Hospitals 1993 - Abstracts

Hospitals 1993
A doctor in the network: physician links improve access to critical data. (computerized medical record network for physicians) (Cover Story)Health care industryRhonda Bergman
AHA survey: nurse shortage eases dramatically. (American Hospital Association)Health care industryWilliam Erwin
Capitation and reform: challenges and choices for hospital leadership. (cost limits in health care reform)(includes related article on how hospitals can plan for reform) (Cover Story)Health care industryIrene Fraser, Bridget Simone, Linda Lane
Champions of change; today's CFOs learn to say 'yes' to TQM, patient-centered care and critical paths. (chief financial officers, total quality management) (includes related article) (Cover Story)Health care industryAlden T. Solovy
Clinton's next moves; scoping out the White House on health care reform. (Cover Story)Health care industryChristine McEntee
COBRA waters look no clearer after recent reversal. (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)Health care industryMark A. Hagland
Computers make 'house calls' to patients. (Harvard Community Health Plan offers computerized information service to patients)Health care industryRhonda Bergman
Crossing cultures: hospitals begin breaking down the barriers to care. (hospitals adjust to a culturally diverse patient population) (Cover Story)Health care industryJill L. Scherer
Don't let uncertainty keep you from action. (Column)Health care industryW. Barry Moore
Health care's new frontier: challenges abound. (health care reform) (Column)Health care industrySpencer C. Johnson
Hospitals and hospitals: evolving together. (the history of Hospitals magazine)Health care industryBarbara Gastel
Leadership incentives: support, education and pay attract medical staff leaders. (hospital staff)Health care industryJim Montague
Let the community decide: a new delivery model. (health care services) (Column)Health care industryPatrick A. Herrmann
Managed care: where will your hospital fit in? (hospital industry)(includes related article on managed health care in rural areas) (Cover Story)Health care industryEmily Friedman
Maturing market: gaps narrow among emergency room physicians' salaries. (the gap in salary between young physicians and more experienced physicians)Health care industryJim Montague
Medical staff development: board role crucial. (Column)Health care industryHobart Collins
Networks and our next step; communicating the hospital community's vision on reform. (community care networks; includes related article on winning the confidence of hospital constituencies) (Cover Story)Health care industryDick Davidson
Patchwork access: primary care in EDs on the rise. (hospital emergency departments)Health care industryPeggy McNamara, Rachel Witte, Anke Koning
Physicians and the ADA. (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)(physicians affected by the act as employees at hospitals)Health care industryEllen E. McLaughlin
Proving our value: why we documented it. (hospitals that do substantial charity work should be exempt from property taxes) (Column)Health care industryJeff Flood
Ready, set go: positioning for coming changes. (hospitals should prepare for health care reform) (Column)Health care industryBen W. Latimer
Remapping health care deliver: multihospital system execs scope out the post-reform delivery world - and their place in it. (panel discussion) (Cover Story)Health care industry 
Retooling the hospital: moving into second phase.Health care industryAlden T. Solovy
Shared sacrifice: the right message for America. (health care reform) (Column)Health care industryDick Davidson
Slowing rate of cost increases in the pharmacy. (Column)Health care industryMike Roark
Strategizing health care for an aging America. (Column)Health care industryJames J. Gilmartin
Survey outlines hospital employee health benefits. (Illustration)Health care industry 
The data debate: CIOs weigh issues, obstacles to information networks. (chief information officers for hospitals; planning medical and financial data networks)(interview with a panel of experts) (Panel Discussion)Health care industry 
The new Congress: what happens to health care reform? (Cover Story)Health care industryHerb B. Kuhn
Thirteen views from the Hill: congressional leaders paint varying reform scenarios. (Cover Story)Health care industryMarybeth Burke
Three principles make the case for reform. (excerpt from address at American Hospital Association 1993 annual conference) (The Last Word) (Transcript)Health care industry 
Toppling the power of the pyramid: team-based restructuring for TQM, patient-centered care. (total quality management)Health care industryJim Hamilton
Transition to a new future; an expert lays out strategies for a redesigned system.Health care industryPatrick W. Philbin
What organized labor wants. (includes related article on health care survey) (Health Care Reform)Health care industryMary A. Grayson
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