Psychological Science 1998 - Abstracts

Psychological Science 1998
A case-based approach for estimating costs in psychosocial research.Psychology and mental healthMiller, William R., Westerberg, Verner S.
Accuracy and confidence in person identification: the relationship is strong when witnessing conditions vary widely.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthLindsay, D. Stephen, Read, J. Don, Sharma, Kusum
A critical test of the waist-to-hip-ratio hypothesis of female physical attractiveness.Psychology and mental healthTassinary, Louis G., Hansen, Kristi A.
Adult's eyes trigger shifts of visual attention in human infants.Psychology and mental healthDriver, Jon, Hood, Bruce M., Willen, J. Douglas
A quantitative trade locus associated with cognitive ability in children.(General Article)Psychology and mental healthOwen, M.J., McGuffin, P., Plomin, R., Chorney, M.J., Chorney, K., Seese, N., Daniels, J., Thompson, L.A., Detterman, D.K., Benbow, C., Lubinski, D., Eley, T.
Arousal-mediated memory consolidation: role of the medial temporal lobe in humans.Psychology and mental healthLaBar, K.S., Phelps, E.A.
Auditory list memory in rhesus monkeys.Psychology and mental healthWright, Anthony A.
Automatic and controlled processes in the analysis of hierarchical structure.Psychology and mental healthLamb, Marivin R., London, Betsy, Pond, Heather M., Whitt, Kathryn A.
Binocular rivalry disrupts visual priming.Psychology and mental healthBlake, Randolph, McNamara, Timothy P., Cave, Carolyn Backer
Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences: Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education of the National Research Council.Psychology and mental health 
Catastrophizing and untimely death.Psychology and mental healthPeterson, Christopher, Seligman, Martin E.P., Martin, Leslie R., Friedman, Howard S., Yurko, Karen H.
Cerebral organization of motor imagery: contralateral control of grip selection in mentally represented prehension.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Scott H.
Chronic noise exposure and physiological response: a prospective study of children living under environmental stress.Psychology and mental healthEvans, Gary W., Hygge, Staffan, Bullinger, Monika
Competition between outcomes.Psychology and mental healthMatute, Helena, Miller, Ralph R.
Computation of conditional probability statistics by 8-month-old infants.Psychology and mental healthSaffran, Jenny R., Newport, Elissa L., Aslin, Richard N.
Creating false memories of words with or without recognition of list items: evidence for nonconscious process.Psychology and mental healthGallo, David A., Seamon, John G., Luo, Chun R.
Differentiation and sociality in terms of elicited and provided constructs.Psychology and mental healthAdams-Webber, J.R.
Dissociations between categorization and recognition in amnesic and normal individuals: an exemplar-based interpretation.Psychology and mental healthNosofsky, Robert M., Zaki, Safa R.
Does evidence presentation format affect judgment? An experimental evaluation of displays of data for judgments.Psychology and mental healthHastie, Reid, Sanfey, Alan
Does human facial attractiveness honestly advertise health?Psychology and mental healthKalick, S. Michael, Langlois, Judith H., Zebrowitz, Leslia A., Johnson, Robert M.
Does living in California make people happy? A focusing illusion in judgments of life satisfaction.Psychology and mental healthKahneman, Daniel, Schkade, David A.
Does the gun pull the trigger? Automatic priming effects of weapon pictures and weapon names.Psychology and mental healthBartholow, Bruce D., Anderson, Craig A., Benjamin, Arlin J., Jr.
Durations of stimuli displayed on video display terminals: (n-1)/f + persistence. (formula for correct calculation of duration stimuli)(Commentary)Psychology and mental healthBridgeman, Bruce
Effects of perceptual fluency on affective judgments.Psychology and mental healthReber, Rolf, Winkielman, Piotr, Schwartz, Norbert
Evaluating word-reading models at the item level: matching the grain of theory and data. (response to D.H. Spieler, vol. 8, p. 411, 1997)(Technical Commentary)Psychology and mental healthSeidenberg, Mark S., Plaut, David C.
