Journal of Developing Areas 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Developing Areas 2005
Catching-up industrial development of East Asian economies and its application to Vietnam.Regional focus/area studiesHa, Ngo Trinh
Convergence and divergence of basic needs and income: an international comparison.Regional focus/area studiesNissan, Edward, Niroomand, Farhauq
Determinants of congressional support for NAFTA and Clinton's economic package.Regional focus/area studiesKhan, Haroon A.
Education and fertility: a panel data analysis for middle eastern countries.Regional focus/area studiesAkin, Mustafa Seref
Effects of foreign aid on GDP growth and fiscal behavior: an econometric case study of Bangladesh.(gross domestic product)Regional focus/area studiesQuazi, Rahim M.
Effects of smoking on productivity: estimating aggregate production technology using cross-sectional time series data.Regional focus/area studiesQuah, Euston, Saw, Sutaip L.C., Tan, Khye-Chong, Yong, Jongsay
Monetary aggregation for a developing economy: a case study of Nigeria.Regional focus/area studiesGebregiorgis, Bekele Sinkie, Handa, Jagdish
Occupational segregation, wage discrimination, and impact on poverty in rural Bangladesh.Regional focus/area studiesAkter, Shaheen
Optimal policies in a three-sector economy with open unemployment and surplus labor.Regional focus/area studiesKhandker, A. Wahhab, Rashid, Salim, Suliman, Osman
Pro-cyclicality of consumer spending and the financial crisis of Thailand.Regional focus/area studiesIslam, Kazi N.
Purchasing power parity in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.Regional focus/area studiesAggarwal, Raj, Simmons, Walter
Regional disparities as barriers to transition to a market economy: the Russian experience.Regional focus/area studiesLiargovas, Panagiotis, Giannias, Dimitrios, Chepurko, Yuri
Remittances, savings, and relative rates of return.(saving model for Mexican migrant workers)Regional focus/area studiesQuinn, Michael A.
Student loan by commercial banks: a way to reduce state government financial support to higher education in India.Regional focus/area studiesNarayana, M.R.
The application of contingent valuation method to community-led financing schemes: evidence from rural Cameroon.Regional focus/area studiesFonta, William M., Ichoku, H. Eme
The Asian crisis: an economic analysis of the causes.(1997)Regional focus/area studiesKhan, Saleheen, Islam, Faridul, Ahmed, Syed
The demand behavior of consumers in Peru: a demographic analysis using the QUAIDS.(quadratic almost ideal demand system)Regional focus/area studiesMolina, Jose Alberto, Gil, Ana Isabel
The effects of exchange rate fluctuations on output and prices: evidence from developing countries.Regional focus/area studiesKandil, Magda, Mirzaie, Ida
The impact of the foreign debt burden on exchange market pressure in Guyana, 1968-2000: an application of the error correction methodology.Regional focus/area studiesModeste, Nelson
The institution of dowry in India: why it continues to prevail.Regional focus/area studiesDalmia, Sonia, Lawrence, Pareena G.
Trade liberalization in Bangladesh: the process and its impact on macro variables particularly export expansion.Regional focus/area studiesHossain, Mohammad A., Alauddin, Mohammad
Vertical specialization-based production and intraindustry trade.Regional focus/area studiesClark, Don P.
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