Contemporary Sociology 1999 - Abstracts

Contemporary Sociology 1999
A Gray Zone? Meetings between sociology and gerontology.Sociology and social workHagestad, Gunhild O.
A timely partnership: Sociology and health services research.Sociology and social workKonrad, Thomas R., Haritos, Rosa
Beyond the science-versus-advocacy distinction.Sociology and social workGamson, William A.
Bookstore blues: Sociology for sale: The little bookshop around the corner isn't there anymore.Sociology and social workPowell, Walter W.
Border crossings between women's studies and sociology.Sociology and social workHoward, Judith A.
Children and family change: Discourse between social scientists and the media.Sociology and social workFurstenberg, Frank F. Jr.
Classifying books and knowledge - in the stores and on the Web.Sociology and social workBlau, Judith R.
Cyberspace: Sociology's natural domain.Sociology and social workBainbridge, William Sims
Dancing with the Behemoth.('Sociology' reinstated at Yale University's Barnes & Noble)Sociology and social workSoares, Joseph A.
Disciplines unbound: Notes on sociology and ethnic studies.Sociology and social workEspiritu, Yen Le
Finding one's footing in the profession: learning the ropes while protesting the system in sociology.Sociology and social workDaniels, Arlene Kaplan
Half truths with real consequences: Journalism, research, and public policy. Three encounters.Sociology and social workRossi, Peter H.
Living networked on and offline.Sociology and social workWellman, Barry, Hampton, Keith
Looking toward cyberspace: Beyond grounded sociology: Cyberspace and identity.Sociology and social workTurkle, Sherry
Marxism and social movements: theory and practice for social justice.Sociology and social workYoung, T.R.
Notes from a border discipline: Has the border become the center?Sociology and social workMeyer, Marshall W.
Religious studies and sociology.Sociology and social workRoof, Wade Clark
Silver bullets or land rushes? Sociologies of cyberspace.Sociology and social workRule, James B.
Sociology and African-American studies.Sociology and social workTaylor, Ronald L.
Sociology and border disciplines: Opportunities and barriers to intellectual growth: Cultural studies and sociology of culture.Sociology and social workWolff, Janet
Sociology and social movements.Sociology and social workFuchs, Stephan, Plass, Peggy S.
Subject cataloging: A beacon for readers in search of books.Sociology and social workMcGovern, James E.
The history of all previous society is the history of durable dichotomies.Sociology and social workMann, Michael (British judge)
The impact of feminist thought on sociology.Sociology and social workEngland, Paula
The list wangle.(selling sociology books to independent retailers)Sociology and social workSchwalbe, Michael
Values, politics and science: the influence of social movements on sociology, other directed rebels.Sociology and social workImber, Jonathan B.
Virtual truth with a vengeance.Sociology and social workStacey, Judith
Who needs politics? Who needs people? The ironies of democracy in cyberspace.Sociology and social workHurwitz, Roger
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