Event clusters: an organization of personal events in autobiographical memory.Psychology and mental healthBrown, Norman R., Schopflocher, Donald
Facilitated communication as an ideomotor response.Psychology and mental healthBurgess, Cheryl A., Kirsch, irving, Shane, Howard, Niederauer, Kristen L., Graham, Steven M., Bacon, Alyson
Gender differences in body image are increasing.(Research Article)Psychology and mental healthFeingold, Alan, Mazzella, Ronald
Getting the right idea: semantic activation in the right hemisphere may help solve insight problems.Psychology and mental healthBowden, Edward M., Beeman, Mark Jung
Grasping the nature of pictures.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthGottlieb, Alma, DeLoache, Judy S., Rosengren, Karl S., Pierroutsakos, Sophia L., Uttal, David H.
Group performance depends on the majority rule.Psychology and mental healthSorkin, Robert D., West, Ryan, Robinson, Donald E.
Habitual prospective memory and aging: remembering intentions and forgetting actions.Psychology and mental healthEinstein, Gilles O., McDaniel, Mark A., Shaw, Pat, Smith, Rebekah
"Humans and animals"? On saying what we mean. (journalists and psychologists distinct views on human-animal relationship)Psychology and mental healthDess, Nancy K., Chapman, Clinton D.
Identifying competencies with Behavioral-Event Interviews.Psychology and mental healthMcClelland, David C.
Illusory conjunctions of color and motion with shape following bilateral parietal lesions.(Research Article)Psychology and mental healthRobertson, Lynn C., Bernstein, Lori J.
Individuation of actions from continuous motion.Psychology and mental healthWynn, Karen, Sharon, Tanya
Inhibition accompanies reference-frame selection.Psychology and mental healthCarlson-Radvansky, Laura A., Jiang, Yuhong
Intention and analogy in children's naming of pictorial representations.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthBloom, Paul, Markson, Lori
Kant and empirical psychology in the 18th century.(includes related article on publication of Immanuel Kant's lectures that became the first textbook in introductory psychology)Psychology and mental healthHatfield, Gary
Limits to infants' knowledge of objects: the case of magical appearance.Psychology and mental healthWynn, Karen, Chiang, Wen-Chi
Looming responses to obstacles and apertures: the role of accretion and deletion of background texture.Psychology and mental healthSchmuckler, Mark A., Li, Nicole S.
Mechanism of priming by masked stimuli: inferences from event-related brain potentials.Psychology and mental healthLeuthold, Hartmut, Kopp, Bruno
Memory processing of a serial list by young infants.Psychology and mental healthWilk, Amy, Rovee-Collier, Carolyn, Gulya, Michelle, Galluccio, Lissa
Modeling response times for two-choice decisions.Psychology and mental healthRatcliff, Roger, Rouder, Jeffrey N.
Motion-verb generalizations in English and Spanish: influences of language and syntax.Psychology and mental healthNaigles, Letitia R., Terrazas, Paula
Multiple visual latency.Psychology and mental healthAllik, Juri, Kreegipuu, Kairi
Nature and dynamics of reference frames in visual search for orientation: implications for early visual processing.Psychology and mental healthMarendaz, Christian
Object-based visual selection: evidence from perceptual completion.Psychology and mental healthYantis, Steven, Moore, Cathleen M., Vaughan, Barry
Orienting to extinguished signals in hemispatial neglect.Psychology and mental healthKingstone, Alan, Rafal, Robert D., Danziger, Shai
Our eyes do not always go where we want them to go: capture of the eyes by new objects.Psychology and mental healthKramer, Arthur F., Irwin, David E., Theeuwes, Jan, Hahn, Sowon
Part boundaries alter the perception of transparency.Psychology and mental healthSingh, Manish, Hoffman, Donald D.
Perceiving real-world viewpoint changes.Psychology and mental healthSimons, Daniel J., Wang, Ranxiao Frances
Perception of object length by sound.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthCarello, Claudia, Anderson, Krista L., Kunkler-Peck, Andrew J.
Physical and psychological representations of faces: evidence from morphing.Psychology and mental healthBusey, Thomas A.
Posthypnotic responding away from the hypnotic setting.Psychology and mental healthMcConkey, Kevin M., Barnier, Amanda J.
Race and general cognitive ability: the myth of diminishing returns to education.Psychology and mental healthMyerson, Joel, Rank, Mark R., Schnitzler, Mark A., Raines, Fredric Q.
Rapid gains in speed of verbal processing by infants in the 2nd year.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthWeinberg, Amy, Swingley, Daniel, Fernald, Anne, Pinto, John P., McRoberts, Gerald W.
Reflexive attention modulates processing of visual stimuli in human extrastriate cortex.Psychology and mental healthMangun, George R., Hopfinger, Joseph B.
