Ecological Applications - Abstracts

Ecological Applications
A future perspective on North America's freshwater ecosystems.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesNaiman, Robert J., Turner, Monica G.
Age of soil organic matter and soil respiration: radiocarbon constraints on belowground C dynamics.(Belowground Processes and Global Change)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesTrumbore, Susan
Alien plant dynamics following fire in Mediterranean-climate California shrublands.Environmental issuesKeeley, Jon E., Fotheringham, C.J., Baer-Keeley, Melanie
An assessment of ecosystem services: water flow regulation and hydroelectric power production.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesZhongwei Guo, Xiangming Xiao, Dianmo Li
An evaluation of weather and disease as causes of decline in two populations of boreal toads.Environmental issuesNoon, Barry R., Corn, Paul Stephen, Sherer, Rick D., Muths, Erin
A new method for selection of umbrella species for conservation planning.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesFleishman, Erica, Murphy, Dennis D., Brussard, Peter F.
Aquatic ecosystems: harbingers of endocrine disruption.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesColborn, Theodora E., Thayer, Kristina
A regional model to predict coral population dynamics in response to El Nino-Southern Oscillation.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesFong, Peggy, Glynn, Peter W.
Arthropods in urban habitat fragments in southern California: area, age and edge effects.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesCase, Ted J., Suarez, Andrew V., Bolger, Douglas T., Crooks, Kevin R., Morrison, Scott A.
Assessing recovery following environmental accidents: Environmental variation, ecological assumptions, and strategies.Environmental issuesWiens, John A., Parker, Keith R.
A transient, nutrient-based model of Arctic plant community response to climatic warming.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesChapin, F. Stuart, III, Epstein, Howard E., Walker, Marilyn D., Starfield, Anthony M.
Belowground consequences of vegetation change and their treatment in models.(Belowground Processes and Global Change)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesJackson, R.B., Schenk, H.J., Jobbagy, E.G., Canadell, J., Colello, G.D., Dickinson, R.E., Field, C.B., Freidlingstein, P., Heimann, M., Hibbard, K., Kicklighter, D.W., Dleidon, A., Neilson, R.P., Parton, W.J., Sala, O.E., Sykes, M.T.
Biodiversity considerations in conservation system planning: Map-based approach for Nova Scotia, Canada.Environmental issuesBeazley, Karen, Smandych, Lara, Snaith, Tamaini, MacKinnon, Frances, Austen-Smith, Peter Jr., Duinker, Peter N.
Biotic invasions: causes, epidemiology, global consequences, and control.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesSimberloff, Daniel, Mack, Richard N., Lonsdale, W. Mark, Evans, Harry, Clout, Michael, Bazzaz, Fakhri A.
Breeding bird density in woodlots: effects of depth and buildings at the edges.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesMancke, Ralph G., Gavin, Thomas A.
Carbon isotope ratios in belowground carbon cycle processes.(Belowground Processes and Global Change)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesEhleringer, James R., Buchmann, Nina, Flanagan, Lawrence B.
Change in species composition with repeated shifting cultivation: Limited role of soil nutrients.Environmental issuesLawrence, Deborah, Suma, V., Mogea, Johanis P.
Changes in village-scale nitrogen storage in China's Tai Lake Region.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesEllis, Erle C., Rong Gang Li, Lin Zhang Yang, Xu Cheng
Climatic and human influences on fire regimes in ponderosa pine forests in the Colorado Front Range.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesVeblen, Thomas T., Kitzberger, Thomas, Donnegan, Joseph
Clonal integration and the expansion of Phragmites australis.(reed)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesAmsberry, Lindsay, Baker, Michael A., Ewanchuk, Patrick J., Bertness, Mark D.
Compensatory growth of the African dwarf shrub Indigofera spinosa follwoing simulated herbivory.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesOba, Gufu, Mengistu, Zelalem, Stenseth, Nils
Controls of grass and shrub aboveground production in the Patagonian Steppe.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesSala, Osvaldo E., Jobbagy, Esteban G.
Degraded sediment quality in U.S. estuaries: a review of magnitude and ecological implications.(Fisheries, Habitat, and Pollution)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesLong, Edward R.
