World Disease Weekly Plus - Abstracts

World Disease Weekly Plus
2002 vaccine market: $7 billion.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
$9 a dose is target for rotavirus vaccine program.HealthBoyles, Salynn
Adult health problems linked to traumatic childhood experiences.Health 
Adult mouse model could advance research. (Ebola virus)HealthBoyles, Salynn
After fires, Brazil's Yanomamis face malaria.Health 
Alcohol use/HCV infection independent predictors of cirrhosis. (hepatitis C virus)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Alphacypermethrin-treated bednets may be cost effective for malaria prevention.HealthClark, Cathy
Annual screening reveals tumors too late for treatment.HealthClark, Cathy
Another study finds GBV-C/HGV doesn't affect HCV course. (hepatitis G virus; hepatitis C virus)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Best way to kill bacteria? Stop them talking.Health 
Blood supply probably is safe from risk of CJD. (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease)HealthClark, Cathy
"Boost" in vaccine efficacy seen with hepatitis B exposure.Health 
Brazilian research team advises against ALT testing. (alanine aminotransferase)HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
CDC sharpens tools for vaccine-safety surveillance. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
Cell line system should help clarify pathogenic role of viral IL-6. (interleukin-6)HealthClark, Cathy
Climate change may impact waterborne diseases.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Combination RSAG1/IL-12 vaccine protects against toxoplasmosis in mice.HealthMarble, Michelle
Compensated HCV-related cirrhosis has poor prognosis. (hepatitis C virus)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Consensus interferon useful in relapsers/nonresponders.HealthBoyles, Salynn
Counting practices may be masking epidemic.HealthBoyles, Salynn
Data presented: Lamivudine offers hope for HBV patients. (hepatitis B virus)Health 
Disease experts say get ready for more superbugs.Health 
Double repetitive PCR as sensitive as IS6110? (polymerase chain reaction)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Dried blood spot technology helps identify iron deficiency.HealthClark, Cathy
Drinking water probably caused HEV at military training camp. (hepatitis E virus)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Eating raw meat and brains increases CJD risk. (Creutzfeld-Jakob disease)Health 
Enzyme's structure yields blueprint for antibiotic resistance.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
European travellers to Kenya bring home cholera.Health 
Experts tie diseases to destruction of environment.Health 
First vaccine receives approval from expert. (FDA approval of the Lyme disease vaccine)HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Full range of lymphoid proliferations are possible after transplantation.HealthClark, Cathy
Gallo, others, seek golden HAF. (Institute for Human Virology's Robert C. Gallo; hCG-associated factor)HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
Gene therapy program expanded. (Genzyme General's cardiovascular gene therapy program)HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Gulf war illness symptoms cited by non-Gulf vets.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
HEV prevalence data may not be accurate. (hepatitis E virus)HealthMast, Eric E.
