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The Sociological Quarterly
A theory of writing and experimental writing in the age of telecommunications: a response to Steven Seidman. (response to article by Steven Seidman in this issue, p. 699)Sociology and social workClough, Patricia Ticineto
Can evolutionary psychology explain reproductive behavior in the contemporary United States?.Sociology and social workKanazawa, Satoshi
Doing well by doing good: volunteering and occupational achievement among American women.Sociology and social workWilson, John, Musick, Marc
Economic globalization and women's status in the labor market: a cross-national investigation of occupational sex segregation and inequality.Sociology and social workMeyer, Lisa B.
Education and prejudice: unraveling the relationship.(Presidential Address)(Transcript)Sociology and social workSchaefer, Richard T.
Exercising options: holistic health and technical beauty in gendered accounts of bodywork.Sociology and social workMacNevin, Audrey
Global depeasantization, 1945-1990.Sociology and social workAraghi, Farshad A.
Household, gender, and political responses to economic downturn: extending theories of mobilization.Sociology and social workMeyer, Katherine, Lobao, Linda
How important is social class identification in Taiwan?.Sociology and social workMarsh, Robert M.
Individualism, family values, and the professional middle class: in-depth interviews with advanced Law and MBA students.Sociology and social workOrrange, Robert M.
Integrating economic dualism and labour market segmentation: the effects of race, gender, and structural location on earnings, 1974-2000.Sociology and social workReid, Lesley Williams, Rubin, Beth A.
Kids' approaches to whiteness in racially distinct summer day camps.Sociology and social workMoore, Valerie Ann
Learning to not labor: how working-class individuals construct middle-class identities.Sociology and social workKaufman, Peter
Let us rekindle the passion by constructing a robust science of the social. (presidential address)Sociology and social workCouch, Carl J.
Living alone in old age: institutionalized discourse and women's knowledge.Sociology and social workLuken, Paul C., Vaughan, Suzanne
Marxism, positivism, and scientific sociology: social gravity and historicity.(Author abstract)Sociology and social workYork, Richard, Clark, Brett
Militias at the millennium: a test of Smelser's theory of collective behavior.Sociology and social workWeeber, Stan C., Rodeheaver, Daniel G.
Nature health discourses and the therapeutic production of consumer resistance.Sociology and social workThompson, Craig J.
Neighborhood correlates of homicide trends: an analysis using growth-curve modeling.Sociology and social workKubrin, Charis E., Herting, Jerald R.
Pragmatic conventions: a frame for a theory of action and interaction.Sociology and social workHandel, Warren
Pragmatism & sociology: a response to Clough, Denzin and Richardson. (response to Patricia Ticineto Clough, Laurel Richardson, and Norman K. Denzin, in this issue, p. 721, p. 735, and p. 743)Sociology and social workSeidman, Steven
Social class sentiments in formation: influence of class socialization, college socialization, and class aspirations.(Author abstract)Sociology and social workMiller, JoAnn, Perrucci, Robert, Brimeyer, Ted M.
Sociology at the end of the century. (response to article by Steven Seidman in this issue, p. 699)Sociology and social workDenzin, Norman K.
Stress exposure, race, and young adult male crime.Sociology and social workEitle, David, Turner, R. Jay
Talking across the differences in collaborative fieldwork: unanticipated consequences.Sociology and social workHeyl, Barbara Sherman
The effects of occupational gender segregation across race.Sociology and social workCotter, David A., Hermsen, Joan M., Vanneman, Reeve
The emergence of trendsetters for fashions and fads: kogaru in 1990s Japan.Sociology and social workBest, Joel, Suzuki, Tadashi
The long ARM of the law: effects of labeling on employment.Sociology and social workDavies, Scott, Tanner, Julian
The meaning of race to employers: a dynamic qualitative perspective.Sociology and social workThomas, Ward F.
The new economy and the American dream: examining the effect of work conditions on beliefs about economic opportunity.Sociology and social workStarks, Brian
The political unconscious of the university professor. (response to article by Steven Seidman in this issue, p. 699)Sociology and social workRichardson, Laurel
The urban context of historical activism: NAACP depression era insurgency and organization-building activity.Sociology and social workPrice-Spratlen, Townsand
The Urban Imagination of Sociologists: the Centrality of Place.(Editorial)Sociology and social workOrum, Anthony M.
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