Journal of Managerial Issues - Abstracts

Journal of Managerial Issues
A comparative analysis of organizational commitment between workers in the United States and Russia.Human resources and labor relationsWeinzimmer, Laurence G., Buchko, Aaron A., Sergeyev, Alexander V.
Aligning management practices with strategies.Human resources and labor relationsNystrom, Paul C.
Analysis of the organizational commitment of clergy members.Human resources and labor relationsLuthans, Fred, Baack, Donald, Rogers, Jerry
An examination of the relationship between older workers' perceptions of age discrimination and employee psychological states.Human resources and labor relationsPerrewe, Pamela L., Hassell, Barbara L.
A study of trust in Japanese-American joint ventures.Human resources and labor relationsBeck, John C., Parry, Douglas Craig
A thematic approach to leadership training.Human resources and labor relationsMcElroy, James C., Stark, Ernie
Boards of directors and hostile takeovers.Human resources and labor relationsDewhirst, H. Dudley, Jia Wang
Criteria for high integrity graphics.Human resources and labor relationsChristensen, David S., Larkin, Albert
Critical issues: the academic-practitioner schism. (business academics and businessmen differ on important management issues)Human resources and labor relationsTaylor, Stephen, G, Banks, McRae C.
Cross-cultural analysis of business ethics: Hong Kong and American business personnel.Human resources and labor relationsDolecheck, Maynard M.
Cultural characteristics or reliability enhancing organizations. (organisational management strategies)Human resources and labor relationsRoberts, Karlene H.
Doing business in foreign markets: keys for success of the small business firm.Human resources and labor relationsKraft, Frederic B., Darling, John R., Crouch, Henry L.
Dual class plans and unequal voting rights plans: a managerial choice.Human resources and labor relationsSridharan, Uma V.
Earnings management with early adoption of FASB Statement 87. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)(management discretion in pension companies)Human resources and labor relationsGrove, Hugh D., Bazley, John D., Johnsen, Tommi
Entrepreneurial stress: is it hazardous to your health?Human resources and labor relationsButtner, E. Holly
Environmental scanning for strategic control.Human resources and labor relationsPreble, John F.
Facilitators of corporate innovation: an exploratory study of public and private firms in Canada.Human resources and labor relationsCarter, Kent, Pinto, Jeffrey K., Pinto, Mary Beth
Formulating channel strategy in a rapidly changing market: a case study and recommendations.Human resources and labor relationsCespedes, Frank V.
Functions, roles and behaviors: teaching the managerial job.Human resources and labor relationsClement, Ronald W.
Ideology and national competitiveness.Human resources and labor relationsLodge, George C.
Improving pre-employment screening: drug testing in the workplace. (use of paper-and-pencil test for pre-employment drug testing)Human resources and labor relationsMarcoulides, George A., Mills, R. Bryant, Unterbrink, Howard
Interorganizational market exchange: critical issues for strategic market decision analysis.Human resources and labor relationsCalantone, Roger J., Gassenheimer, Jule B., Robicheaux, Robert A.
Job and organizational characteristics, accountability, and employee influence.Human resources and labor relationsMitchell, Terence R., Ferris, Gerald R., Dulebohn, James H., Frink, Dwight D., George-Falvy, Jane, Matthews, Linda M.
Learning to see beyond the numbers: a classroom exercise involving financial statements.Human resources and labor relationsLinowes, Richard G.
Managerial beliefs and attitudes in a changing South Africa.Human resources and labor relationsHuman, Piet G.
Managing employee mental health costs more effectively. (US employer mental health care costs)Human resources and labor relationsGelb, Betsy D., Tarnow, Jay D.
Measuring production department efficiency using data envelopment analysis.Human resources and labor relationsMetzger, Lawrence M.
MRP II: a prospectus for renaissance. (manufacturing resources planning)Human resources and labor relationsDuchessi, Peter, Hobbs, Don R., Schaninger, Charles M.
Old wine in new bottles? The case of "management of technology."Human resources and labor relationsThimm, Alfred L.
Organizational citizenship behavior: the impact of rewards and reward practices.Human resources and labor relationsDumler, Michael P., Schnake, Mel
Organizational culture and strategic management: issues in the management ofstrategic change.Human resources and labor relationsVecchio, Robert P., Smith, Clayton G.
Patterns of growth and specialization in the executive search industry.Human resources and labor relationsBolino, Mark C., Feldman, Daniel C., Sapienza, Harry J.
Performance in salespeople - the impact of age. (older sales personnel perform as well as younger ones)Human resources and labor relationsDay, Nancy E.
Priorities of CEOs and strategic management professors for future academic research. (chief executive officers)Human resources and labor relationsZahra, Shaker A., Pearce, John A., II
Retiring from work: the paradoxical impact of organizational commitment.Human resources and labor relationsJablin, Fredric M., Cude, Roger L.
Strategic capability, corporate communications and strategic credibility.Human resources and labor relationsBannister, Brendan D., Higgins, Richard B.
Strategic marketing: evolution, integration and managerial implications.Human resources and labor relationsJain, Subhash C.
Survival models of professional staff retention in public accounting firms.Human resources and labor relationsSheridan, John E., Barkman, Arnold I., Peters, Lawrence H.
Technological and spatial factors related to organizational communication structure.Human resources and labor relationsJohnson, J. David
The CEO's view of questionable competitor intelligence gathering practices.Human resources and labor relationsArmacost, Robert L., Rehbein, Kathleen A., Morris, Sara A., Hosseini, Jamshid C.
The effects of technology on the quantity and quality of work: similarities between East and West.Human resources and labor relationsSpenner, Kenneth I., Petkov, Krustyu
The impact of computerised performance monitoring design features on the peformance appraisal process. (computerised performance monitoring systems for employee appraisals)Human resources and labor relationsKulik, Carol T., Ambrose, Maureen L.
The impact of functional classification schema on managerial decision processes.Human resources and labor relationsFord, Cameron M., Bayster, Philip G.
The importance of top management visibility for service-based professionals.Human resources and labor relationsEnz, Cathy A., Grover, Richard A.
The light before the dawn: the origin of quality Japanese products during the 1920s.Human resources and labor relationsPetersen, Peter B.
The management experience of management professors: evidence and implications for management education.Human resources and labor relationsBuckley, M. Ronald, Michaelsen, Larry K., Wren, Daniel A.
The nature of managerial work: a comparison of 'Real Managers' and traditional management.Human resources and labor relationsWren, Daniel A.
The relevance of foreign exchange hedging to corporate management.Human resources and labor relationsSoenen, Luc A.
The role of approval and achievement needs in feedback seeking behavior.Human resources and labor relationsFeldman, Daniel C., Klich, Nancy R.
Using customer satisfaction in a business productivity model.Human resources and labor relationsStano, Miron, Sibley, Stanley D., Moon, Soo-Young
Using social learning theory to manage organizational performance.Human resources and labor relationsHarrison, J. Richard, McIntosh, Paul
Voluntary turnover among middle-level managers: an analysis of perceived causes.Human resources and labor relationsZimmerer, Thomas W., Taylor, G. Stephen
When firms stop listening to customers: why marketing research is ignored.Human resources and labor relationsStewart, David W.
Work stress and health outcomes: the impact of personal orientations among CEOs in smaller businesses.Human resources and labor relationsBegley, Thomas M., Boyd, David P.
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