Intellectual Property Quarterly - Abstracts

Intellectual Property Quarterly
About Kinetic watches, easy banking and nappies that keep a baby dry: a review of recent European case law on absolute grounds for refusing to register trade marks.LawKeeling, David T.
Abstraction and registration: conceptual innovations and supply effects in Prussian and British copyright (1820-50).LawKawohl, Friedemann, Kretschmer, Martin
Analysis: affordable medicines - TRIPs and United States policies.LawWooldridge, Frank
Analysis: China revises its trade mark law.LawLuo, Zhenghong, Carter, Connie
Analysis: redefining the boundaries of unfair competition? The changing face of trade mark law in Australia.LawRichardson, Megan
An economic approach to copyright in works of artistic craftsmanship.LawRushton, Michael
An epistemology of appropriation: patentable subject-matter after State Street Bank.(State Street Bank & Trust v. Signature Financial Group and AT&T Corp. v. Excel Communications Inc.)LawThomas, John R.
Arsenal v. Reed: no favours from ECJ.(European Court of Justice)(European Union)LawAdams, John N.
Artistic Upholstery Ltd. v. Art Forma (Furniture) Ltd.(position of unicorporated associations in relation to trademarks and goodwill.)(United Kingdom)LawShrivastava, Raavi
Business method patents - a matter of convenience?(Australia)LawRicketson, Sam
Challenging claims! Patenting computer programs in Europe and the USA.LawAttridge, Daniel J.M.
China, the battle for domain names.LawGao, Gordon
Confidential commercial information and breach of fiduciary duty - the liability of third parties in knowing receipt to make restitution.(Satnam Investments Ltd v. Dunlop Heywood & Co.)(United Kingdom)LawFreedman, C.D.
Copyright assignments: rights and wrongs - the collecting societies' perspective.(United Kingdom)LawRosenblatt, Heather
Copyrighting culture - the history and cultural specificity of the western model of copyright.LawBurkitt, Daniel
Copyright in trade marks? On understanding trade mark dilution.(Exxon Corp. v. Exxon Insurance)(United Kingdom, Australia)LawRichardson, Megan
Database protection in the European Union and the United States: the European database directive as an optimum global model?LawThakur, Neeta
Defining the shape of Australia's moral rights: a review of the new laws.LawAdeney, Elizabeth
European/U.S. copyright law reform: is a balance being achieved?LawWing, Mark, Kirk, Ewan
Extra-territorial jurisdiction in patent infringement issues.(European Union, United Kingdom, Netherlands)LawHaas, Peter A.
Framing pictures: defining art in UK copyright law.LawBooton, David
Glaxo et al. v. Dowelhurst - time for the ECJ to change its attitude towards repackaging?LawKur, Annette
Intellectual property in image - a mere inconvenience?LawMitchiner, James P.
Intellectual property: suitable for protecting traditional medicine?LawHeath, Christopher, Weidlich, Sabine
International exhaustion of trade mark rights: a Scottish contribution to the debate.(Zino Davidoff S.A. v. M. & S. Toiletries Ltd. and Joop! GmbH v. M. & S. Toiletries Ltd.)LawMacQueen, Hector L.
Joy: a reply.(Court of Appeal rules a film can qualify as a dramatic work in Norowzian v. Arks, involving the film 'Joy')(response to Irini Stamatoudi, Intellectual Property Quarterly, p. 117, 2000)(United Kingdom)LawArnold, Richard
"Joy" for the claimant: can a film also be protected as a dramatic work?(Norowzian v. Arks Ltd.)(United Kingdom)LawStamatoudi, Irini A.
Judicial or administrative roles: the patent appellate system in the European context.LawLeith, Philip
Lucky, lucky Arsenal: infringing uses of trade marks.(United Kingdom)LawAttridge, Daniel J.M.
Modernising trade mark law and promoting economic efficiency: an evalutaion of the Baby-Dry judgment and its aftermath.(Proctor and Gamble v. OHIM)(European Union)LawGriffiths, Andrew
Observations on the post-Bayh-Dole rise of patenting at American universities.LawNelson, Richard R.
Phantom intellectual property rights.(the development of personality rights)(United Kingdom)LawMcGee, A., Scanlan, G.
Post-harmonisation Europe - united, divided or unimportant?(intellectual property law harmonization with a United States of Europe)LawBrown, Abbe E.L.
Preserving judicial freedom of movement - interpreting fair dealing in copyright law.(United Kingdom)LawGriffiths, Jonathan
Reining in copyright law: is fair use the answer?LawBurrell, Robert
Spoken words and copyirhgt subsistance in Anglo-American law.LawBrennan, David J., Christie, Andrew
The approach to innovation under the proposed copyright directive: time for mandatory exceptions?(European Union)LawHeide, Thomas
The common law invention in its original form.(patent law)LawPila, Justine
The copyright civilisation in Canada.LawGendreau, Ysolde
The exhaustion of rights in patent law with specific emphasis on the issue of parallel importation.Lawvan der Merwe, Andries
The impact of the global appreciation approach on the boundaries of trade mark protection.(United Kingdom)LawGriffiths, Andrew
The Israel TRIPs law: an appraisal.(Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)LawOphir, Michael
Trade mark rights in Myanmar (Burma).LawFinch, James, Myint, Saw Soe Phone
Trade marks, descriptions of origin and the internal market.(Stephen Stewart Memorial Lecture 2000)(European Union, United Kingdom)LawEdward, David
TRIPs article 32 & the EPC revisited.(Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, European Patent Convention)Lawvon Morze, Herwig, van Zant, Amy K.
Why recital 26 of the E.C. directive on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions should be implemented in national law.LawBeyleveld, Deryck
WIPO resolution on well-known marks: a small step or a giant leap?(World Intellectual Property Organization)LawTatham, David H.
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