Journal of Third World Studies 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Third World Studies 1997
Accommodation and recipient interest in Japan's foreign aid.Regional focus/area studiesPotter, David M.
Challenges of asymmetry associated with ASEAN's evolution to a larger-sized group. (implications of increased membership to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations)Regional focus/area studiesCurry, Robert L., Jr.
Changing the basis of civilian control over the military in Guyana.Regional focus/area studiesSingh, Chaitram
Christianity and traditional reality in Kenjo Jumbam's 'The White Man of God.' (African author and his concept of the ideal religion)Regional focus/area studiesEbot, Wilson Atem
Convergent and divergent ideals in the SADC region. (Southern African Development Community)Regional focus/area studiesTlou, Lehlohonolo
Economic growth and the environment: elite perceptions of development in Bolivia. (flaws in the 'development-first' initiative)Regional focus/area studiesCollo, Martin J., Mansilla, H.C.F.
Leadership in African development. (1988 Ota, Nigeria conference)Regional focus/area studiesAka, Philip C.
Socio-cultural rights and development. (development in relation to social and cultural rights under a human rights model)Regional focus/area studiesLangley, Winston E.
The end of development as we know it? (future of economic development in the Third World)Regional focus/area studiesLawless, Robert
The military and politics in Vietnam: the People's Army and the 8th congress of the Vietnamese communist party. (People's Army of Vietnam)Regional focus/area studiesStern, Lewis M.
The struggle for faculty unionism in a stalled democracy: lessons from Kenya's public universities. (prerequisites of academic freedom)Regional focus/area studiesMunene, Irungu
The United Nations: Fifty years of challenges and triumphs.Regional focus/area studiesBangura, Abdul Karim
The U.S. and Mobutu Sese Seko: waiting on disaster. (analysis of US relations with Zaire)Regional focus/area studiesAfoaku, Osita G.
Western influences and images of China: the persistent efforts to engage and change China.Regional focus/area studiesJespersen, T. Christopher
Women, sericulture and development: a case in South India. (analysis of Indian women's role in economic development)Regional focus/area studiesInbanathan, Anand, Vijayalakshmi, V.
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