Journal of Third World Studies 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Third World Studies 2005
Challenges in developing and testing HIV/AIDS vaccines in Africa.Regional focus/area studiesOkeagu, Jonas E., Okeagu, Joseph C., Ademiluyi, Adegoke O., Okeagu, Chinyere I., Onuoha, Chinwe N.
Democracy and economic growth in Africa: The cases of Ghana and South Africa.Regional focus/area studiesGuseh, James S., Oritsejafor, Emmanuel
Development authorities as agents of socio-economic change: An historical assessment of the upper nun valley development authority in the Ndop region of Cameroon, 1970-1995.Regional focus/area studiesNgwa, Canute A.
Encounters of insurgent youth associations with the state in the oil rich Niger delta region of Nigeria.Regional focus/area studiesIkelegbe, Augustine
Fire: A subaltern existence?Regional focus/area studiesChincholkar-Mandelia, Rujuta
Globalization and the development of underdevelopment of the third world.Regional focus/area studiesIrogbe, Kema
"In darkest Africa": Martyrdom and resistance to colonialism in Rhodesia.Regional focus/area studiesMurdoch, Norman H.
Lessons from history on the limits of imperialism: Successful small state resistance to great power aggression.Regional focus/area studiesAnderson, Rodney D.
Postcolonial angst and the Nigerian scholarly estate.Regional focus/area studiesSoyinka-Airewele, Peyi
Promoting French-English individual bilingualism through education in Cameroon.Regional focus/area studiesKouega, Jean-Paul
Regional geographic influence on two Khmer polities.Regional focus/area studiesRaymond, Chad
Still relevant: Claude Ake's challenge to mainstream discourse on African politics and development.Regional focus/area studiesHarris, Kelly
The United Nations, decolonization and self-determination in Cold War: Sub- Saharan Africa, 1960-64.Regional focus/area studiesO'Sullivan, Christopher
The west, natural resources and population control policies in Africa in historical perspective.Regional focus/area studiesMartin, Guy
Torture 101: Lessons from the Brazilian case.Regional focus/area studiesHuggins, Martha K.
Ubuntugogy: An African educational paradigm that transcends pedagogy, andragogy, ergonagy and heutagogy.Regional focus/area studiesBangaru, Abdul Karim
Views from Turkey: Reasons for the United States war against Iraq.Regional focus/area studiesOison, Robert
Westernism, Americanism, unipolarism, globalism and Africa's marginality.Regional focus/area studiesMagbadelo, John Olushola
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