Demographics of an ornate box turtle population experiencing minimal human-induced disturbances.Environmental issuesSavidge, Julie A., Converse, Sarah J., Iverson, John B.
Development of expectations of larval amphibian assemblage structure in southeastern depression wetlands.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesBurger, Joanna, Snodgrass, Joel W., Bryan, A. Lawrence, Jr.
Dispersal limitations of epiphytic lichens result in species dependent on old-growth forests.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesSillett, Stephen C., McCune, Bruce, Peck, Jerilynn E., Rambo, Thomas R., Ruchty, Andrea
Distinguishing nitrification and denitrification sources of N(2)O in a Mexican wheat system using (15)N.(nitrous oxide)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesPanek, J.A., Matson, P.A., Ortiz-Monasterio, I., Brooks, P.
Does restoration of structural heterogeneity in streams enhance fish and macroinvertebrate diversity?Environmental issuesLepori, F., Palm, D., Malmqvist, B.
Do residual trees increase structural complexity in Pacific Northwest coniferous forests?(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesZenner, Eric K.
Duck nest survival in the Missouri Coteau of North Dakota: Landscape effects at multiple spatial scales.Environmental issuesLindberg, Mark S., Rotella, Jay J., Taper, Mark L., Stephens, Scott E., Ringelman, James K.
Dynamic simulation of tree-grass interactions for global change studies.(Belowground Processes and Global Change)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesDaly, Christopher, Bachelet, Dominique, Lenihan, James M., neilson, Ronald P., Parton, William, Ojima, Dennis
Early effects of rodent granivory on experimental forb communities.(range plants)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesHowe, H.F., Brown, J.S.
Ecological impact of historical land-use patterns in the Great Plains: A methodological assessment.Environmental issuesOjima, Dennis, Parton, William J., Gutmann, Myron P., Williams, Stephen A., Easter, Mark
Ecological impacts and mitigation strategies for rural land management.Environmental issuesOjima, Dennis, Dale, Virginia, Archer, Steve, Chang, Michael
Ecological research for aquatic science and environmental restoration in south Florida.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesRedfield, Garth W.
Ecological support for rural land-use planning.Environmental issuesHobbs, N.T., Maxwell, Bruce, Spies, Thomas, Theobald, David M., Kline, Jeff, Dale, Virginia H.
Ecosystem-scale impacts of deforestation and land use in a humid tropical region of Mexico.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesHughes, R. Flint, Kauffman, J. Boone, Jaramillo, Victor J.
Effect of human development on bacteriological water quality in coastal watersheds.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesMallin, Michael A., Williams, Kathleen E., Esham, E. Cartier, Lowe, R. Patrick
Effects of exurban development on biodiversity: Patterns, mechanisms, and research needs.Environmental issuesBrown, Kathryn, Knight, Richard L., Marzluff, John M., Hansen, Andrew J., Powell, Scott, Gude, Patricia H., Jones, Kingsford
Effects of free-air CO(2) enrichment (FACE) on belowground processes in a Pinus taeda forest.(Belowground Processes and Global Change)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesAllen, A.S., Andrews, J.A., Finzi, A.C., Matamala, R., Richter, D.D., Schlesinger, W.H.
Effects of stand-level disturbances on the spatial distribution of a lichen indicator.Environmental issuesScheidegger, C., Kalwij, J,M., Wagner, H.H.
ENSO and PDO variability affect drought-induced fire occurrence in Rocky Mountain subalpine forests.(El Nino-Southern Oscillation)(Pacific Decadal Oscillation)Environmental issuesVeblen, Thomas T., Schcennagel, Tania, Romme, W.H., Sibold, J.S., Cook, E.R.
Entering an era of water scarcity: the challenges ahead.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesPostel, Sandra L.
Eradication of invasive Tamarix ramosissima along a desert stream increases native fish density.Environmental issuesHobbie, Sarah E., Kennedy, Theodore A., Finlay, Jacques C.
ESA report: ecological principles and guidelines for managing the use of land.(Ecological Society of America)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesBrown, S., Dale, V.H., Haeuber, R.A., Hobbs, N.T., Huntly, N., Naiman, R.J., Riebsame, W.E., Turner, M.G., Valone, T.J.
