The Journal of Asian Studies 1998 - Abstracts

The Journal of Asian Studies 1998
A great leap forward for modern Chinese art history? Recent publications in China and the United States - a review article.Regional focus/area studiesCroizier, Ralph C.
Beyond "pure" literature: mimesis, formula, and the postmodern in the fiction of Murakami Haruki.Regional focus/area studiesStrecher, Matthew C.
Changing television news in Japan.Regional focus/area studiesKrauss, Ellis S.
Confucian commentary and Chinese intellectual history.Regional focus/area studiesGardner, Daniel K.
Cultural ideologies of language in precolonial India: a symposium.Regional focus/area studiesFreeman, Rich
Designs on Indonesia's Muslim communities.Regional focus/area studiesGeorge, Kenneth M.
Feng Meng-lung's 'Treasury of Laughs': humorous satire on seventeenth-century Chinese culture and society.Regional focus/area studiesHsu Pi-Ching
In defense of sinicization: a rebuttal of Evelyn Tawski's 'Reenvisioning the Qing.'Regional focus/area studiesPing-ti Ho
Language of the people in the world of Gods: ideologies of Tamil before the nation.Regional focus/area studiesRamaswamy, Sumathi
Lower strata, older races, and aboriginal peoples: racial anthropology and mythical history past and present.Regional focus/area studiesGuha, Sumit
Merit and mothering: women and social welfare in Taiwanese Buddhism. (success of charitable organization Ciji Gongdehui)Regional focus/area studiesHuang, Chien-Yu Julia, Weller, Robert P.
Modernization, the state, and the construction of a Tharu identity in Nepal.Regional focus/area studiesGuneratne, Arjun
Of consorts and harlots in Thai popular history.Regional focus/area studiesLysa, Hong
On the absence of privately owned, publicly traded corporations in China: the Kirby puzzle. (comment on William C. Kirby, The Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 54, no. 1, p. 43, 1995)Regional focus/area studiesBowen, J. Ray, II, Rose, David C.
Partition, Pakistan, and South Asian history: in search of a narrative.Regional focus/area studiesGilmartin, David
Reopening old wounds: Bali and the Indonesian killings - a review article.Regional focus/area studiesVickers, Adrian
Revising the Malthusian narrative: the comparative study of population dynamics in late imperial China.Regional focus/area studiesLavely, William, Wong, R. Bin
Rubies and coral: the lapidary crafting of language in Kerala.Regional focus/area studiesFreeman, Rich
Surface orientations in Vietnam: beyond histories of nation and region.Regional focus/area studiesTaylor, K.W.
Tempest over teapots: the vilification of teahouse culture in early Republican China.Regional focus/area studiesQin Shao
The cosmopolitan vernacular.Regional focus/area studiesPollock, Sheldon
The poetics of grief and the price of hemp in Southwest China.Regional focus/area studiesMueggler, Erik
Why did you kill? The Cambodian genocide and the dark side of face and honor.Regional focus/area studiesHinton, Alexander Laban
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