Journal of Developing Areas 2007 - Abstracts

Journal of Developing Areas 2007
A dynamic analysis of education and economic growth in Nigeria.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesNdiyo, Ndem Ayara
Anism of monetary policy in small developing countries: an application to Trinidad and Tobago.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesRamlogan, Carlyn
Are the Pacific Island countries ready for a single currency?Regional focus/area studiesBunyaratavej, Kraiwinee, Jayaraman, T.K.
Determinants of agricultural and non-agricultural livelihood strategies in rural communities: evidence from eastern Nigeria.Regional focus/area studiesAdi, Bongo
Does money matter? Evidence from vector error-correction for Mexico.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesAnsari, M.I., Ahmed, S.M.
Do Indian banks understate their bad loans?Regional focus/area studiesChipalkatti, Niranjan, Rishi, Meenakshi
Duty drawback and export promotion in China.Regional focus/area studiesMah, Jai S.
Economic freedom and foreign direct investment in developing countries.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesKapuria-Foreman, Vibha
Economics, geography, family planning and rapidity of change in the demographic transition: the case of the Egyptian Muhafazas 1960-1996.Regional focus/area studiesBonneuil, Noel, Dassouki, Chouaa
Empowerment of microcredit participants and its spillover effects: evidence from the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.Regional focus/area studiesBasher, Md. Abul
Explaining the differences in firm level production capacity realization in Bangladesh food manufacturing: a panel data study.Regional focus/area studiesSalim, Rahul A.
Fiscal decentralization and infant mortality: empirical evidence from rural India.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesAsfaw, Abay, Frohberg, Klaus, James, KS, Jutting, Johannes
Foreign aid and free trade and their effect on income: a panel analysis.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesAli, Abdiweli M., Isse, Hodan Said
Household determinants of fuelwood choice in urban Ethiopia: a case study of Jimma town.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesAbebaw, Degnet
Immigration, income and unemployment: an application of the bounds testing approach to cointegration.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesFeridun, Mete
Interdependencies in micro-credit group: evidence from repayment data.Regional focus/area studiesMenon, Nidhiya
Potential impact of financial reforms on savings in Botswana: an empirical analysis using a VECM approach.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesAhmed, Abdullahi Dahir
Productivity growth of Indian manufacturing sector; panel estimation of stochastic production frontier and technical inefficiency.Regional focus/area studiesMadheswaran, S., Liao, Hailin, Rath, Badri Narayan
Public vs. private sector earnings differentials in the Caribbean region: evidence from the economy of Trinidad and Tobago.Regional focus/area studiesCoppin, Addington, Olsen, Reed Neil
Regional productivity and convergence in Bangladesh agriculture.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesRahman, Sanzidur
Social learning and production heterogeneity.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesStefanou, Spiro E., Fang-I Wen
Teaching business ethics: the attitudes of business deans around the world.(NOTE)(Report)Regional focus/area studiesCurry, Tilden J., Thach, Sharon V.
The conundrum of economic miracle: manufacturing growth without TFP growth.Regional focus/area studiesSun, Chia-Hung
The cost, satisfaction, and achievement of primary education - evidence from francophone Sub-Saharan Africa.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesMichaelowa, Katharina, Wittmann, Eveline
The efficiency of emerging stock markets: empirical evidence from the South Asian region.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesCooray, Arusha, Wickremasinghe, Guneratne
The post-crisis exchange rate management in selected East Asian countries.Regional focus/area studiesTaguchi, Hiroyuki
Unemployment and cross-country income differences.(Report)Regional focus/area studiesHyman, Cheung T.
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