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American Ethnologist
A mudfight in same-sex research.(response to Roger Lancaster and to Stephen O. Murray, American Ethnologist, vol. 24, p. 193 and p. 934)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesKutsche, Paul
Anthropology of the self.Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesMorris, Brian
A response to Helander's critique of "Violent politics and the politics of violence."(Bernard Helander, American Ethnologist, vol. 25, p. 489, 1998)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesBesteman, Catherine
A response to Kevin Birth.(response to Kevin Birth, American Ethnologist, vol. 24, p. 585, 1997)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesSegal, Daniel A.
A response to Mosko's comments on "The Man of Sorrow.".(response to Mark Mosko, American Ethnologist, vol 24, p. 934, 1997)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesStephen, Michele
A word or two on "ethics": a reply to Arboleda and Murray.(response to Manuel G. Arboleda and to Stephen O. Murray, American Ethnologist, vol. 24, p. 931 and p.934, 1997)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesLancaster, Roger N.
Comments on "Until Death Do Us Part." (response to article by John Borneman in this issue, p. 215)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesYanagisako, Sylvia J., Collier, Jane F.
Constructing identities in Trinidad.(response to Kevin Birth, American Ethnologist, vol. 24, p. 585)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesKhan, Aisha
Cultural constructs versus psychoanalytic conjectures: comments on "the 'man of sorrow.'" (comments on Michelle Stephen's portrayal of the 'man of sorrow')Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesMosko, Mark S.
Discourse, politics and the developmental process: reflections on Escobar's "Anthropology and the Development Encounter." (Arturo Escobar's "Anthropology and the Development Encounter: The Making and Marketing of Developmental Anthropology")Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesLittle, Peter D., Painter, Michael
Economic models and Blackfoot ideology.Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesConaty, Gerald T.
Expert systems and the representation of knowledge.Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesBenfer, Robert A., Jr., Furbee, Louanna, Brent, Edward E., Jr.
Hanson's review of 'Woven Gods.' (response to Allan Hanson, American Ethnologist, vol. 23, pp. 199-200, 1996)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesHoward, Alan
Indiscipline and indigestion: a reply to Whitten and Whitten. (reply to Dorothea and Norman Whitten, Jr., American Ethnologist, vol. 21)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesCoote, Jeremy
L'ethnologie du deshonneur: brief response to Lizot. (response to article by Jacques Lizot, American Ethnologist, vol. 21, p. 841, 1994)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesChagnon, Napoleon A.
Lucy's 'grammatical categories and cognition.' (John A. Lucy's 'Grammatical Categories and Cognition')Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesGoddard, Cliff
Midwives, godmothers, and witches: female body and identity in the Italian south. (role of women in society) (Review Article)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesDuranti, Alessandro
On homosexualities in Latin America (and other places).Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesLancaster, Roger N.
On reviewing exchange paradigms: response to McKinnon. (reply to Susan McKinnon, American Ethnologist, vol. 21, p. 1004)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesBeatty, Andrew
On singers and lineages: response to Rushforth. (reply to Scott Rushforth, American Ethnologist, vol. 21, p. 1046)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesFarrer, Claire R.
On some of Lancaster's misinterpretations. (response to Roger Lancaster, vol. 24, p. 193, 1997)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesArboleda, G. Manuel
On the subject of Buddhism Betrayed? A rejoinder.Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesTambiah, Stanley J.
Possibilities for migration anthropology.(a review of the New Immigration Series from Allyn and Bacon)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesO'Neal, Colleen G.
Raramuri personhood and ethnicity: another perspective. (response to Frances M. Slaney, pp. 279)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesMerrill, William I., Quezada, Margot Heras
Reflections on anticlericalism and power relations in Spain.Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesAmsbury, Clifton
Reflections on the Comaroff lecture.(1998 Max Gluckman Memorial Lecture by Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff in this issue, p. 279)(occult economies, South Africa)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesMoore, Sally Falk
Reply to James Loucky's review of 'Ignacio.' (response to J. Loucky, American Ethnologist, vol. 23, pp. 430-431, 1996)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesSexton, James D.
Reply to Yanagisako and Collier. (response to article by Sylvia J. Yanagisako and Jane F. Collier in this issue, p. 235)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesBorneman, John
Response to Merrill and Heras Quezada's comments. (response to William L. Merrill and Margot Heras Quezada in this issue, p. 302)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesSlaney, Frances M.
Second thoughts: response to Moore.(Sally Falk Moore in this issue, p. 304)(occult economies, South Africa)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesComaroff, Jean, Comaroff, John L.
Some comments on Tambiah's response.(response to Stanley J. Tambiah, American Ethnologist, vol. 24, p. 457, 1997)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesPerera, Sasanka
The discourse of contrast in Foi: a reply to Kulick. (reply to Don Kulick, American Ethnologist, vol. 21, p. 1018)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesWeiner, James F.
The emperor's new clothes removed: a critique of Besteman's "violent politics and the politics of violence.".(response to Catherine Besteman, American Ethnologist, vol. 23, p. 579)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesHelander, Bernhard
The invented Indian: response to Strong. (reply to Paula T. Strong, American Ethnologist, vol. 21, p. 1052)Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studiesBahr, Donald
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