Evidence for micronutrient limitation of biological soil crusts: Importance to arid-lands restoration.Environmental issuesBelnap, Jayne, Bowker, Matthew A., Davidson, Diane W., Phillips, Susan L.
Expansion of geographic range in the pine processionary moth caused by increased winter temperatures.Environmental issuesLarsson, Stig, Battisti, Andrea, Stastny, Michael, Netherer, Sigrid, Robinet, Christelle, Roques, Alain, Schope, Axel
Fates of eroded soil organic carbon: Mississippi Basin case study.Environmental issuesSmith, S.V., Sleezer, R.O., Renwick, W.H., Buddemeier, R.W.
Fire frequency and the spatial age mosaic of the mixed-wood boreal forest in western Canada.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesWeir, J.M.H., Johnson, E.A., Miyanishi, K.
Fire increases invasive spread of Molinia caerulea mainly through changes in demographic parameters.Environmental issuesBrys, Rein, Jacquemyn, Hans, Neubert, Michael G.
Forest cover-rainfall relationships in a biodiversity hotspot: The Atlantic forest of Brazil.Environmental issuesGaston, Kevin J., Woodward, F. Ian, Hannah, Lee, Webb, Thomas J.
Gap dynamics following forest decline: a case study of red spruce forests.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesBattles, John J., Fahey, Timothy J.
Gap dynamics in boreal Aspen stands: is the forest older than we think?(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesCumming, S.G., Schmiegelow, F.K.A., Burton, P.J.
Habitat protection, ecological issues, and implementation of the Sustainable Fisheries Act.(Fisheries, Habitat, and Pollution)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesFluharty, David
Heavy metals structure benthic communities in Colorado mountain streams.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesClements, William H., Carlisle, Daren M., Lazorchak, James M., Johnson, Philip (American architect)
Impact of a bycatch reduction device on diamondback terrapin and blue crab capture in crab pots.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesRoosenburg, Willem M., Green, Jason P.
Invasion dynamics of Cytisus scoparius: a matrix model approach.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesParker, Ingrid M.
Invertebrate response to moist-soil management of playa wetlands.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesAnderson, James T., Smith, Loren M.
Kelp forest fish populations in marine reserves and adjacent exploited areas of central California.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesPaddack, Michelle J., Estes, James A.
Land conversion and the production of wealth.(Perspectives on Land Use)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesHulse, David, Ribe, Robert
Legislative vs. practical protection of an intertidal shoreline in southeastern Australia.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesKeough, Michael, Quinn, G.P.
Local factors and colonist dispersal influence crustacean zooplankton recovery from cultural acidification.Environmental issuesArnott, Shelley E., Binks, Jessie A., Sprules, W. Gary
Long-term change in village-scale ecosystems in China using landscape and statistical methods.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesEllis, Erle C., Rong Gang Li, Lin Zhang Yang, Xu Cheng
Louisiana estuarine and coastal fisheries and habitats: perspectives from a fish's eye view.(Fisheries, Habitat, and Pollution)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesChesney, Edward J., Baltz, Donald M., Thomas, R. Glenn
Marine reserves exploit population structure and life history in potentially improving fisheries yields.Environmental issuesGaylord, Brian, Gaines, Steven D., Siegel, David A., Carr, Mark H.
Matrix model investigation of invasive species control: Bullfrogs on Vancouver Island.Environmental issuesAltwegg, Res, Anholt, Bradley R., Govidarajulu, Purnima
Mixed-stock analysis of Atlantic cod near the Gulf of St. Lawrence based on microsatellite DNA.(Newfoundland)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesRuzzante, Daniel E., Taggart, Christopher T., Lang, Shelley, Cook, Doug
Multivariate analysis of scale-dependent associations between bats and landscape structure.Environmental issuesStrauss, Richard E., Willig, Michael R., Gorressen, P. Marcos
Operationalizing sustainability: management and risk assessment of land-derived nitrogen loads to estuaries.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesValiela, I., Tomasky, G., Hauxwell, J., Cole, M.L., Cebrian, J., Kroeger, K.D.
Pond permanence and the effects of exotic vertebrates on anurans.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesAdams, Michael J.
