Journal of Nutrition Education 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Nutrition Education 1999
A hamburger costume to teach food safety.Food/cooking/nutritionWardlaw, Mary Kay
Beliefs and attitudes about obesity among teachers and school health care providers working with adolescents.Food/cooking/nutritionNeumark-Sztainer, Dianne, Story, Mary, Harris, Tanya
Children are "growing healthy" in South Carolina.Food/cooking/nutritionCason, Katherine L.
Communicating the message of the Food Guide Pyramid graphic to adolescents through a classroom poster contest.Food/cooking/nutritionRankins, Jenice, Shuford-Law, Jo, Weatherspoon, Lorraine, Reed, Cathy
Cuisine for Kids: a nutrition and culinary course for child nutrition program staff.Food/cooking/nutritionAumann, Margaret, Briggs, Marilyn, Link, Nancy, Collett, Mary Emmerich, Corrigan, Kathleen, Hart, Patricia
Dietary guidelines for sustainability: twelve years later.(Transcript)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Fast and Flexible Low Cost Recipes for a Family or Fifty: a cookbook for emergency feeding programs and limited-resource audiences.Food/cooking/nutritionMiller, Isobel E., Burgess, Wilella Daniels, Mason, April C.
Feeding young children in group settings: using scenarios for staff development.(Gem No. 311)Food/cooking/nutritionFletcher, Janice, Branen, Laurel
Five A Day, Let's Eat and Play: a nutrition education program for preschool children.Food/cooking/nutritionLevy, Penny Masur, Cooper, Judy
Go girls!: development of a community-based nutrition and physical activity program for overweight African-American adolescent females.Food/cooking/nutritionResnicow, Ken, Hall, Mary, Wang, Dongqing Terry, Yaroch, Amy Lazarus, Lyn, Rodney, London, Joel, Kotler, Heather
Healthy foods, healthy hearts.(supermarket marketing strategies)Food/cooking/nutritionCristall, Arlene
Healthy menu intervention in restaurants in low-income neighbourhoods: a field experience.Food/cooking/nutritionRichard, Lucie, O'Loughlin, Jennifer, Masson, Paule, Devost, Sylvie
Interviewing participants key to dietetic students' understanding of emergency food needs.Food/cooking/nutritionMarino, Deborah D., White, Christine
New FTC guidelines on dietary supplement advertising: a valuable restatement and explanation of current enforcement policy.(Federal Trade Commission)Food/cooking/nutritionDickinson, Annette
Nutrition beliefs and weight loss practices of Lakota Indian adults.Food/cooking/nutritionNeumark-Sztainer, Dianne, Story, Mary, Harnack, Lisa, Rock, Bonnie Holy, Jeffery, Robert, French, Simone
Nutrition education for cancer prevention among low-income populations: an extension of the EFNEP model.(Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)Food/cooking/nutritionEmmons, Karen M., Sorensen, Glorian, Macario, Everly, Hunt, Mary Kay, Rudd, Rima E.
Nutrition pursuit: a review game.Food/cooking/nutritionBurns, Melanie T.
Pyramid Explorer: Nutrition Adventures.(Software Review)(Evaluation)Food/cooking/nutritionShafer, Kimberly J., Knous, Barbara Lohse
"Quick Bites" table tents teach nutrition.Food/cooking/nutritionMader, Sharon L., Zies, Susan, Jess, Marcia, Herringshaw, Doris, Pescara, Lisa
Reclaiming the social and environmental roots of nutrition education.(Transcript)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Retrospective analysis of exclusive breastfeeding practices among four Hispanic subgroups in New York's EFNEP.(Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)Food/cooking/nutritionOlson, Christine, Pachon, Helena
Scripting public service announcements for radio.Food/cooking/nutritionDooley, Dian A., Soll, Linda
Self-efficacy as an intermediate outcome variable in the transtheoretical model: validation of a measurement model for applications to dietary fat reduction.Food/cooking/nutritionRossi, Susan R., Ounpuu, Stephanie, Woolcott, Donna M.
Social cognitive model of fruit and vegetable consumption in elementary school children.Food/cooking/nutritionHickey, Carol A., Reynolds, Kim D., Hinton, Agnes W., Shewchuck, Richard M.
Taste of food, fun, and fitness: a community-based program to teach young girls to feel better about their bodies.Food/cooking/nutritionNeumark-Sztainer, Dianne, Coller, Tanya G., Bulfer, Joan
Teaching nutrition to a multidisciplinary classroom: use of small-group discussions.Food/cooking/nutritionHenry, Carol J., Garcia, Alicia C.
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program: perceptions of benefits and effect of welfare reform.Food/cooking/nutritionDerrickson, Joda, Spellman, Patricia, Rice, Jeanne, Mahoney, Carol
The "Healthy Traditions" cooking show videos: a unique product for communicating nutrition information and skills.Food/cooking/nutritionSteeples, Melody W., Millison, Maura
The INK Project: Internet Nutrition for Kids.Food/cooking/nutritionVickery, Connie E., Cotunga, Nancy, Barrar, Cynthia
The NUTRITIONtracker.(game)(Evaluation)Food/cooking/nutritionVollrath, Ruth
Using low-literacy newsletters to provide nutrition education for limited-resource individuals.Food/cooking/nutritionStruempler, Barbara J.
Using the stages of change model in a 5 Day guidebook for WIC.(5 A Day promotional health program for the Maryland Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Children and Infants)Food/cooking/nutritionLangenberg, Patricia, Feldman, Robert, Havas, Stephen, Ballesteros, Michael, Anliker, Jean, Damron, Dorothy, Mettger, Wendy
Viewpoint on National Institutes of Health clinical guidelines.Food/cooking/nutritionKolasa, Kathryn
Weighting for you!: training for high school faculty and staff in the prevention and detection of weight-related disorders among adolescents.Food/cooking/nutritionNeumark-Sztainer, Dianne, Toledo, Toni M.
"What's in My Food" game with food picture cards.(Gem No. 310)Food/cooking/nutritionKumanyika, Shiriki, Tomey, Kristin, Odoms, Angela, James, Venita
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