Housewares - Abstracts

1982 gains spur bakeware promotions.Home furnishings industry 
'83 maybe year of the bear for major licensing firms. (housewares)Home furnishings industry 
Aluminum prices soar up to 25%: mfrs. expected to pass aluminum cookware prices on to retailers.Home furnishings industrySmith, Greg
Anchor gains ovenware space mostly at expense of Pyrex.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
At ACE Hardware, housewares no longer sits on the back shelf.Home furnishings industryKeeney, Paula
Bacar's Culinaria II puts gourmet ware in its place.Home furnishings industry 
Buyers dub glassware 'recession proof.'Home furnishings industryMauer, Sherry
Buyers ready microwave expansion.Home furnishings industry 
Catalogers receptive to own show.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
Continuity programs turn supermarkets to hswrs.Home furnishings industryDiFrangia, Jim
Cook's Mart aims for national growth.Home furnishings industryMcCarthy, Kelly
Cookware mfrs. push open stock sales. (statistics show slump again)Home furnishings industry 
Country sets the table in dinnerware.Home furnishings industry 
Drop in store level service, personnel impeding sales. (part 1)Home furnishings industryBrown, Anitrra
Female execs say top retail spots exist, must be earned.Home furnishings industryPiccioli, Jean Marie
Firms vie for French food processor $.Home furnishings industryHypes, Loyd
Frankfurt will be main European fair: mfrs.Home furnishings industryKater, Eric
German retailers cast eye toward U.S. goods. (housewares)Home furnishings industryHypes, Loyd
Glassware sets overtake bulk as accent on self-service grows.Home furnishings industryMauer, Sherry
Gourmet shop $ flat, income off. (housewares)Home furnishings industryGittlitz, Ian
Grocers seeking hswrs. profits.Home furnishings industryDiFrangia, Jim
Hardware show lures hswrs. firms.Home furnishings industryPohlchuck, Carol
Hitachi debuts 3 food steamers, eyes growth.Home furnishings industryGittlitz, Ian
Housewares industry primed for licensing push.Home furnishings industryJones, Vicki
Hswrs. buyers name best departments.Home furnishings industrySchulz, David
Hswrs. licensing: virgin mkt. growing.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
Hswrs. retail credit to increase in '84.Home furnishings industryDiFrangia, Jim
Importers fear impact from ITC porc. on steel decision. (porcelain)Home furnishings industryBrown, Anitra
Is SilverStone turning glass bakeware to gold?Home furnishings industryTiffany, Susan
Licensed housewares on upswing.Home furnishings industryJones, Vicki
Licensing. (a housewares opportunity)Home furnishings industryJones, Vicki
Licensors begin targeting to specific hswrs mkts.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
Manufacturers set show entries. (housewares)Home furnishings industryGittlitz, Ian
Mfrs. may choose Frankfurt vs. Cologne.Home furnishings industryPiccioli, Jean Marie
Mfrs. say hand-held vacuums carry category sales.Home furnishings industrySmith, Greg
MGM-UA hopes classics reap licensing $.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
Microwave mfrs. vie for cable audience.Home furnishings industryMcCarthy, Kelly
Microwave tie-in boosts 2nd half ceramics sales.Home furnishings industry 
New intros proliferate at S.F. show. (gourmet products show)Home furnishings industryKnitzer, Steve
New non-stick imminent, but DuPont keeps mum.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
Pac-Man paces housewares licenses.Home furnishings industryJones, Vicki
Pricing cuts electronic entries. (for housewares)Home furnishings industryAllegrezza, Ray
Pricing key to consumer sales: mfrs.Home furnishings industry 
Products abound at Cologne Fair. (housewares)Home furnishings industryGittlitz, Ian
Promos set to boost bakeware sales.Home furnishings industry 
Quartz gains on electrics.Home furnishings industry 
Retailers bank on promos to boost spring business.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
Retailers in dark about price hikes. (aluminum)Home furnishings industrySmith, Greg
Retailers stock basics for Xmas. (housewares)Home furnishings industryPiccioli, Jean Marie
Safeway tests 2 gourmet units.Home furnishings industryBeckerman, Sandra
Simac, Bialetti eye U.S. market. (2 Italian producers of small kitchen appliances)Home furnishings industryHypes, Loyd
Supermarkets: sharp prices key.Home furnishings industrySmith, Greg
The Marketplace at Lazarus upgrades housewares image.Home furnishings industryAdair, Jeff
Woks are big gainer in electrics census.Home furnishings industry 
Women execs view changing roles. (women in the houseware industry)Home furnishings industryPiccioli, Jean Marie
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