Agricultural Engineering - Abstracts

Agricultural Engineering
Alternative lubricants: new biodegradable, nontoxic hydraulic fluids have both environmental, marketing benefits.Agricultural industryWessol, A.A.
An amazing mulch. (IRT-76 polyethylene mulch)Agricultural industryLoy, Brent
A personal perspective: an inventor details some frustrations, laughs in developing the "gene gun." (bombarding plant cells with transforming-DNA coated microprojectiles)Agricultural industrySanford, John C.
A proper time and place. (Tillers International promotes animal-powered agriculture)Agricultural industryWilkinson, Robert H.
A tireless crusade: Archer Daniels Midland Company turns high-sulfur coal, tires into economical fuels. (agricultural products company)Agricultural industryReed, Kendall
At the center of research. (Alltech Biotechnology Center's technology transfer services to biotechnology firms)Agricultural industryLyons, T. Pearse
Biomass as an energy source.Agricultural industryWalker, J.N., DeShazer, J.A., Barfield, B.J.
Components under coat. (cathodic epoxy electrocoat protects farm equipment from corrosion)Agricultural industryJacob, Ronald G.
Concrete concepts. (innovations in concrete technology)Agricultural industryRunestad, Jay A.
Creativity and people skills: biotech companies just not hiring for technical skills.Agricultural industryJensen, David G.
Cultivating the high frontier. (agricultural engineering in outer space)Agricultural industryFortson, Russ
Environmental changes under control. (part 1)Agricultural industryArkin, Gerald F.
European agricultural policy. (aggressiveness of EC policies overplayed)Agricultural industryPeters, G.H.
Five categories for learning management.Agricultural industryHolschuh, Marilyn
Green versus gene. (nature-based versus industry based agriculture)Agricultural industryKirschenmann, Frederick
Implications of population trends on resources and environment.Agricultural industryOverman, Allen R.
Incentives on a tight budget. (incentives for personnel management)Agricultural industryHolschuh, Marilyn
Organic wastes as fertilizers: interest in organic residues blossoms as environmental concerns increase.Agricultural industryRitter, William F.
Planning for climate change: accurate models are needed to develop sustainable agricultural systems.Agricultural industryJones, James W.
Shooting the plant that feeds you. (firing foreign genes at cell walls) (Cover Story)Agricultural industryWeissinger, Arthur K.
Spot spraying. (use of Detectspray for spraying and weed-detection)Agricultural industryFelton, W.L., McCloy, K.R.
Straight talk. (electronics in agricultural machinery)Agricultural industryStone, Marvin, Zachos, Mark
Sustainable communities save energy: our challenge is to balance energy alternatives with social and economic issues. (Global Biologically Integrated Sustainable Communities)Agricultural industryScott, Norman
Sweeping changes: amendments to the Federal Clean Air Act (FCAA) provide opportunities for agricultural engineers.Agricultural industryParnell, Calvin B., Jr.
Taking stock: agricultural biotechnology prospers as new products appear. (investment prospects are good in agricultural biotechnology)Agricultural industryMoffat, Anne Simon
The benefits of biotechnology in engineering.Agricultural industryMaley, Wayne
The satisfaction of creative thinking. (encouraging creativity in an engineering group)Agricultural industryHolschuh, Marilyn
The time is now. (students' need for biological engineering tools)(includes related article)Agricultural industryGarrett, Roger E.
Three cheers for biotech products? (overcoming the public's distrust of the biotechnology industry and government regulation of the industry)Agricultural industryForeman, Carol Tucker
To produce no waste. (zero waste engineering)(includes related article) (Editorial)Agricultural industryJanni, Kevin
Toward a new engineering order. (agricultural engineering)Agricultural industryCuello, Joel
Waste not: almond byproducts keep Blue Diamond running at peak performance. (almond processing company) (Cover Story)Agricultural industryCooper, Jan
Working with project teams. (Managing)Agricultural industryHolschuh, Marilyn
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