Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1998
Ambient taxes when polluters have multiple choices.Environmental services industryHoran, Richard D., Abler, David G., Shortle, James S.
An arbitrage-free approach to quasi-option value.Environmental services industryCoggins, Jay S., Ramezani, Cyrus A.
A note consistent estimation of mean WTP using a misspecified logit contingent valuation model.(willingness to pay)Environmental services industryCreel, Michael
Buying time: real and hypothetical offers.Environmental services industrySmith, V. Kerry, Mansfield, Carol
Community pressure and clean technology in the informal sector: an econometric analysis of the adoption of propane by traditional Mexican brickmakers.Environmental services industryBannister, Geoffrey J., Blackman, Allen
Effects of total cost and group-size information on willingness to pay responses: open ended vs. dichotomous choice.Environmental services industryMcKee, Michael, Berrens, Robert P., Bohara, Alok K.
Elicitation effects in contingent valuation: comparisons to a multiple bounded discrete choice approach.Environmental services industryWelsh, Michael P., Poe, Gregory L.
Estimation using contingent valuation data from a "dichotomous choice with follow-up" questionnaire: a comment.Environmental services industryHaab, Timothy C.
Estimation using contingent valuation data from a "dichotomous choice with follow-up" questionnaire: reply.Environmental services industryCameron, Trudy Ann, Quiggin, John
Factoring the environmental Kuznets curve: evidence from automotive lead emissions.Environmental services industryLevinson, Arik, Hilton, F.G. Hank
Inducing incentives to understate and to overstate willingness to pay withing the open-ended and the dichotomous-choice elicitation formats: an experimental study.Environmental services industryLunander, Anders
Information assymetries, uncertainties, and cleanup delays at Superfund sites.Environmental services industryRausser, Gordon C., Zhao, Jinhua, Simon, Leo K.
Instrument choice when regulators and firms bargain.Environmental services industryMalik, Arun S., Amacher, Gregory S.
International fish wars: the strategic roles for fleet licensing and effort subsidies.Environmental services industryRuseski, Gozard
International pollution problems: unilateral initiatives by environmental groups in one country.Environmental services industryZagonari, Fabio
Is hotelling's rule relevant to domestic oil production?Environmental services industryLaFrance, Jeffrey T., Black, Geoffrey
Liability funding and Superfund clean-up remedies.Environmental services industrySigman, Hilary
Measurement error in recreation demand models: the joint estimation of participation, site choice, and site characteristics.Environmental services industryMorey, Edward R., Waldman, Donald M.
On the dynamics of the regulation of pollution: incentive compatible regulation of a persistent pollutant.Environmental services industryBenford, Frank A.
Optimal exploration for and exploitation of heterogenous mineral deposits.Environmental services industryCairns, Robert D., Quyen, Nguyen Van
Policies for green design.Environmental services industryFullerton, Don, Wu, Wenbo
Restoring natural resources with destination-driven costs.Environmental services industryZeckhauser, Richard J., Phillips, Carl V.
Risk premiums for environmental liability: does Superfund increase the cost of capital?Environmental services industryGarber, Steven
Sequencing and valuing public goods.Environmental services industryHanemann, W. Michael, Carson, Richard, Flores, Nicholas E.
The case for diminishing marginal existence values.Environmental services industryRollins, Kimberly, Lyke, Audrey
The declining trend in sulfur dioxide emissions: implications for allowance prices.Environmental services industryMontero, Juan-Pablo, Ellerman, A. Denny
The design of dynamic tradeable quota system under market imperfections.Environmental services industryHagem, Cathrine, Westskog, Hege
The optimal joint provision of water for irrigation and hydropower.Environmental services industrySexton, Richard J., Howitt, Richard E., Chatterjee, Bishu
The polluter pays versus the pollutee pays principle under assymetric information.Environmental services industryWirl, Franz, Huber, Claus
The revealed preferences of state EPAs: stringency, enforcement, and substitution.(Environmental Protection Agency)Environmental services industryHelland, Eric
Toxics release information: a policy tool for environmental protection.Environmental services industryKhanna, Madhu, Quimio, Wilma Rose H., Bojilova, Dora
Voluntary environmental agreements: good or bad news for environmental protection?Environmental services industryMiceli, Thomas J., Segerson, Kathleen
When the truth hurts: endangered species policy on private land with imperfect information.Environmental services industryPolasky, Stephen, Doremus, Holly
Why the far-distant future should be discounted at its lowest possible rate.Environmental services industryWeitzman, Martin L.
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