International Social Work 2006 - Abstracts

International Social Work 2006
A comparative study of social work intervention in context in Zambia and England.Sociology and social workMuleya, Wilson
Adaptation and tradition in the pursuit of good health.Sociology and social workWai-kam Sam Yu
Adolescent girls in distress: Views from Arab female adolescents living in Israel.Sociology and social workAzaiza, Faisal
Advocating for the forgotten human right: Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights--Religious freedom.Sociology and social workHodge, David R.
A study of domestic violence against academic working wives in Medan.Sociology and social workRowe, William, S., FakihSutan, Nurasiah, Dulka, Iryna, M.
A study of the structural risk factors of homelessness in 52 metropolitan areas in the United States.Sociology and social workJi Eun Gu
A suggested push model for interpreting the dilemmas of institutional care, community care and family care of mental-health consumers.Sociology and social workKam-shing Yip
Broadening the vision: Law teaching, social work and civil society.Sociology and social workBraye, Suzy, Preston-Shoot, Michael
Churches and social development: A South African perspective.Sociology and social workNieman, Anna
Civic and social integration: A new field of social work practice with immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.Sociology and social workWong, John, Nash, Mary, Triln, Andrew
Civil society's role in promoting local development in countries in transition: A comparative study of the Philippines and Romania.Sociology and social workHermoso, Jocelyn Clare R., Luca, Carmen Geanina
Community economic development: Applications and limitations in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workChan, Raymond K.H.
Conscientization--The experience of Canadian social work students in Mexico.Sociology and social workAllen, Helen, Larson, Grant
Coping with the threat of place disruption by long-term Jewish settlers on the West Bank.Sociology and social workPossick, Chaya
Correlates of physical violence in marital relationships among first-generation Korean Americans.Sociology and social workAhn, Bonnie
Cross-cultural application of self-in-relation theory: The case of Taiwanese young women.Sociology and social workChu-Li Julie Liu, Regehr, Cheryl
Cultural friendliness as a foundation for the support function in the supervision of social work students in South Africa.Sociology and social workEngelbrecht, Lambert
Defining international social work: A social service agency perspective.Sociology and social workQingwen Xu
Difficulties of stepchildren from reconstituted families in a westernized society challenged by traditional Chinese culture: Reflections on helping strategies.Sociology and social workLam, Gladys L.T.
Does language make a difference in health and social care practice?(social workers to understand the importance of language)Sociology and social workHeffernan, Kristin
Economic status of the elderly in Hong Kong: Homogeneous or heterogeneous?Sociology and social workKee-Lee Chou, Chow, Nelson W.S., Iris Chi
Exploring emancipatory youth work: The case of Hong Kong outreach workers.Sociology and social workSteven Ngai Sek Yum
Exporting a US HIV/AIDs prevention program to a Caribbean island-nation: Lessons from the field.Sociology and social workViosin, Dexter, R., Baptise, Dona, R., Martinez, Dona, Costa, De, Henderson, Gabrielle
Family violence: an Australian indigenous community tells its story.Sociology and social workCheers, Brian, Taylor, Judy, Binell, Margaret, Weetra, Collin, Coleman, Heather, Gentle, Ian, Miller, Grace
Globalization and global justice: Towards a social work of resistance.Sociology and social workFerguson, Iain, Lavalette, Michael
Global values shift and social work in America: Making positive change.Sociology and social workGross, Emma
Human rights and community work: Complementary theories and practices.Sociology and social workIfe, Jim, Fiske, Lucy
Ideological roots of Philippine social welfare.Sociology and social workYu, Nilan G.
Internationalizing the struggle against neoliberal social policy: The experience of Canadian women.Sociology and social workKwong-leung Tang, Peters, Heather
Learning by comparing: Reflections on international student seminars.Sociology and social workSchoepf, Michael, Simpson, Graeme
Mental-health services for refugee women and children in Africa.Sociology and social workSossou, Marie-Antoinette
Opportunities and challenges for social workers crossing borders.Sociology and social workWhite, Ruth
Organizational innovation: a comparison of nonprofit human-service organizations in Lithuania and the United States.Sociology and social workJaskyte, Kristina, Kisieliene, Audrone
Reflectivity in social work practice with clients with mental-health illness: Promise and challenge in social work education.Sociology and social workKam-shing Yip
Regional perspectives' from Europe: Is there a European social model? Building and promoting social work in Europe.Sociology and social workJones, David, Radulescu, Ana
Responding to children's street work with alternative income-generation strategies.Sociology and social workFerguson, Kristin M.
Rural social work in Scotland and eastern Canada: A comparison between the experience of practitioners in remote communities.Sociology and social workTurbett, Colin
Sexual trafficking of women: tragic proportions and attempted solutions in Albania.Sociology and social workHaxhiymeri, Edlira, Gjermeni, Eglantina, Hook, Mary,, Van, P.
Social services and indigenous populations in remote areas: Alaska Natives and Negev Bedouin.Sociology and social workBerman, Gerald, S.
Social work as a profession: As perceived by Slovenian and Croatian social work students.Sociology and social workKnezevic, Mladen, Jerman, Janja, Osvenik, Rok
Social work development in Kazakhstan: A ladder to a healthier nation.Sociology and social workGrebneva, Irina A.
Social work education's cultural hegemony.Sociology and social workAskeland, Gurid Aga, Payne, Malcolm
Social workers' roles in the criminal justice system: Adapting to the USA's changing attitudes towards the death penalty, 1953-2001.Sociology and social workMontero, Darrel, Betancourt, Bianca, Dolmage, Katie, Johnson, Charmonair, Leach, Tricia, Menchaca, Jonathan, Wood, Tarina
Social work ethics: Professional codes in Australia and the United States.Sociology and social workCongress, Elaine, Mc Auliffe, Donna
Social work in Taiwan: A historical and critical review.Sociology and social workHaj-Yahia, Muhammad M., Yueh-Ching Chou, Wang, Frank T.Y., Li-yeh Fu
Social work with asylum seekers in Canada.Sociology and social workLacroix, Marie
Supreme Court of Canada stands behind corporal punishment--Sort of....Sociology and social workWatkinson, Ailsa M.
The Chinese concept of face violence against women.Sociology and social workKo Ling Chan
The effects of an intervention group with the support of non-pharmacological Chinese medicine on older Chinese adults with insomnia.Sociology and social workKai-fong Chan, Petrus Ng, Ka-ying Ng
The impact of a social work study abroad program in Australia on multicultural learning.Sociology and social workPillai, Vijayan K., Fairchild, Sherry R., Noble, Carolyn
The impact of HIV/AIDs on Kenyan rural women and the role of counseling.Sociology and social workMugambi, Jane
The level of knowledge of South African pupils regarding HIV/AIDS.Sociology and social workStrydom, Herman, Strydom, Corinne
The role of registration in ensuring ethical practice.Sociology and social workOrme, Joan, Rennie, Gavin
The role of the Church in the fight against HIV/AIDS infection in Zambia.Sociology and social workSlonim-Nevo, Vered, Mukuka, Lawrence
The success factors in community work services: A critical incident study.Sociology and social workWeyers, Michael L., van den Berg, Andriette M.
Urban Australian Aboriginal peoples' experience of human services.Sociology and social workGreen, Sue, Baldry, Eileen, Thorpe, Kartrina
Using Foucault's concept of power to analyze school discipline and draw implications for school social work service in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workSiu-ming To
Welfare lobby groups responding to globalization: A case study of the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS).Sociology and social workMendes, Phillip
When children have problems.Sociology and social workShor, Ron
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