Risk factors for infant abuse and neglect in group-living rhesus monkeys.Psychology and mental healthMestripieri, Dario, Carroll, Kelly A.
SCADS: a model of children's strategy choices and strategy discoveries. (simulation model for testing preschoolers' decision-making capability)Psychology and mental healthSiegler, Robert S., Shrager, Jeff
Self-corrected reaching in a three-location delayed-response search task.Psychology and mental healthReznick, J. Steven, Fueser, J.J., Bosquet, Michelle
Singing in the brain: independence of lyrics and tunes.Psychology and mental healthPeretz, I., Besson, M., Faita, F., Bonnel, A.-M., Requin, J.
Sources of dual-task interference: evidence from human electrophysiology.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthLuck, Steven J.
Spatial updating of self-position and orientation during real, imagined, and virtual locomotion.Psychology and mental healthLoomis, Jack M., Klatzky, Roberta L., Beall, Andrew C., Chance, Sarah S., Golledge, Reginald G.
Subliminal visual priming.Psychology and mental healthBiederman, Irving, Bar, Moshe
Surprise! An unexpected color singleton does not capture attention in visual search.(Research Article)Psychology and mental healthGibson, Bradley S., Yuhong, Jiang
Synchronous information presented in 40-Hz flicker enhances visual feature binding.Psychology and mental healthElliott, Mark A., Muller, Hermann J.
The adaptive significance of sexual conditioning: Pavlovian control of sperm release.Psychology and mental healthWilliams, John (American clergyman), Domjan, Michael, Blesbois, Elisabeth
The American dream revisited: is it what you want or why you want it that matters?Psychology and mental healthCarver, Charles S., Baird, Eryn
The efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of major depression in women.Psychology and mental healthAllen, John J.B., Schnyer, Rosa N., Hitt, Sabrina K.
The face of time: temporal cues in facial expressions of emotion.Psychology and mental healthEdwards, Kari
The genetic and environmental relationship between general and specific cognitive abilities in twins age 80 and older.(Research Article)Psychology and mental healthPedersen, Nancy L., Petrill, Stephen A., Johansson, Boo, Plomin, Robert, Ahern, Frank, Berg, Stig, McClearn, Gerald E.
The lower visual search efficiency for conjunctions is due to noise and not serial attentional processing.Psychology and mental healthEckstein, Miguel P.
The putt and pendulum: Ironic effects of the mental control of action.(Research Report)Psychology and mental healthWegner, Daniel M., Ansfield, Matthew, Pilloff, Daniel
The role of decision processes in conscious recollection.Psychology and mental healthHirshman, Elliot, Henzler, Amanda
The role of ease of retrieval and attribution in memory judgments: judging your memory as worse despite recalling more events.Psychology and mental healthSchwarz, Norbert, Winkielman, Piotr, Belli, Robert F.
The strategy-specific nature of improvement: the power law applies by strategy within task.Psychology and mental healthReder, Lynne M., Delaney, Peter F., Staszewski, James J., Ritter, Frank E.
The structure of vocational interests for diverse racial-ethnic groups.Psychology and mental healthDay, Susan X., Rounds, James, Swaney, Kyle
The utility of item-level analyses in model evaluation: a reply to Seidenberg and Plaut. (response to Mark Seidenberg in this issue, p. 234)(Technical Commentary)Psychology and mental healthSpieler, Daniel H., Balota, David A.
The validity of the Rorschach and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory: results from meta-analyses.Psychology and mental healthGrove, William M., Garb, Howard N., Florio, Colleen M.
Toward a psychology of loss.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Eric D., Harvey, John H.
Varieties of binocular interaction in human vision.Psychology and mental healthHughes, H.C., Townsend, J.T.
What can 1 million trials tell us about visual search?Psychology and mental healthWolfe, Jeremy M.
What causes humans to begin and end a meal? A role for memory for what has been eaten, as evidenced by a study of multiple meal eating in amnesic patients.Psychology and mental healthMoscovitch, Morris, Rozin, Paul, Rajaram, Suparna, Dow, Sara
When things that were never experienced are easier to "remember" than things that were.Psychology and mental healthBrainerd, C.J., Reyna, V.F.
When words compete: levels of processing in perception of spoken words.Psychology and mental healthVitevitch, Michael S., Luce, Paul A.
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