Real Estate Finance Journal 1992 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 1992
A checklist for foreclosed commercial property.Real estate industryReid, Tanis, Maniscalco, Robert A.
A primer on bankruptcy.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Asbestos offers real estate tax reduction for building owners.Real estate industrySitomer, Daniel J.
Back to basics: negotiating financing in the 1990s. (real estate financing)Real estate industryGreenberg, Alan
Banks, bailouts, and cleanup bills. (lender liability as covered by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act)Real estate industrySpracker, Stanley M., Sheinkman, Joshua L.
Capital rationing with improvements. (Financing)Real estate industryLewis, Barbara J.
Changes needed to prevent further glut of office space. (Commentary)Real estate industryHayman, Alan
Commercial real estate loan underwriting revisited.Real estate industryPollack, Bruce
Corporate relocation: a methodology for decision making.Real estate industryRuffing, Matthew J.
Credit corporations create value for today's real estate. (Finance)Real estate industryDeBauche, David C.
Default processing: unofficial hindrance to development.Real estate industryFinlayson, Kenneth J.
Design/build for the 1990s.Real estate industryRosenzweig, Patricia P.
Designing security into intelligent buildings.Real estate industryFrancis, James A.
Development impact fees in the 1990s.Real estate industrySheridan, Peter G.
Developments in lender liability under environmental laws.Real estate industryAronov, Mary
Dimensions of the restructuring in real estate capital markets.Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Editor's comments. (outlook for US real estate industry and US economic problems) (Industry Overview)Real estate industryZucker, William
Editor's comments. (the future of real estate in the 1990s) (Editorial)Real estate industryZucker, William
Editor's comments. (US economic recession and the real estate industry) (Editorial)Real estate industryZucker, William
Effects of the real estate losses of Japanese banks. (includes related article)Real estate industryRodman, Jack
FIRREA two years later. (Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery an Enforcement Act)Real estate industryStillman, James R.
Good news for investors in partnerships that go bad. (Syndication Update)Real estate industryOpsata, Margaret
Greater efficiencies needed in bank loan process.Real estate industryBrady, Shaun M.
Health care facilities: valuation issues for the 1990s.Real estate industryGimmy, Arthur E., Gates, Mary G.
Homeowner tax credits: their effects on multifamily property owners. (includes related article)Real estate industryHendershott, Patric H.
Hotel management companies: the owner's rights as a customer.Real estate industryCleveland, David E.
How to select a construction consultant. (Construction)Real estate industryRowbotham, Wayne F.
Infrastructure financing: Mello-Roos financing in California. (public infrastructure financing)(includes related article on industrial park development financed by Mello-Roos bonds)Real estate industryDarragh, Alexander J., Reyes, Catherine, Williams, Mark A.
Landlord/tenant partnerships: tax, business, and accounting considerations.Real estate industryShenkman, Martin M., Feld, Richard S.
Linking quality to incentive compensation. (real estate transactions)Real estate industryShilton, Leon
Multiple site environmental assessments.Real estate industryTillman, J.Edward
Negotiating loan commitment letters.Real estate industryRudisill, Cathy M.
New lease structure proposed to aid tenant retention. (add-on leasing system)Real estate industryHayman, Alan
New opportunities in the world market.Real estate industryScarpino, William J.
New world of commercial real estate.Real estate industryHickman, Ron
Opportunities abound in the hospitality industry.Real estate industryHoffman, William J.
Privatize the regulators (we cannot afford to leave them in charge).Real estate industryKnutzen, Robert
Profitable real estate lending: reinventing the wheel for rockier roads.Real estate industryMurphy, Michael
Projecting cash flow development.Real estate industryWilburn, Michael D.
Public/private partnership needed to save US housing industry.Real estate industryKatz, Ric
Putting enterprise into federal enterprise zones.Real estate industryHorowitz, Carl F.
Real estate investing during difficult times.Real estate industryConover, Donald E.
Real estate loans in default: strategy for lenders.Real estate industryPomerantz, Alan J.
Reality of the seniors housing market. (misreading the US seniors market)Real estate industryElliott, William H., Schless, David S.
Renegotiating hotel management agreements.Real estate industryButler, James R., Jr., Gilberg, Robert A.
Resort employee housing - a case study.Real estate industryBowen, Jeff
Risk management: key to survival and success in the 1990s. (mortgage finance industry)Real estate industrySteinbach, Gordon H.
Secondary market turmoil bodes ill for investors.Real estate industryOpsata, Margaret
Soft issues play key role in due diligence process. (nonfinancial issues in real estate investments) (Retail)Real estate industryEchikson, Richard
Structuring the contractual relationship in a hotel renovation project.Real estate industryMankarious, Ramsey N., Nehmer, Jonathan C.
"SWAT" initiative may speed resolution of assets. (settlement and workout asset teams of the Resolution Trust Corp.) (RTC Update )Real estate industryBloch, Stuart Marshall
Tax considerations for owners of troubled real estate.Real estate industryPlutzer, Richard M.
Techniques and strategies to use in workout negotiations.Real estate industryNedelman, Alec G.
Ten commandments of avoiding lender liability in a workout: some guidelines for lenders when negotiating workouts.Real estate industryRosen, J. Philip
The Americans with Disabilities Act: concerns for lenders, owners, and tenants.Real estate industryHaft, James G.
The economics of retail centers in inner-city neighborhoods.Real estate industryMendel, Suzanne Sunshine
The EPA's lender liability rule: panacea or pitfall? (Environmental Protection Agency) (includes related article)Real estate industrySchnapf, Larry
The second-generation of roll-ups. (limited partnership roll-ups) (Syndication Update)Real estate industryOpsata, Margaret
The success of the RTC's Premier Commercial Auction. (Resolution Trust Corp.) (Case Study)Real estate industryMcMorrow, William R.
The tax benefits of performing a depreciation study. (how to increase cash flows through proper asset classification)Real estate industryHitchner, James R.
The ten most common pitfalls in strip shopping center development.Real estate industryBrunelli, Richard J.
The upcoming CFC ban: do not be left out in the cold. (Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990; chlorofluorocarbons)Real estate industryShepherd, Kevin L.
Universities take a new course.Real estate industryMorlok, William C.
Wetlands pose a trap for unwary developers. (real estate developers)(includes related article)Real estate industrySchnapf, Larry
What really drives hotel values? (acquisition of hotel properties)Real estate industryCiraldo, Dana Michael
Where in the world has all the money gone?Real estate industryGanon, Victoria Eve de
Why now is the time to invest in hotel real estate.Real estate industryCiraldo, Dana Michael
Working for the hotel's asset manager: a management company's perspective. (Hospitality)Real estate industryPayne, Kirby D.
Workouts: a borrower's guide to shared appreciation formulas. (part 1)(includes related article)Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A.
Workouts: a borrower's guide to shared appreciation formulas. (Part 2)Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A.
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