HIV tritherapy doesn't affect HCV viral load. (human immunodeficiency virus; hepatitis C virus)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Hoarseness can mean TB in kidney transplant recipients. (tuberculosis)HealthBoyles, Salynn
HSV-specific T cells contribute to vaginal immunity. (herpes simplex virus)HealthClark, Cathy
HVS transforms human T-cell clones by cellular activation pathway. (herpesvirus saimiri)HealthClark, Cathy
Levofloxacin doesn't improve anti-TB efficacy.HealthBoyles, Salynn
Lyme disease may lead to autoimmune disease.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
LYMErix found safe and effective for disease prevention. (Lyme disease vaccine recombinant OspA)HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Moving is a risk factor for TB med noncompliance. (tuberculosis)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Muscle disease emerging in France.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
NASA research helps map protein structures.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
New HIV-1 variant emerges in Cameroon.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
New oral rotavirus vaccine helps prevent severe childhood diarrhea and vomiting.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
New simple, inexpensive test accurately detects E. coli O157.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
New study highlights hazards on hormone disrupting chemicals.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
New vaccine developed for common childhood diarrhea. (rotavirus vaccine)HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Nitric oxide is produced in vivo.HealthClark, Cathy
No difference in GBV-C/HGV viremia in donors with normal or elevated ALT. (hepatitis G virus; alanine aminotransferase)HealthClark, Cathy
Novel mutation site may affect hemostasis.HealthClark, Cathy
Novel mycobacterium identified. (Mycobacterium tusciae)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Nucleotide polymorphism leads to reduced plasma factor levels.HealthClark, Cathy
Over 10 million people cured of leprosy.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
PCR method detects T. cruzi in blood. (polymerase chain reaction; Trypanosoma cruzi; causative agent of Chagas' disease)HealthClark, Cathy
Pediatricians say mold from floods can kill infants.Health 
Persistent antibodies detected years after brief exposure. (anti-malarial antibodies)HealthClark, Cathy
Plasma exchange is beneficial for patients with fulminant Wilson's disease.HealthClark, Cathy
Poncet's disease with oral ulcers/tuberculid reported.HealthBoyles, Salynn
Protein deficiency affects T-cell subsets in TB model. (tuberculosis)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Published data show FluMist vaccine effective against influenza.Health 
Quantity of latent virus correlates with reactivation.HealthClark, Cathy
Rapid AIDS test undergoes New York field trial. (MedMira Rapid HIV Screen from MedMira Laboratories Ltd. of Canada)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Reactivation of virus is involved in pathogenesis of Bell's palsy. (herpes simplex virus type 1)HealthClark, Cathy
Recombinant OspC used in an ELISA enables early diagnosis. (outer surface protein C; enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)HealthClark, Cathy
Recombinant viruses elicit immune responses in mice.HealthClark, Cathy
Red Cross agrees to supply Viragen, Inc. with raw material - leukocytes.HealthClark, Cathy
Researchers develop filter coating that traps bacteria and viruses.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Research suggests TB endobronchial disease. (tuberculosis)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Rhinosporidiosis reported in U.S. AIDS patient.HealthBoyles, Salynn
Rising antigenemia does not always warrant alternative antiviral.HealthClark, Cathy
Scientific finding may lead to mad cow breakthrough.Health 
Simian LCV infection in humans unlikely to cause malignant proliferation. (lymphocryptovirus)HealthClark, Cathy
Soluble TNF-I, TNF-II, IL-1RA indicate disease activity. (tumor necrosis factor; interleukin 1 receptor antagonist)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Specific amplification of parasite sequences reflects presence of viable organisms.HealthClark, Cathy
Study suggests hepatitis C can spread through saliva.HealthBoyles, Salynn
Superinfection with second virus strain is reported in humans. (herpes simplex virus)HealthClark, Cathy
Survey finds 136 medicines in testing for infectious diseases.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
TB continued to decline in U.S. during 1997. (tuberculosis)HealthBoyles, Salynn
Therapies devised for Alzheimer's and other brain diseases.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Three children die of chickenpox related complications.HealthClark, Cathy
Tiered pricing: a solution to vaccine access?HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
Tolerization therapy for treating diseases caused by undesirable immune response.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Transfusion reaction associated with duration of storage.HealthClark, Cathy
Travellers to under-developed countries risk bacterial disease.Health 
Trial results reported in infants of group C meningococcal conjugate vaccine.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
Unprecedented protection with prime/boost malaria vaccine.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
U.S. FDA aims to make juices safer.Health 
U.S. said tuberculosis continues decline.Health 
U.S. study raises new worries on mad cow disease.Health 
Vaccinated mice reject established tumors.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
Vaccines topic of first Nature Medicine supplement.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J.
Very low infectivity detected in plasma. (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease)HealthClark, Cathy
Virus outbreak in Kenya linked to heavy rains.HealthClark, Cathy
Zinc supplementation reduces infectious disease morbidity.HealthDeNoon, Daniel J., Boyles, Salynn, Key, Sandra W.
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