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The European
Agents trawl Africa for `talent slaves'.Business, internationalButcher, Michael
Another boss in Opel's hot seat.Business, internationalCarter, Matthew
Anyone for seconds?Business, internationalBien, Melanie
A piece of paper promising strife.Business, internationalPaterson, Tony, Coron, Edith
A tale of old age, backache and single living.(Europeans living longer)Business, internationalJones, Lois
Banana drama turns serious.Business, internationalKing, Tim
Battling British focus on euro.Business, internationalLAUGHLAND, JOHN
Beauty contest hots up as exchanges parade overseas listings.Business, internationalCameron, Doug, Tremlett, Giles
Benefactor peddles junk.Business, internationalLAUGHLAND, JOHN
Berlin rues the cost of capital.Business, internationalMarray, Michael
Big banks are first among equals.Business, international 
Borscht for burgers as east embraces west.Business, internationalJones, Lois
BVD CHARLEMAGNE.(how Justus Lipsius would see the politics and economics of Europe)Business, internationalLipsius, Justus
Car firms put the brakes on.(Industry Overview)Business, internationalCarter, Matthew
Carriers fasten safety belts for rough ride ahead.Business, internationalJONES, LOIS
Champions of the left take gamble in the dark.Business, internationalComan, Julian
Christmas cheer now comes at a higher price.Business, internationalGregory, Conal
City quenches thirst for words.Business, internationalThompson, Barnaby, Varoli, John
Conflict with Iraq signals a stronger dollar.Business, internationalPatterson, Rebecca
Death in Madrid gives good returns.Business, internationalTREMLETT, GILES
Deflating the pessimists.Business, international 
Deutsche's foray into America will offer little to its shareholders.Business, internationalMarray, Michael
Don't be a chicken: invest in Kiev now.Business, internationalBien, Melanie
Dutch fear mass exodus.(result of new law allowing temporary workers to give notice even if contract has been signed)Business, internationalvan der Kraan, Marcel
Eau what a lovely war.Business, internationalTillier, Alan
ECONOMIC SIGNALS.Business, international 
Energy sector drags down currency markets.Business, internationalCrisp, Kevin
Festive spirit loosens shoppers' purse strings.Business, international 
Fifa haunted by ghosts of Chile stadium killings.Business, internationalConnelly, Charlie
Finland's Fortum issue lacks spark.Business, internationalPIGGOTT, CHARLES
Following in John Wayne's footsteps, Bernabe rides in.Business, internationalEndean, Chris
Foreign developers have a fiesta.Business, internationalElford, Jo
Funds remind firms who the boss is.(corporate governence issues important)Business, internationalMarray, Michael
German tax tonic fails to lift flat retail sales.Business, internationalCulp, Eric
Here comes another drugs pact, perhaps ...(Industry Overview)Business, internationalBlackledge, Cath
If there can only be one winner, let it be me.(Industry Overview)Business, internationalPiggott, Charles
IMF chided for gloomy forecast.Business, internationalBien, Melanie
IMF hunts big cats in Swiss jungle.Business, internationalPiggott, Charles
Italian Treasury gamble pays off.(Company Profile)Business, internationalPIGGOTT, CHARLES
Italy sends in troops.Business, internationalPUCCIONI, MICHELE
Japanese banks strike loans off the business agenda.Business, international 
Jesus to make his stockmarket debut.Business, internationalBIEN, MELANIE
Keynes given a second bite.Business, internationalHOLLAND, STUART
Lafontaine poised to tighten his grip.Business, internationalPATERSON, TONY
Mafia hands round the begging bowl.Business, internationalEndean, Chris
March of time calls for a new set of tunes.Business, internationalHawkins, Paula
Media minnow to make Italian debut.Business, internationalBOWMAN, LOUISE
Moscow's cache returns.Business, internationalPiggott, Charles
Murdoch launches NewsCorp Europe to speed expansion.Business, internationalCook, Richard, Endean, Chris
Murdoch switches channels.Business, internationalMarray, Michael
No palace like home in Prague.Business, internationalO'Reilly, Dominic
Office party writ large.Business, internationalWright, Rupert
One-month gold lease rates dip to new lows.Business, internationalCrisp, Kevin
Outsource for love.Business, internationalSims, Joshua
Patient, heal thyself.(Brief Article)Business, internationalBlackledge, Cath
Plenty of time to spa.Business, internationalMeli, Tonya
Politicians can't crack tough-nut bankers.Business, internationalLightfoot, Warwick
Power providers charge the market.Business, internationalCameron, Doug
PRESSWATCH: EU ENLARGEMENT.(entrance of new members to European Union will be difficult and may not happen before 2006)Business, international 
PROFIT & BOSS.Business, internationalSims, Joshua
Quiet please: library is not working.Business, internationalValls-Russell, Janice
Races go to the Finnish.Business, internationalVanttinen, Pekka
Rate cuts aim to ease birth of euro.Business, internationalLightfoot, Warwick
Record labels cut by free-for-all pirates.Business, internationalShelton, Ed
ROUNDUP.Business, internationalBowman, Louise, Marray, Michael, Tremlett, Giles, Bien, Melanie, Hawkins, Paula, Kelly, Jasper, Piggott, Charles, Puccioni, Michele, Wright, Rupert
ROUNDUP.Business, internationalBowman, Louise, Tremlett, Giles, Bien, Melanie, Piggott, Charles, Puccioni, Michele, Wright, Rupert, Culp, Eric, Williams, Randall
Russians in the red.Business, internationalPiggot, Charles
Schroder bores them rigid.(Gerhard Schroder presents Germany's mission statement)Business, internationalLohse, Eckhart
Sending the boss to do a politician's job.Business, internationalLaughland, John
Shed the burden and prosper.(Europe should reduce taxes and liberalize its labor market)Business, internationalLAUGHLAND, JOHN
Soros changes his tune over Britain and the euro.Business, internationalPiggott, Charles
Spanish government returns to market.Business, internationalTremlett, Giles
Stock slide leads to long hangover.Business, internationalLightfoot, Warwick
Strength to change.(Interview)Business, internationalHite, Shere
TEFLON TELCOS.(Industry Overview)Business, internationalCameron, Doug
Thank you and goodbye.Business, internationalBaldy, Dominique
The art of evasion.Business, internationalMarray, Michael
The Course of My Life.Business, internationalLIGHTFOOT, WARWICK
THE EUROPEAN 500.Business, international 
THE EUROPEAN 500.(Industry Overview)Business, internationalBIEN, MELANIE
The numbers don't add up.(Column)Business, internationalLIGHTFOOT, WARWICK
The road to ruin?Business, internationalHawkins, Paula
The third way on family values and the workplace.(Interview)Business, internationalHite, Shere
Today's Habsburgs.(rotation of the European Union presidency needs to be changed.)Business, international 
Tour agents feel the heat as online bookings take off.(Industry Overview)Business, internationalJones, Lois
Volvo trembling on brink of matrimony.(Industry Overview)Business, internationalCarter, Matthew
Waiting for the krona's fortunes to turn.Business, internationalPatterson, Rebecca
Where sports funding is based upon Fascist ideology.(Italy)Business, internationalEndean, Chris
Wide Gulf in understanding.Business, internationalMather, Ian
Will the euro be strong and stable?Business, internationalLightfoot, Warwick
Year of the merger.Business, internationalRothnie, David
Yen's rise is no thanks to Japanese investors.Business, internationalMcCormick, James
Yilmaz poised on the brink.Business, internationalJenkins, Gareth
Yorkshire: full of eastern promise.Business, internationalMargolis, Jonathan
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