Contract Management - Abstracts

Contract Management
A Bright Line - The General Accounting Office's Right To Examine Records of Fixed-Price Contracts.Construction and materials industriesHirsch, W.J.
A CM Report: A Mandate for Professionalism in the Federal Procurement Workforce.Construction and materials industriesSansone, J.S.Jr.
A New Departure in Overhead Cost Recovery for Delay.Construction and materials industriesWitte, R.D.
An Overview of the FAR.Construction and materials industriesMalloy, J.M.
CM Training Problems and Solutions.Construction and materials industriesMoody, R.A., Grablewski, J.T.
CM Training Problems & Solutions.Construction and materials industriesMoody, R.A., Grablewski, J.T.
Committee of 12,000: A New Link in the Chain - The SCO.Construction and materials industriesSinger, N.P.
Damages for Unconscionable Contracts Must Be Based on Proof of Factual Mistake.Construction and materials industriesWitte, R.D.
Entering the Negotiation Arena.Construction and materials industriesRindner, C.
FAR Contract Clauses - First Impressions.Construction and materials industriesFarrell, L.M., Pankowski, J.B.
FAR Part 53 - It's a Matter of Forms.Construction and materials industriesFerguson, W.B., Moss, V.
For Beginners Only: Commercial Contract Claims Management.Construction and materials industriesWarren, J.P.
'Keep Off-Government Property'.Construction and materials industriesUfford, W.A.
New Compensation Cost Principles and Controls: Are They Reasonable?Construction and materials industriesHerman, S.
New Interim DOD Rules Ease Security-Related Restrictions on Foreign Ownership of U.S. Contractors.Construction and materials industriesChierichella, J.W., Everhart, L.A.
Product Liability Exposure of the Government Contractor and Subcontractor.Construction and materials industriesBecker, I.
Subcontracting Made Easy.Construction and materials industriesBrusman, C.
Tenacity and Perseverance Responsibility Determinations Require Due Process Under DAR 1-600.Construction and materials industriesWitte, R.D.
The Defense Acquisition Improvement Program: Part 2 Status Report on Reform Initiatives.Construction and materials industriesBrabson, G.D.
The Defense Acquisition Improvement Program: Part 3 Carlucci Initiatives - A Need for Perseverance.Construction and materials industriesAdams, W.H.Jr.
The Doctrine of Privity and Its Constraints on Subconscious Access.Construction and materials industriesHeipt, J.D.
The Future of the Federal Procurement Policy.Construction and materials industriesNash, R.C.Jr.
Two New Techniques for Ordering Weapons Systems Spare Parts.Construction and materials industriesChapel, R.J., Squire, C.O.
Unemployment Level as a Factor in Weapon System Source Selection.Construction and materials industriesGordon, H.J.
Warranties - Did I Agree to That?Construction and materials industriesVesco, J.A.
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