studiesSweeting, Adam W.
Dating Hemingway's early style/parsing Gertrude Stein's modernism.(Ernest Hemingway)Regional focus/area studiesRyan, Dennis
Early isolationism revisited: neutrality and beyond in the 1790s.Regional focus/area studiesRossignol, Marie-Jeanne
H.L. Mencken and American cultural masculinism.Regional focus/area studiesSchaum, Melita
In search of Al Schmid: war hero, blinded veteran, everyman.Regional focus/area studiesGerber, David A.
"I trust you will detect my intention": the strange case of 'Watch and Ward.' (Henry James' first novel)Regional focus/area studiesTraub, Lindsey
Local leadership in the early civil rights movement: the South Carolina Citizenship Education Program of the Highlander Folk School.Regional focus/area studiesLing, Peter
State of the art: paradigms lost? British-American colonial history and the 'Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies.'Regional focus/area studiesBliss, Robert M.
The author as a brand name: American literary figures and the Time cover story.Regional focus/area studiesMoran, Joe
The issue of state power: the council on foreign relations as a case study.Regional focus/area studiesParmar, Inderjeet
The meeting of sacred and profane in New York's music: Robert Moses, Lincoln Center, and hip-hop.Regional focus/area studiesTokaji, Andras
The political culture of emancipation: morality, politics, and the state in Garrisonian Abolitionism, 1854-1863.Regional focus/area studiesVoss-Hubbard, Mark
The politics of gender, language and hierarchy in Mamet's 'Oleanna.'Regional focus/area studiesMacLeod, Christine
Thomas McGuane: nature, environmentalism, and the American West.Regional focus/area studiesIngram, David
Why shouldn't a union man be a union man? The ILGWU and FOUR.(International Ladies' Garment Workers Union, Federation of Union Representatives)Regional focus/area studiesRenshaw, Patrick
Women's place on the American frontier.Regional focus/area studiesWalsh, Margaret
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