World Competition - Abstracts

World Competition
Abuse of protected position? Minority shareholdings and restriction of markets' competitiveness in the European Union.(Law overview)LawRusso, Francesco
Achieving better decision-making in competition enforcement cases: a public law perspective on the role of the executive and the courts.LawWisher, Daniel
A class action model for antitrust damages litigation in the European Union.(Law overview)LawPolverino, Fabio
An end to parallel imports of medicines? Comments on the judgment of the Court of First Instance in GlaxoWellcome.(European Union. European Commission)(European Court of First Instance)(GlaxoSmithKline PLC)LawJunod, Valerie
A new era of ECN cooperation: Achievements and challenges with special focus on work in the leniency field.(European Competition Network)LawDekeyser, Kris, Jaspers, Maria
Are sports cartels different? An analysis of EU Commission decisions concerning collective selling agreements for football broadcasting rights.(European Union)LawMassey, Patrick
A tale of two competition law regimes - the telecom-sector competition regulation in Hong Kong and Singapore.(Law overview)LawCheng, Thomas K.
Behavioural remedies in EC merger control-scope and limitations.LawEzrachi, Ariel
Cartel fines in Europe: Law, practice and deterrence.LawVeljanovski, Cento
Competition law choice in China.(European Community)LawFurse, Mark
Competitive advantage and the regulation of dominant firms.(Law overview)LawBoscheck, Ralf
Consolidating antitrust damages in Europe: A proposal for standing in line with efficient private enforcement.LawSchinkel, Maarten Pieter, Ruggeberg, Jakob
Converge? Diverge? A comparison of horizontal merger laws in the United States and European Union.(Law overview)LawShilei Zhu
Damages for the infringement of Art. 81 EC by cartel agreements according to sec. 33(3) GWB: the changes of law concerning the "Protective Law" requirement and the "passing on" defence.(Law overview)LawAndrelang, Christian
Delimitation and exercise of competence between the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)* and its Member States in competition policy.LawBakhoum, Mor
Draft Commission Guidelines on the assessment of non-horizontal mergers: do they "defend" the efficiency defence?(Law overview)LawSvetlicinii, Alexandr
Economic analysis and antitrust damages.LawFisher, Franklin M.
Effective cartel enforcement in Europe.LawSchinkel, Maarten Pieter
Enforcement of Articles 81 and 82 EC under regulation 1/2003: The case of Spain and Portugal.(Law overview)LawBrokelmann, Helmut
Frequent flyer programmes under Article 82 EC - is the sky the only limit?(European Union)(Law overview)LawEmch, Adrian
Guarding the pass - the forthcoming Chinese competition legislation.LawLorenz, Moritz
Joint dominance: mobile telecommunications in the Ukraine.LawStotyka, Yevgeniy
Leniency in antitrust enforcement: Theory and practice.LawWils, Wouter P.J.
Optimal fines in cartel cases and the actual EC fining policy.(Law overview)LawCamilli, Enrico Leonardo
Refined economic approach in European state aid control - will it gain momentum?(Law overview)LawHildebrand, Doris, Schweinsberg, Andrea
Remedies to exclusionary innovation in the high-tech sector: is there a lesson from the Microsoft saga?(Law overview)LawMontagnani, Maria Lilla
Settlements of EU antitrust investigations: Commitment decisions under Article 9 of Regulation No. 1/2003.LawWils, Wouter P.J.
Standardization and technological innovation: Some reflections on ex-ante licensing, FRAND, and the proper means to reward innovators.(fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory)LawGeradin, Damien
State action as a defence against 81 and 82 EC.(European Union. European Commission)LawBlomme, Eric
State aid reform: Some reflections on the need to revise the notice on guarantees.LawPrete, Luca
The aggravating circumstance of Recidivism and the principle of legality in the EC fining policy: Nulla poena sine lege?LawPiernas Lopez, Juan Jorge
The application of article 86(2) EC to measures which do not fulfill the Altmark criteria; institutionalizing incoherence in the legal framework governing state compensation of public service obligations.LawLynskey, Orla
The creative regulation process of the Mexican competition Commission.LawLabarthe, Carlos Mena
The dangers of overregulation in the electronic communications sector.LawStoyanava, Milena
The development of sound competition law and policy in China: an (im)possible dream?LawDabbah, Maher M.
The development of the concept of collective dominance in the ECMR: from its inception to its current status.(European Community Merger Regulation)LawKokkoris, Ioannis
The European Commission's 2006 guidelines on antitrust fines: a legal and economic analysis.LawWils, Wouter J.
Toward an EU competition court: "Article-6-proofing" antitrust proceedings before the Commission?(European Union)(Law overview)LawAndreangeli, Arianna
Towards a constructive public-private partnership to enforce competition law.LawWaller, Spencer Weber
UK Tractors, Paris Luxury Hotels and French Mobile Telephony operators: are all oligopoly information exchanges bad for competition?(UK Agricultural Tractor Registration Exchange)LawLeveque, Francois
US federal merger regime from the network management perspective.LawCengiz, Firat
When parents pay for their children's wrongs: Attribution of liability for EC antitrust infringements in parent-subsidiary scenarios.LawMontesa, Aitor, Givaja, Angel
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