Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies - Abstracts

Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
A challenge to suburban evangelical churches: theological perspectives on poverty in America.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesShank, Harold, Reed, Wayne
A congregational remapping of culture wars.(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesMcConkey, Dale
Beyond Richard Rorty's public: relegitimizing the quest for transcendence.Social sciencesRoulier, Scott
Can feminism be rational?(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesKlein, Ellen R.
Christianity and conceptual transformation.Social sciencesChang, Kuk Won
Christians in the academy: overcoming the silence.(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesMarty, William R.
Cultural origins of New Age cults.(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesHollis, Daniel W., III
Culture and ethnic identity in Daghestan.(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesSivertseva, Tamara
Daniel Boorstin and Russel Kirk: religion and American political development.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesMeagher, Michael E.
Government, morality and the family.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesMarty, William R.
Homelessness in America: causes, consequences and solutions.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesFagan, Ronald W.
Housing affordability for families with children.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesEinbinder, Susan D.
Human rights and Polish reality.(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesBobko, Aleksander
Karl Heim and John Polkinghorne: theology and natural sciences in dialogue.Social sciencesSchwarz, Hans
Liberalism without transcendence.Social sciencesMarty, William R.
Personnel policy and racial inequality in the pre-World War II North.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesMaloney, Thomas N.
Philosophy, science and religion: a response.Social sciencesCooper, Brigitte Dehmelt
Political competition and electoral fraud: a Latin American case study.Social sciencesMolina, Ivan, Lehoucq, Fabrice Edouard
Postmodern creation myth? A response. (response to John Barrow and Frank Tipler, vol. 9, p. 63, 1986)Social sciencesYates, Steven
Relativism and the promise of tolerance.(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesSpeck, Bruce W.
Restoring the family as the primary human community.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesPalermo, George B.
Science-religion dialogue: Fifth European Conference on Science and Theology, 1994.Social sciencesGruenwald, Oskar
Taoism in Christian perspective.Social sciencesChung, Jun Ki
The Anthropic principle: a postmodern creation myth?Social sciencesGiberson, Karl
The circled wagons of science. (review of books on the role of science in culture)Social sciencesGiberson, Karl
The Grail quest as illumination.Social sciencesBrown, Christine, Boughton, Lynne C.
The last man's culture - revisited. (Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesDokulil, Milos
The politics of love: from chivalry to equality.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesAllen, Wayne
The quest for transcendence.Social sciencesGruenwald, Oskar
The Shroud of Turin: a parable for modern times?Social sciencesTrenn, Thaddeus J.
The Third Yugoslavia: Illyrian league of autonomous republics?(Beyond Culture Wars?)Social sciencesGruenwald, Oskar
Traces of certainty: recording death and taxes in fifteenth century Tuscany.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesEmigh, Rebecca Jean
U.S. family policy in search of values, 1965-1995.(The Family: Reinventing The Human Community)Social sciencesFillingim, David
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