MIT Sloan Management Review 2007 - Abstracts

MIT Sloan Management Review 2007
3 critical issues in Internet retailing.(trends of web site design and the growth of electronic commerce in the United States since 2005)Business, generalBoyer, Kenneth K., Rabinovich, Elliot, Laseter, Timothy M., Rungtusanatham, M. Johnny
A comprehensive approach to security.Business, generalWagner, David
Are you underutilizing your board?(selection of board members)Business, generalThomas, Chris, Kidd, David, Fernandez-Araoz, Claudio
Avoiding the alignment trap in information technology.(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)(Report)Business, generalShpilberg, David, Berez, Steve, Puryear, Rudy, Shah, Sachin
Beware the stealth mandate.(information management by business enterprises during the recruitment of managers)Business, generalStybel, Laurence J., Peabody, Maryanne
Beyond Enterprise 2.0.(views of Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew P. McAfee on the development of electronic commerce)(Interview)Business, generalMangelsdorf, Martha E.
Breakthroughs and the "long tail" of innovation.(INNOVATION)(Report)Business, generalFleming, Lee
Bridging faultlines in diverse teams.Business, generalGratton, Lynda, Voigt, Andreas, Erickson, Tamara
Bridging the gap between stewards and creators.(keeping technological innovations at pace)Business, generalAustin, Robert D., Nolan, Richard L.
Closing the gap between strategy and execution.Business, generalSull, Donald N.
Collaborating for systemic change.(knowledge management)Business, generalSenge, Peter M., Lichtenstein, Benyamin B., Kaeufer, Katrin, Bradbury, Hilary, Carroll, John S.
Conflict in the workplace.(positive and negative impacts)Business, generalYu, Larry
Corporate culture in the numbers.(research on the manifestation of corporate culture in management techniques)Business, generalYu, Larry
Decision downloading.(preventing employee panic)Business, generalClampitt, Phillip G., Williams, M. Lee
Designing the right product offerings.(PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT)(Report)Business, generalWebster, Karen L., Evans, David S.
Discounting do's and don'ts.(INTELLIGENCE)(PRICING)Business, generalStibel, Jeffrey M.
Discovering "Unk-Unks."Business, generalMullins, John W.
Do stronger laws prevent corporate crime?(effect of legal regulation on corporate governance in the United States)Business, generalYu, Larry
Examining classified boards.(INTELLIGENCE)(GOVERNANCE)Business, generalWagner, David
Finding the right job for your product.(marketing of products and services)Business, generalBerstell, Gerald, Nitterhouse, Denise, Christensen, Clayton M., Anthony, Scott D.
How executives can enhance IP strategy and performance.(intellectual property)(Report)Business, generalReitzig, Markus
How project leaders can overcome the crisis of silence.Business, generalGrenny, Joseph, Maxfield, David, Shimberg, Andrew
How secure is the Internet.(security features of the design of the Internet and denial of service attacks)Business, generalLeighton, Tom
How to plan e-business initiatives in established companies.(E-BUSINESS)(Report)Business, generalBasu, Amit, Muylle, Steve
How to reap higher profits with dynamic pricing.Business, generalSahay, Arvind
Improving the performance of top management teams.(management of differences among managers to improve the performance of management teams)Business, generalSonnenfeld, Jeffrey A., Amason, Allen C., Agle, Bradley R., Ward, Andrew J., Lankau, Melanie J.
Improving work conditions in a global supply chain.Business, generalLocke, Richard M., Romis, Monica
In praise of resource constraints.(impact of resource constraints on employee performance and project management )Business, generalValikangas, Liisa, Hoegl, Martin, Gibbert, Michael
Intuitive decision making.(IN CONTEXT)Business, generalMatzler, Kurt, Bailom, Franz, Mooradian, Todd A.
Leadership in a liquid world.(AGENDA)Business, generalShrader, Ralph W.
Leading in pairs.(appointment of co-managers for businesses)Business, generalSvejenova, Silviya, Alvarez, Jose Luis, Vives, Luis
Learning to innovate.(INTELLIGENCE)(INNOVATION)Business, generalWagner, David
Making people decisions in the new global environment.(IN PRACTICE)Business, generalFernandez-Araoz, Claudio
Managing an age-diverse work force.Business, generalWagner, David
Managing executive attention in the global company.Business, generalBirkinshaw, Julian, Bouquet, Cyril, Ambos, Tina C.
