The Journal of Ecology - Abstracts

The Journal of Ecology
Andromeda polifolia L.Environmental issuesJacquemart, Anne-Laure
Bartsia alpina L.(Biological Flora of the British Isles)Environmental issuesTaylor, K., Rumsey, F. J.
'Betula nana' L. and 'Betula glandulosa' Michx.Environmental issuesThomas, P.A., Groot, W.J. de, Wein, Ross W.
Biological flora of the British Isles: Lythrum hyssopifolum L.Environmental issuesCallaghan, D.A.
Biological flora of the British Isles: Peucedanum officinale L.Environmental issuesThornton, G., Randall, R.E.
Biological flora of the British isles: Vulpia ciliata Dumort.ssp.ambigua (le Gall) Stace & Auquier (Vulpia ambigua (Le Gall) More, Festuca ambigua Le Gall).Environmental issuesWatkinson, A.R., Newsham, K.K., Forrester, L.
Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medikus (Thlaspi bursa-pastoris L., Bursa bursa-pastoris (L.) Shull, Bursa pastoris (L.) Weber).Environmental issuesAksoy, A., Dixon, J.M., Hale, W.H.G.
Cirsium eriophorum (L.) Scop. (Carduus eriophorus L.; Cnicus eriophorus (L.) Roth).Environmental issuesTofts, R.
Cluster roots: some ecological considerations.Environmental issuesSkene, Keith R.
Coincya wrightii (O.E. Schulz) Stace (Rhynchosinapis wrightii (O.E. Schulz) Dandy ex A.R. Clapham.(Biological Flora of the British Isles)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesCompton, S.G., Key, R.S.
Do species assemblages ever recur?(Forum)Environmental issuesWilson, J. Bastow, Ullmann, Isolde, Bannister, Peter
Erica ciliaris L.Environmental issuesRose, R.J., Bannister, P., Chapman, S.B.
Festuca longifolia Thuill. (F. glauca auct. non Vill., F. glauca var. caesia (Sm.) Howarth, F. caesia Sm.).(Biological Flora of the British Isles)Environmental issuesGibson, D. J., Taylor, I.
Galium aparine L.Environmental issuesTaylor, K.
Geum rivale L.(Biological Flora of the British Isles.)Environmental issuesTaylor, K.
Geum urbanum L.(Biological Flora of the British Isles.)Environmental issuesTaylor, K.
Glechoma hederacea L. (Nepeta glechoma Benth., N. hederacea (L.) Trev.).Environmental issuesHutchings, Michael J., Price, Elizabeth A.C.
Greenhouse studies of interactions between plants: the flaws are in interpretation rather than design.Environmental issuesCousens, R.
Heracleum mantegazzianum Sommier & Levier. (report on a species of herb found in the British Isles)Environmental issuesTiley, G.E.D., Dodd, Felicite S., Wade, P.M.
Herbivory, plant regeneration, and species coexistence.Environmental issuesHulme, Philip E.
Is the humped relationship between species richness and biomass an artefact due to plot size?Environmental issuesOksanen, Jari
Lychnis viscaria L. (Viscaria vulgaris Bernh.).Environmental issuesWilson, G.B., Whittington, W.J., Humphries, R.N., Wrights, J., Lusby, P.
Mathematical constraints on transition matrix elasticity analysis.Environmental issuesMatos, Mario Basilio de, Matos, Dalva M. Silva
Mycelis muralis (L.) Dumort. (Lactuca muralis (L.) Gaertner).Environmental issuesClabby, Gerard, Osborne, Bruce A.
On the practice of ecology.Environmental issuesWeiner, Jacob
Orchis ustulata L.(Biological Flora of the British Isles)Environmental issuesTali, Kadri, Foley, Michael J. Y., Kull, Tiiu
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum L.(flora)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesHill, D.J., Price B.
Potentilla rupestris L. (Potentilla corsica Sieber ex Lehm).Environmental issuesWilson, G.B., Whittington, W.J., Humphries, R.N.
Prof. Dr. IR Cornelius Teunis de Wit (1924-1993).(Obituary)Environmental issuesRabbinge, Rudy
Prunus padus L.Environmental issuesLeather, Simon R.
Quantifying the impact of arbuscular mycorrhiza on plant competition.Environmental issuesWatkinson, A.R., Freckleton, R.P.
Random foraging by herbivores: complex patterns may be due to plant architecture.Environmental issuesNeuvonen, Seppo
Reconciling ecological processes with phylogenetic patterns: the apparent paradox of plant-pollinator systems.(Forum)Environmental issuesOllerton, Jeff
Salix herbacea L.(Biological Flora of the British Isles)Environmental issuesBeerling, D.J.
Serotinous species show correlation between retention time for leaves and cones.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesMidgley, J.J., Enright, N.J.
Sorbus aucuparia L.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesRaspe, Olivier, Findlay, Catherine, Jacquemart, Anne-Laure
Species redundancy: a redundant concept?Environmental issuesWilson, J. Bastow, Lee, William G., Gitay, Habiba
Stachys germanica L.Environmental issuesDunn, A.J.
Symphoricarpos albus (L.) S.F. Blake (S. rivularis Suksd., S. racemosus Michaux). (Biological Flora of the British Isles)Environmental issuesGilbert, Oliver L.
Systematic acquired resistance: available information and open ecological questions.Environmental issuesHeil, Martin
The humped-back model: a response to Oksanen. (response to J. Oksanen, Journal of Ecology, vol. 84, 1996, p. 293)Environmental issuesGrime, J.P.
The humped relationship between species richness and biomass - testing its sensitivity to sample quadrat size.Environmental issuesRapson, G.L., Thompson, K., Hodgson, J.G.
The interpretation and misinterpretation of mortality rate measures.Environmental issuesSheil, Douglas, Burslem, David F.R.P., Alder, Dennis
The no-interaction model does not mean that interactions should not be studied.Environmental issuesOksanen, Jari
The relationship between diversity and productivity in plant communities: facts and artefacts.Environmental issuesMaranon, T., Garcia, L.V.
Unintentional experiments with terrestrial ecosystems: ecological effects of sulphur and nitrogen pollutants.Environmental issuesLee, J.A.
Veronica spicata L. ssp. spicata and ssp. hybrida (L.) Gaudin (Pseudolysimachium spicatum (L.) Opiz).(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesWilson, G.B., Houston, L., Whittington, W.J., Humphries, R.N.
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