Population dynamics and survival of an endangered wallaby: a comparison of four methods.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesFisher, Diana O., Hoyle, Simon D., Blomberg, Simon P.
Prey selection in horned lizards following the invasion of Argentine ants in southern California.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesCase, Ted J., Suarez, Andrew V., Richmond, Jon Q.
Regional variation in recruitment of hemlock seedlings and saplings in the upper Great Lakes, USA.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesRooney, Thomas P., McCormick, Ronald J., Solheim, Stephen L., Waller, Donald M.
Regression-tree modeling of desert tortoise habitat in the central Mojave Desert.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesAndersen, Mark C., Watts, Joseph M., Freilich, Jerome E., Yool, Stephen R., Wakefield, Gery I., McCauley, John F., Fahnestock, Peter B.
Relative species richness and community completeness: birds and urbanization in the Mid-Atlantic states.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesHines, James E., Nichols, James D., Cam, Emmanuelle, Sauer, John R., Flather, Curtis H.
Resisting monoliths and tabulae rasae.(Perspectives on Land Use)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesCronon, William
Responses of subalpine meadow vegetation to four years of experimental warming.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesPrice, Mary V., Waser, Nickolas M.
Rural land-use trends in the conterminous United States, 1950-2000.Environmental issuesBrown, Daniel G., Johnson, Kenneth M., Theobald, David M., Loveland, Thomas R.
Scientific characterization and monitoring: its application to integrated coastal management in Malaysia.(Fisheries, Habitat, and Pollution)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesNickerson-Tietze, Donna J.
Shifts in arbuscular mycorrhizal communities along an anthropogenic nitrogen deposition gradient.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesEgerton-Warburton, Louise M., Allen, Edith B.
Soil carbon differences among forest, agriculture, and secondary vegetation in lower montane Ecuador.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesRhoades, Charles C., Eckert, Gregory E., Coleman, David C.
Soil carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus stocks and dynamics under disturbed black spruce forests.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesSmith, C. Ken, Coyea, Marie R., Munson, Alison D.
Some roles for North American ecologists in land-use planning in the tropics.(Perspectives on Land Use)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesPutz, Francis E.
Source and sink habitats of Red-winged Blackbirds in a rural/suburban landscape.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesVierling, Kerri T.
Species introductions and their ecological consequences: an example with congeneric sunfish.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesHuckins, Casey J. Fisher, Osenberg, Craig W., Mittelbach, Gary G.
Stable-carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios reveal breeding origins of Red-winged Blackbirds.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesHobson, Keith A., Wassenaar, Leonard I.
Straw and winter flooding benefit mosquitoes and other insects in a rice agroecosystem.Environmental issuesLawler, Sharon P., Dritz, Deborah A.
Subalpine forest carbon cycling: Short-and long-term influence of climate and species.Environmental issuesHarte, John, Kueppers, Lara M.
Testing a simulation model for population viability analysis.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesLindenmayer, David B., Lacy, Robert C., Pope, Matthew L.
The application of ecological principles to urban and urbanizing landscapes.(Perspectives on Land Use)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesZipperer, Wayne C., Wu, Jianguo, Pouyat, Richard V., Pickett, Steward T.A.
The effect of landscape features on deposition to Hunter Mountain, Catskill Mountains, New York.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesWeathers, K.C., Lovett, G.M., Likens, G.E., Lathrop, R.
The three phases of land-use change: Implications for biodiversity.Environmental issuesHuston, Michael A.
The vertical distribution of soil organic carbon and its relation to climate and vegetation.(Belowground Processes and Global Change)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesJobbagy, Esteban G., Jackson, Robert B.
Threats to U.S. public lands from cumulative hydrologic alterations outside of their boundaries.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesPringle, Catherine M.
Tree functional group richness and landscape structure in a Brazilian tropical fragmented landscape.(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesMetzger, Jean Paul
Water quality trends and management implications from a five-year study of a eutrophic estuary.(Managing the Land-Water Interface)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesGlasgow, Howard B., Jr., Burkholder, JoAnn M.
Why are quantitative relationships between environmental quality and fish populations so elusive?(Fisheries, Habitat, and Pollution)(Statistical Data Included)Environmental issuesRose, Kenneth A.
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