Information Economics and Policy 2003 - Abstracts

Information Economics and Policy 2003
An assessment of telecommunications reform in developing countries.Library and information scienceMattoo, Aaditya, Fink, Carsten, Rathindran, Randeep
Consumer heterogeneity, incomplete information and pricing in a duopoly with switching costs.Library and information scienceGabrielsen, Tommy Staahl, Vagstad, Steiner
Copyleft-the economics of Linux and other open source software.Library and information scienceMustonen, Mikko
Copy-protection policies and profitability.Library and information scienceKinokuni, Hiroshi
Copyright protection and hardware taxation.Library and information scienceShy, Oz, Gayer, Amit
Cross ownership of wireline and wireless communications carriers: synergy or collusion?.Library and information scienceByong-Sam Choi, Byong-Hun Ahn, Yong-Sam Park
Does incentive regulation 'cause' degradation of retail telephone service quality?.Library and information scienceBanerjee, Aniruddha
Effects of the Internet on the spatial structure of innovation networks.Library and information scienceKaufmann, A., Lehner, P., Todtling, F.
Entry in the telecommunication: Customer loyalty, price sensitivity, and access prices.Library and information scienceLommerud, Kjell Erik, Sorgard, Lars
Incentives for non-price discrimination.Library and information scienceWeisman, Dennis L., Kondaurova, Irina
Integration and access regulations in telecommunication.Library and information scienceZhou, Huizhong
International differences in telecommunications demand.Library and information scienceMartins, Maris Lurdes Castro
Local exchange competition and the Telecommunications Act of 1996.Library and information scienceKrouse, Clement, Park, Jongsur
Mimicking vs. counter-programming strategies for television programs.Library and information scienceBourreau, Marc
Multimarket contact of US newspaper chains: circulation competition and market coordination.Library and information scienceFu, W. Wayne
My scale or your meter? evaluating methods of measuring the Internet.Library and information scienceGiacomello, Giampiero, Picci, Lucio
Network externalities, price discrimination and profitable piracy.Library and information scienceKing, Stephen P., Lampe, Ryan
Open and closed systems of two-sided networks.Library and information scienceSchiff, Aaron
Policy-induced competition: The telecommunications experiments.Library and information scienceFaulhaber, Gerald R.
Profit and audience maximization in broadcasting markets.Library and information scienceMangani, Andrea
Subscriptions for direct broadcast satellite and cable television in the US: An empirical analysis.Library and information scienceKarikari, John Agyei, Brown, Stephen M., Abramowitz, Amy D.
The advantage of network size in acquiring new subscribers: A conditional logit analysis of the Korean mobile telephony market.Library and information scienceHee-Su Kim, Kwon, Namhoon
The determinants of international telephone traffic imbalances.Library and information scienceLinghui Tang
The digital divide: understanding the economics of new information and communication technology in the global economy.Library and information scienceAntonelli, Cristiano
The fragmentation of America's telecommunications system: the operational implications of network unbundling.Library and information scienceWeber, Joseph H.
The late take-off phenomenon in the diffusion of telecommunication services: network effect and the critical mass.Library and information scienceLim, Byeong-Lak, Choi, Munkee, Park, Myeong-Cheol
Willingness to pay for the rural telephone service Bangladesh and Peru.Library and information scienceTorero, Maximo, Chowdhury, Shyamal K., Galdo, Virgilio
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