Current 2007 - Abstracts

Current 2007
After the cartoons: The challenge of a multicultural Europe.EducationLuccarelli, Mark
A game of monopoly.(Federal Emergency Management Agency provides public housing to Hurricane Katrina, 2005 victims)EducationNguyen, Tram
America's design for tolerance.EducationClausen, Christopher
A nuclear phoenix? Concern about climate change is spurring an atomic renaissance.EducationMotavalli, Jim
Binational citizens: Mexican immigrants are challenging old ideas about assimilation.EducationFox, Jonathan
Civil rights, uncivil wrongs: The war on terrorism's toll on the U.S. Constitution.(Not a Suicide Pact: The Constitution in a Time of National Emergency)(War by Other Means: An Insider's Account of the War on Terror)(Guantanamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power)(Book review)EducationRudalevige, Andrew
Conservatism itself.(disaster management and social issues)EducationBorosage, Robert
Debtor nation: The rising risks of the American dream, on a borrowed dime.EducationShaw, Jonathan
Don't take Poland for granted.EducationSikorski, Radek
Evangelicals and America: Responses to Walter Russell Mead's "God's country?"EducationRoman, Nancy, Skillen, James W., Galli, Mark
Fear and folly: Learning from mistakes in Iraq.EducationBacevich, Andrew J.
From 'minority' to 'diversity': The transformation of formerly race-exclusive programs may be leaving some students in the cold.EducationSchmidt, Peter
'Gates of change': Fifty years after the Little Rock Nine, Central High School looks back.EducationKilman, Carrie
Getting up to speed: U.S. schools have come a long way since connecting to the Internet was their chief technology challenge.EducationTrotter, Andrew
Globalization or a rebirth of nationalism?EducationMoeller, Joergen Oerstroem
Global war on terror as de-militarization.EducationDevji, Faisal
God's country?(religion)EducationMead, Walter Russell
Guest workers for America: New solution or new problem?EducationMartin, Philip
Health care's color lines.EducationGibson, Lydialyle
Helping academics have families and tenure too.EducationMarcus, Jon
It's the policy, stupid: Political Islam and US foreign policy.EducationEsposito, John L.
Leaps of faith.(faith based charities)EducationSinger, Paul, Friel, Brian
Life on the line: The Arizona-Mexico border.EducationCaputo, Philip
Media coverage of the University of Michigan affirmative action decisions: The view from mainstream, black, and Latino journalists.EducationTowner, Terri L., Clawson, Rosalee A., Waltenburg, Eric N.
Miracle math.(mathematics education)EducationGarelick, Barry
Moment of truth.(school segregation)EducationStover, Del
Muslims in America: Feeling the pressure.EducationWalsh, Andrew
Navigating a world of complex threats.EducationAall, Pamela R.
Nuclear freeze: The Middle East and global arms control.EducationBlix, Hans
Operation comeback: How to save the neocons.EducationMuravchik, Joshua
Over stated: Why the "laboratories of democracy" can't achieve universal health care.(health care plans)EducationKlein, Ezra
Pray tell: What Americans don't know about religion and why they need to learn it.EducationMcNeil, Taylor
Preserving balance among the Great Powers.EducationLuttwak, Edward N.
Private belief, public scholarship.EducationEdwards, Mark U., Jr.
Queens of the Hill.(women politicians)EducationBingham, Clara
Scientific inquiry: Findings about the state of diversity in our laboratories.EducationWeir, Kirsten, Fleckenstein, Anne, Silverman, Ed
Searching for oil: China's initiatives in the Middle East.EducationLee, Henry, Shalmon, Dan A.
Space travel for fun and profit.(NewSpace)EducationMangu-Ward, Katherine
Strategizing in a complex and disaggregated world.EducationRosenau, James N.
Strategy and the search for peace.(maintaining relations)EducationFoster, Gregory D.
Texas hold 'em: Secretary Spellings - the ace in Bush's hand.(Margaret Spellings)EducationDavis, Michelle R.
The dividing cell.(stem cell research )EducationWeiss, Rick, Lanza, Robert, Levin, Yuval, Clark, Chap
The dubious value of value-neutrality.EducationBalch, Stephen H.
The ethanol illusion: Can we move beyond an energy policy running on hype and hot air?EducationMcElroy, Michael B.
The geography of poverty: Rethinking social policy.EducationConley, Dalton
The Homeland Security hash.EducationLight, Paul C.
The human difference.EducationCohen, Eric
The neoconservatives are history.EducationKurth, James
The new face of warfare.EducationAbbas, Fatin
The new pioneers.(Latin Americans)EducationBloom, Stephen G.
The opt-out myth.(working women manage their career and family)EducationGraff, E.J.
The real global technology challenge.EducationLynn, Leonard, Salzman, Harold
The re-generation.(new careers of senior citizens)EducationLaurant, Darrell
The U.S. military's manpower crisis.EducationKagan, Frederick W.
The whole meal: Alice Waters is crusading to change not just what kids eat, but what they learn.(Berkeley Unified School District, the Center for Ecoliteracy, and the Chez Panisse Foundation)EducationSlater, Dashka
What's the big deal about oil? How we can get oil policy right.EducationNewell, Richard
Why the world isn't flat.EducationGhemawat, Pankaj
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