Measuring brand health to improve top-line growth.(Report)Business, generalBerg, Julie Dexter, Matthews, John M., O'Hare, Constance M.
Measuring the culture of innovation.Business, generalYu, Larry
Measuring to manage.(development and usage of metrics for the measurement of organizational effectiveness)Business, generalHammer, Michael
Navigating a path to smart growth.(modeling of optimal growth rate of business enterprises)Business, generalRaisch, Sebastian, von Krogh, Georg
Negotiating with liars.Business, generalAdler, Robert S.
Overcoming consumer resistance to innovation.Business, generalGarcia, Rosanna, Bardhi, Fleura, Friedrich, Colette
Patenting for profits.Business, generalBhatia, Vinit, Carey, Gib
Protecting your employees' retirement.(management of retirement plans by employers after the passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006)Business, generalWagner, David
Rules of thumb for product architecture.(PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT)Business, generalEvans, David S., Webster, David L.
Should business care about obesity?(a new face of human resource management)Business, generalBerry, Leonard L., Seiders, Kathleen
Strategic innovation at the base of the pyramid.(GLOBAL BUSINESS)(Hindustan Unilever, Tata Motors Ltd., Smart Communications, Haier Group Co.)(Case study)Business, generalAnderson, Jamie, Markides, Costas
Strategic supply management.(for business success)Business, generalNiezen, Carlos, Weller, Wulf, Deringer, Heidi
Strategic thinking at the top.Business, generalGoldman, Ellen F.
Suing your software.(software failures)Business, generalMcGee, Ken
Sustainability through servicizing.(Gage Products, PPG Industries Inc., Xerox Corp.)Business, generalRothenberg, Sandra
The art of managing new product transitions.(management of product life cycle and reduced time to market during product transition)Business, generalGoncalves, Paulo, Erhun, Feryal, Hopman, Jay
The benefits of a coaching culture.(enhancing employee performance)Business, generalYu, Larry
The continuing power of mass advertising.(new strategies)Business, generalNunes, Paul F., Merrihue, Jeffrey
The five stages of successful innovation.(effect of planned innovation on the future value of companies)Business, generalMariello, Alissa
The four models of corporate enterpreneurship.(STRATEGY)(Report)Business, generalWolcott, Robert C., Lippitz, Robert C.
The music industry: a case study.(PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT)(Case study)Business, generalWebster, Karen L., Evans, David S.
The myth of commoditization.(technological innovations)Business, generalSchrage, Michael
The need for third-party coordination in supply chain governance.(coordination of supply chain management in multilateral contracts by neutral third parties)Business, generalBitran, Gabriel R., Gurumurthi, Suri
The new principles of a swarm business.(strategic planning of innovation during the development of products and services)Business, generalGloor, Peter A., Cooper, Scott M.
The quality effect on word of mouth.(INTELLIGENCE)(QUALITY)Business, generalYu, Larry
The role of corporate leaders in IP strategy.(intellectual property)(Interview)Business, generalReitzig, Markus
The science and fiction of meetings.(employee motivation)Business, generalRogelberg, Steven G., Scott, Cliff, Kello, John
The superstar CEO curse.(chief executive officers)Business, generalYu, Larry
The trouble with enterprise software.(CONTRARIA)(Report)Business, generalRettig, Contraria
Understanding and managing complexity risk.Business, generalBonabeau, Eric
Viewing brands in multiple dimensions.(brand management)Business, generalBerthon, Pierre, Pitt, Leyland, Hulbert, James M., Holbrook, Morris B.
Weakness or opportunity?(identification and elimination of weaknesses of business enterprises)Business, generalHumphreys, John
What's the best way to pay employees?(raises, bonuses, incentives)Business, generalHayashi, Alden M.
What you see affects what you get.Business, generalYu, Larry
When consumers go to extremes.(INTELLIGENCE)(MARKETING)Business, generalYu, Larry
Why companies should have open business models.(use of outside technologies)Business, generalChesbrough, Henry W.
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