Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 2000 - Abstracts

Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 2000
11th Allen Report lists largest community owner/operators.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
A brand new paradigm for the 21st Century.(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesTownsend, Fred
April housing starts down.(manufactured housing)(Column)Construction and materials industries 
August shipments down 23.5 percent.(Industry Overview)(Statistical Data Included)Construction and materials industries 
A year of challenges and opportunities.Construction and materials industriesStinebert, Chris
Back to the future all over again.(problems in the manufactured housing market)(Column)Construction and materials industriesTownsend, Fred
Building a better reputation by offering hope.(altruism in manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesOlvera, Chris
Business lessons we're still learning in the states.(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Commission systems that get results.Construction and materials industriesO'Day, Don
Community owner/operators meet, share and learn.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Computers move from the back room to the sales floor.Construction and materials industriesCarr, Chad
Congress finalizes VA-HUD appropriations.(manufactured housing)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
Consultants - guns-for-hire.(selecting a consultant)Construction and materials industriesOlvera, Chris
Customer Service: The key to success.(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesDavis, Keith
Double dual-focus housing niche.(manufactured home community developments prosper)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Do you practice the mathematics of success?(qualities of managers in the manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesHutson, Don, Lucas, George
Fee management: how to select, what to expect.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Finally practicing what I preach.(manufactured housing industry)(Column)Construction and materials industriesDavis, Keith
Finding the right people for your sales team.(personnel management)Construction and materials industriesO'Day, Don R.
First quarter report card.(report on manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Forget selling houses: learn to sell the customer.Construction and materials industriesO'Day, Don R., Gomez, Rudy G.
Grassroots perspective.(manufactured homes)Construction and materials industries 
Grassroots perspective.(manufactured homes industry)Construction and materials industries 
Grassroots perspective.(manufactured housing)Construction and materials industries 
Grassroots perspective.(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industries 
Grassroots perspective.(reports from the Manufactured Housing Association)Construction and materials industries 
Hidden, expensive costs of losing a salesperson.Construction and materials industriesDamiano, Paul
House approves property rights bill.(Washington Report)Construction and materials industriesBeck, Pamela
How does recovery begin?(problems facing manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E., Beamer, Wayne
How much is a salesperson worth?(management of manufactured home retailers)Construction and materials industriesDavidson, Carl
Is it a nightmare or deja vu again?(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesLavin, Martin
Kern named entrepreneur of year.(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industries 
Looking back at 50 years of manufactured housing finance.Construction and materials industriesWantuck, T. Otto
Looking for a brighter future: how's your vision.Construction and materials industriesHutson, Don, Lucas, George
Making the second sale: Paying attention to the right things.Construction and materials industries 
Marketshare Vs. Survival.Construction and materials industries 
OSHA's proposed ergonomics rule generates controversy.Construction and materials industriesBeck Danner, Pamela
People make the difference.(human resource management)Construction and materials industriesDavis, Keith
Point of contact: customer service, retailer responsibility.Construction and materials industriesDavis, Keith
Remembering Pete Callander.(Obituary)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Seniors housing: the next wave.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Single-Section resort living.Construction and materials industries 
Suppliers guide.(manufactured home industry)(Cover Story)Construction and materials industries 
The changing face of sales.(differing roles of home sellers)Construction and materials industriesJackson, Chrissy
The front line: trends 2000.Construction and materials industriesTownsend, Fred
The gist of it all!(marketing, company performance)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
The place to meet and reminisce.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Title insurance: the safe bet.(property transfer)Construction and materials industriesMcWane, Joyce
Top 25.(top 25 manufactured home builders)Construction and materials industries 
Touch, move and inspire.(advertising)Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Washington Report: Panel of experts reviews PATH program.(manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
What is the HUD Code?Construction and materials industriesPorter, George
What it's like to walk in brown shoes.(manufactured homes)(Column)Construction and materials industriesTownsend, Fred
What optimum means for you.(size of manufactured housing communities)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
What would you do if you weren't afraid?(manufactured housing)(Column)Construction and materials industriesPorter, George
Who are you?(manufctured housing industry)(Column)Construction and materials industries 
Who warns buyers about home defects - and when?(legal responsibility)Construction and materials industriesWeaver, Kennard
Who Ya Gonna Call?Construction and materials industries 
Why MHC is the industry's top REIT.(Manufactured Home Communities)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Zoning: planning future strategies.(manufactured housing industry)(Panel Discussion)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
Zoning: the current state of affairs.(part 1)(availability of land for manufactured housing)Construction and materials industriesBeamer, Wayne
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