Jewelry Arts & Lapidary Journal - Abstracts

Jewelry Arts & Lapidary Journal
30 years of excellence.(FACETS)(Craft Show Committee)(Women's Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art)Hobbies and crafts 
Albite - the sneaky feldspar.(ROCK CORNER)(chemical and physical properties)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
Ammonites - Mesozoic marine monsters.(ROCK CORNER)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Clause
Big lentil.(STEP by STEP)(hollow form pendant)Hobbies and craftsSchneider, Edith
Bring on the beads.(beads in works of art)Hobbies and craftsWalters, Steve
Carved creations.(Tom Herman's works)Hobbies and craftsOsborne, Annie
Chain reaction.(STEP by STEP)(how to make a simple jewelry chain)Hobbies and craftsBeauford, Robert
Collecting in Combermere.(mineral wealth of Bancroft, Ontario)Hobbies and craftsKerr, Pat
Color your world.(cool tools)(tips on using saturated pickle and patinas to color different kinds of metals)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Critiques by a professional web site designer.(Sadelle Wiltshire comments on jewelry websites)(Website overview)Hobbies and craftsWade, Suzanne
Cruciform inclusions in extraterrestrial peridot.(INSIDEGEMS)(pallasites)Hobbies and craftsWhite, John S., Koivula, John I
Drilling pearls.Hobbies and craftsBlair, Thomas
Event horizon bracelet.(jewelry design using lampwork and electroforming techniques)Hobbies and craftsDavis, Ann
Fluid color.(innovative usage of material by jewelry designer Raoul Sosa)Hobbies and craftsOsburn, Annie
GATHER to aid Katrina victims.(FACETS)(Glass Artists Together for Habitat Emergency Relief)Hobbies and crafts 
Gems in print.(FACETS)Hobbies and crafts 
Gemstone price index.(list of prices of jewels in the United States)Hobbies and craftsThompson, Sharon Elaine
Get grinding.(grinding and setting stones in ornaments)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Glowing heart pendant.(STEP by STEP)(guide to making a pendant using dichroic and borosilicate glass)Hobbies and craftsDodson, Martina
Goodbye to a very good friend.(FROM THE EDITOR)(Frederick H. Pough dies at age 99)(Editorial)(Obituary)Hobbies and craftsWhite, Merle
Graphic garnet.(design of jewelry by using gemstones containing garnet and quartz)Hobbies and craftsBurger, Falk
Hammered silver beads.(STEP by STEP)(creating metal beads)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen J.
Joy & celebration.(STEP by STEP)Hobbies and craftsTuret, Douglas M.
Laser welders.(increase in productivity of jewelry designers by using laser welding equipment at jewelry shops)Hobbies and craftsThompson, Sharon Elaine
Live and breathe jewelry at RISD.(Rhode Island School of Design)Hobbies and craftsWade, Suzanne
Lost in (cyber) space.(search engine optimization for online businesses)Hobbies and craftsWade, Suzanne
Mad about mesh.(mesh jewelries)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Metal clay box pendant.(STEP by STEP)(how to make)Hobbies and craftsFago, Celie
Mother of all pearls.(use of pearls)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
New in obsidian.(INSIDE GEMS)(properties)Hobbies and craftsKoivula, John I., White, John S.
New Paraiba color source.(FACETS)(similar blue-green tourmaline from Paraiba, Brazil found in Nigeria)Hobbies and crafts 
No foolin'.(STEPPING OUT)(fake jewelry)Hobbies and craftsPeck, Denise
Oceanic organic lampwork beads.(STEP by STEP)(designing)Hobbies and craftsLyon, Linda
Ordered elegance.(Ben Neubauer's works resemble architectural designs)(Cover story)Hobbies and craftsGraci, Nina
Paper, rock, and thread.(STEP by STEP)(creating pebble beads)Hobbies and craftsJacobson, Hadar
Pearls in motion.(pendant design using steel-backed photopolymer plates and Adobe Photoshop)Hobbies and craftsBernecker, Gwen
Petroleum and water in quartz.(INSIDE GEMS)Hobbies and craftsKoivula, John I., White, John S.
Playing the angles.(faceting or gem cutting tips)Hobbies and craftsKlein, Glenn
Powder separation moldmaking.Hobbies and craftsShimazu, Donna E.
Practical gem photography.Hobbies and craftsKolodny, Boris
Practicing safe sales.(online businesses)Hobbies and craftsWade, Suzanne
Questions, answers, & tips.(jewelry journal)Hobbies and craftsBenham, Tom, Benham, Kay
Questions, answers, & tips.(jewelry journal)Hobbies and craftsBenham, Tom, Benham, Kay
Questions, answers, & tips.(jewelry journal)(Column)Hobbies and craftsBenham, Tom, Benham, Kay
Rare and rarer.(FACETS)(color-change diaspore and gem-quality painite)Hobbies and crafts 
River stone pin with floating key.(STEP by STEP)Hobbies and craftsRappa, Gail
Rocket science at the jeweler's bench.(titanium and its uses)Hobbies and craftsHaag, Terri
Schlock value.(FROM THE EDITOR)(criticism of the quality of jewelries sold by Imelda Marcos)Hobbies and craftsWhite, Merle
Selling under the portal.(sale of native American art objects at the art exhibition organized by the Museum of New Mexico under the Santa Fe Native American Artisans program)Hobbies and craftsThompson, Sharon Elaine
Set it and forget it.(tips on bezel setting)Hobbies and craftsBlythe-Hart, Helen
Silver and gold platform ring.(STEP by STEP)(steps in making a platform ring)Hobbies and craftsBlythe-Hart, Helen
Star of the Southwest.(STEP by STEP)(gem pattern)Hobbies and craftsHawes, Ernie
Stash your stuff.(cool tools)(storing small items)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Stepping out.(appreciation for beads)(Column)Hobbies and craftsPeck, Denise
Stromatolite - a petrified mass murderer.(ROCK CORNER)(oxygen produced by cyanobacteria that live in stromatolites caused extinction of Precambrian organisms)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
Sunshine underground.(Blanchard mine's Sunshine tunnel)Hobbies and craftsBurger, Falk
Talisman bead.(STEP by STEP)(creating metallic effects on beads)Hobbies and craftsBarber, Jeff
Textured woven earrings.(STEP by STEP)(how to make)Hobbies and craftsJacobson, Hadar
The long and the short of it.(John Kennedy's jewelry collection)Hobbies and craftsOsburn, Annie
The Princess Leila Cut.(STEP by STEP)Hobbies and craftsTuret, Douglas M.
Three rocks.(jewelry design with metal, clay and river rocks)Hobbies and craftsJacobson, Hadar
Ussingite: Rare rose quartz look-alike.(ROCK CORNER)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
Velvety-sparkly.(STEP by STEP)(etching lampwork beads)Hobbies and craftsMoran, Sarah
Vesuvianite: a gentleman's mineral.(discovery and naming of Vesuvianite or Idocrase)Hobbies and craftsHedgegaard, Claus
What's a retail jeweler to do?(FROM THE EDITOR)(jewelry and the Internet)(Editorial)Hobbies and craftsWhite, Merle
Wrap around.(STEP by STEP)(bi-metal ring)Hobbies and craftsGollberg, Joanna
Zip 2b square.(STEP by STEP)(cutting gemstones in square shape)Hobbies and craftsTuret, Douglas M.
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