Journal of Health Economics 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 1996
Adverse selection and regulation in health insurance markets.Health care industryPodczeck, Konrad, Neudeck, Werner
Alcohol policies and highway vehicle fatalities.Health care industryRuhm, Christopher J.
An empirical examination of the implications of assortative matching on the incidence of HIV.Health care industryPhilipson, Tomas, Dow, William H.
A note of the estimation of the equity-efficiency trade-off for QALYs. (quality adjusted life-years)Health care industryJohannesson, Magnus, Gerdtham, Ulf-G
Consumer utility, social welfare, and genetic testing: A response to "Genetic Testing: An Economic and contractarian Analysis." (response to Alexander Tabarrok, Journal of Health Economics, vol. 13, p. 75, 1994)Health care industryHall, Jane
Decision making in quasi-markets: a pedagogic analysis.Health care industryJones, Philip R., Cullis, John G.
Do cigarette producers price-discriminate by state? An empirical analysis of local cigarette pricing and taxation.Health care industryManning, Willard G., Barnett, Paul G., Keeler, Theodore E., Hu, Teh-wei, Sung, Hai-Yen
Economies of scale and scope as an explanation of merger and output diversification activities in the health maintenance organization industry.Health care industryGiven, Ruth S.
Employment, unemployment, and problem drinking.Health care industryMullahy, John, Sindelar, Jody
Explaining variations in inpatient length of stay in the National Health Service.Health care industrySmith, Peter, Martin, Stephen
Externalities in hospitals and physician adoption of a new surgical technology: an exploratory analysis.Health care industryEscarce, Jose J.
Genetic testing and human welfare: reply to Hall. (response to article by Jane Hall in this issue, p. 377)Health care industryTabarrok, Alexander
Health insurance: the tradeoff between risk pooling and moral hazard.Health care industryManning, Willard G., Marquis, M. Susan
Hospital response to prospective payment: moral hazard, selection, and practice-style effects.Health care industryMcGuire, Thomas G., Ellis, Randall P.
Market structure and the role of consumer information in the physician services industry: an empirical test.Health care industryWong, Herbert S.
Mark Pauly on welfare economics: normative rabbits from positive hats. (response to Mark Paul, Journal of Health Economics, p. 369, vol. 13, 1994)Health care industryEvans, Robert G., Culyer, Anthony J.
Mathematical programming for the efficient allocation of health care resources.Health care industryStinnett, Aaron A., Paltiel, A. David
Modelling programme costs in economic evaluation.Health care industryJones, David, McGuire, Alistair, Fenn, Paul, Backhouse, Martin
New evidence on the relationship between income and health.Health care industryEttner, Susan L.
On the value of changes in life expectancy.Health care industryJohansson, Per-Olov
Payment source and the cost of hospital care: evidence from a multiproduct cost function with multiple payers.Health care industryDor, Avi, Farley, Dean E.
Physician demand for leisure: implications for cesarean section rates.Health care industryBrown, H. Shelton, III
Quality of health care, survival and health outcomes in Ghana.Health care industryThomas, Duncan, Strauss, John, Lavy, Victor, Vreyer, Philippe de
Reply to Anthony J. Culyer and Robert G. Evans. (response to Anthony J. Culyer and Robert G. Evans in this issue, p. 243)Health care industryPauly, Mark V.
Scale and scope economies among health maintenance organizations.Health care industryFeldman, Roger, Engberg, John, Christianson, Jon B., Wholey, Douglas
Smoking cessation and health: a comment. (on Andrew Jones' article in Journal of Health Economics 13, p. 93)Health care industryShmueli, Amir
Smoking cessation and health: a response. (to article by Amir Shmueli in this issue, p.751)Health care industryJones, Andrew M.
Smoking, health knowledge, and anti-smoking campaigns: an empirical study in Taiwan.Health care industryChee-Ruey Hsieh, Lee-Lan Yen, Jin-Tan Liu, Chyongchiou Jeng Lin
Specialized service offerings and patients' choice of hospital: the case of cardiac catheterization.Health care industryHodgkin, Dominic
State abortion rates the impact of policies, providers, politics, demographics, and economic environment.Health care industryBlank, Rebecca M., George, Christine C., London, Rebecca A.
State reproductive policies and adolescent pregnancy resolution: the case of parental involvement laws.Health care industryKaestner, Robert, Joyce, Theodore
The choice of medical providers in rural Benin: a comparison of discrete choice models.Health care industryLacroix, Guy, Bolduc, Denis, Muller, Christophe
The determinants of health care expenditure: a cointegration approach.Health care industryKing, Alan, Hansen, Paul
The effect of Medicaid abortion funding restrictions on abortions, pregnancies and births.Health care industryLevine, Phillip B., Zimmerman, David J., Trainor, Amy B.
The effect of Medicaid reimbursement on quality of care in nursing homes.Health care industrySpector, William D., Cohen, Joel W.
The effects of enriched prenatal care services on Medicaid birth outcomes in New Jersey.Health care industryReichman, Nancy E., Florio, Maryanne J.
Time preference, the discounted utility model and health.Health care industryGafni, Amiram, Bleichrodt, Han
Uncertainty and investment in health.Health care industryChang, Fwu-Ranq
Valuing health states: a comparison of methods.Health care industryDolan, P., Gudex, C., Kind, P., Williams, A.
What are the costs of queueing for hip fracture surgery in Canada?Health care industryHamilton, Barton H., Mayo, Nancy E., Hamilton, Vivian H.
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