Administrative Law Review 1998 - Abstracts

Administrative Law Review 1998
1946: framing a lasting congressional response to the administrative state.(Celebrating Fifty Years of the Administrative Law Review)LawRosenbloom, David H.
A cost-benefit state. (response to Cass R. Sunstein, Stanford Law Review, vol. 48, p. 247, 1996)(Celebrating Fifty Years of the Administrative Law Review)LawMcGarity, Thomas O.
Campaign finance: the impact on the legislative and regulatory process.(Celebrating Fifty Years of the Administrative Law Review)LawAnderson, John B.
Congressional oversight of the Clinton Administration and congressional procedure.(Celebrating Fifty Years of the Administrative Law Review)LawTiefer, Charles
E-FOIA and the "mother of all complaints:" information delivery and delay reduction.(Electronic Freedom of Information Act)LawGrunewald, Mark H.
Electronic freedom of information.(Electronic Freedom of Information Act)LawPerritt, Henry H., Jr.
Expanding the purpose of federal records access: new private entitlement or new threat to privacy?(Electronic Freedom of Information Act)LawO'Reilly, James T.
Food Safety Enforcement Enhancement Act of 1997: putting public health before the meat industry's bottom line.(Fiftieth Anniversary Volume)LawSimon, Hana
How the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996 update public access for the Information Age.(Electronic Freedom of Information Act)LawTankersley, Michael E.
Implementation of the children's health insurance program: HHS, states, and lessons for national health reform. (Department of Health and Human Services)(Fiftieth Anniversary Volume)LawCendali, Allison
Introduction.(Fiftieth Anniversary Volume: Welfare Reform Symposium)LawEdelman, Peter B.
Law, economics, and the reinvention of public administration: using relational agreements to reduce the cost of procurement regulation and other forms of government intervention in the economy.(Celebrating Fifty Years of the Administrative Law Review)LawKovacic, William E.
On misusing "revolution" and "reform": procedural due process and the new welfare act.(Fiftieth Anniversary Volume: Welfare Reform Symposium)LawFarina, Cynthia R.
Politics, policies, and problems with organ transplantation: government regulation needed to ration organs equitably.LawDaubert, Gail L.
Securities regulation: information initiative on the Internet.LawSironi, Sylvia L.
Small is not beautiful: the case against special regulatory treatment of small firms.(Fiftieth Anniversary Volume)LawPierce, Richard J., Jr.
Striking a balance between government efficiency and fairness to contractors: past performance evaluations in government contracts.LawHeifetz, Kimberly R.
Technology transfer and march-in at the National Institutes of Health: introducing uncertainty into an era of private-public partnership.LawStevenson, Mark
The ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice - from the objector to protector of the APA.(Celebrating Fifty Years of the Administrative Law Review)LawLubbers, Jeffrey S.
The Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996: improving federal agency use of alternative dispute resolution processes.LawEvans, Robin J.
The beginning of the end of the FCC's comparative hearing process.(Case Note)LawHalm, K.C.
The continuing need for an administrative conference.(Celebrating Fifty Years of the Administrative Law Review)LawEdles, Gary J.
The Electronic FOIA amendments of 1996: reformatting the FOIA for on-line access.(Electronic Freedom of Information Act)LawLeahy, Patrick J.
The Internet changes everything: revolutionizing public participation and access to government information through the Internet.LawJohnson, Stephen M.
Welfare-to-work: reform or rhetoric?(Fiftieth Anniversary Volume: Welfare Reform Symposium)LawHandler, Joel F.
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