Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2003
A criterion validity test of the contingent valuation method: comparing hypothetical and actual voting behavior for a public referendum.Environmental services industryKerkvliet, Joe, Vossler, Christian A.
Addressing aggregation bias in zonal recreation models .Environmental services industryMoeltner, Klaus
A laboratory study of auctions for reducing non-point source pollution.Environmental services industryCason, Timothy N., Gangadharan, Lata, Duke, Charlotte
Analysis of contingent valuation data with multiple bids and response options allowing respondents to express uncertainity.Environmental services industryBoyle, Kevin, Alberini, Ama, Welsh, Michael
Ancillary benefits of reduced air pollution in the U.S. from moderate greenhouse gas mitigation policies in the electricity sector.Environmental services industryBurtraw, Dallas, Palmer, Karen, Krupnick, Alan, Paul, Anthony, Toman, Michael, Bloyd, Cary
An experimental investigation of explanations for inconsistencies in responses to second offers in double referenda.Environmental services industryBurton, Anthony C., Carson, Katherine S., Chilton, Susan M., Hutchison, W. George
An information-theoretical analysis of budget-constrained nonpoint source pollution control.Environmental services industryKaplan, Jonathan D., Howitt, Richard E., Farzin, Y. Hossein
A theory of environmental risk disclosure.Environmental services industrySinclair-Desgagne, Bernard, Gozlan, Estelle
Basinwide water management: a spatial model.Environmental services industryChakravorthy, Ujjayant, Umetsu, Chieko
Cadillac desert revisited: property rights, public policy, and water-resource depletion.Environmental services industryMoore, Michael R., Holland, Stephen P.
Can a water market avert the "double-whammy" of trade reform and lead to a "win-win" outcome?Environmental services industryDiao, Xinshen, Roe, Terry
Candidate eco-labeling and senate campaign contributions.Environmental services industryRiddel, Mary
Community enforcement of fisheries effort restrictions.Environmental services industryBurton, Peter S.
Cooperative and non-cooperative harvesting in a stochastic sequential fishery.Environmental services industryLaukkanen, Marita
Determinants of environmental innovation in US manufacturing industries.Environmental services industryCohen, Mark A., Brunnermeier, Smita B.
Determinig the trade-environment composition effect: the role of capital, labor and environmental regulations.Environmental services industryCole, Matthew A., Elliott, Robert J.R.
Direct regulation of a mobile polluting firm.Environmental services industryDijkstra, Bouwe
Discounting the distant future: how much do uncertain rates increase valuations?Environmental services industryNewell, Richard G., Pizer, William A.
Dynamic environmental policy with strategic firms: prices versus quantities.Environmental services industryPolasky, Stephen, Moledina, Amyaz A., Coggins, Jay S., Costello, Christopher
Economic benefits of management reform in the northern Gulf of Mexico reef fish fishery.Environmental services industryWeninger, Quinn, Waters, James R.
Economic impacts of marine reserves: the importance of spatial behavior.Environmental services industryWilen, James E., Smith, Martin D.
Efficiency of conservationist measures: an optimist viewpoint.Environmental services industryGerlagh, Reyer, Keyzer, Michiel A.
Equity and efficiency in international markets for pollution permits.Environmental services industryShiell, Leslie
Estimating preferences for outdoor recreation: a comparison of continuous and count data demand system frameworks.Environmental services industryHaven, Roger H. von, Phaneuf, Daniel J.
Extraction capacity and the optimal order of extraction.Environmental services industryHolland, Stephen P.
Further tests of entreaties to avoid hypothetical bias in referendum contingent valuation.Environmental services industryBrown, Thomas C., Ajzen, Icek, Hrubes, Daniel
Habitat conservation, wildlife extraction and agricultural expansion.Environmental services industryBulte, Erwin H., Horan, Richard D.
Harvesting in an eight-species ecosystem.Environmental services industryTschirhart, John, Finnoff, David
Identifying the warm glow effect in contingent valuation.Environmental services industryNunes, Paulo A.L.D., Schokkaert, Erik
Incorporating observed choice into the constuction of welfare measures from random utility models.Environmental services industryHaefen, Roger H. von
Instrument choice for environmental protection when technological innovation is endogenous.Environmental services industryParry, Ian W.H., Pizer, William A., Fischer, Carolyn
International externalities, strategic interaction, and domestic politics.(environmental emissions)Environmental services industrySiqueira, Kevin
Measuring the benefits of air quality improvement: a spatial hedonic approach.Environmental services industryAnselin, Luc, Kim, Chong, Won, Phipps, Tim T.
Minimumm information management systems and ITQ fisheries management.Environmental services industryBatstone, C.J., Sharp, B.M.H.
Negotiating environmental agreements: regional or federal authority?Environmental services industryEckert, Heather
Nonconvexities in the production of timber, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration.Environmental services industryBoscolo, Marco, Vincent, Jeffrey R.
Non-renewable resources and growth with vertical innovations: optimum, equilibrium and economic policies.Environmental services industryGrimaud, Andre, Rouge, Luc
On the scarcity value of ecosystem services.Environmental services industryBatabyal, Amitrajeet A., O'Neill, Robert V., Kahn, James R.
Optimal pollution permit endowments in market with endogenous emissions.Environmental services industryYates, Andrew J., Smith, Stefani C.
Options, uncertainty and sunk costs: an empirical analysis of land use change.Environmental services industrySchatzki, Todd
Plant vintage, technology, and environmental regulation.Environmental services industryGray, Wayne B., Shadbeian, Ronald J.
Pollution incidence and political jurisdiction: evidence from the TRI.Environmental services industryHelland, Eric, Whitford, Andrew B.
Production, consumption, and general equilibrium with physical constraints.Environmental services industryKrysiak, Frank C., Krysiak, Daniela
Property rights in a fishery: regulatory change and firm performance.Environmental services industryFox, Kevin J., Squires, Dale, Grafton, R. Quentin, Kirkley, James
Rationality spillovers.Environmental services industryCrocker, Thomas D., Cherry, Todd, L., Shrogen, Jason F.
Regulating stock externalities under uncertainity.Environmental services industryNewell, Richard G., Pizer, William A.
Risk sharing in Cosean contracts.Environmental services industryZivin, Joshua Graff, Small, Arthur A.
Set-up cost and the existence of competitive equilibrium when extraction capacity is limited.Environmental services industryHolland, Stephen P.
Spatial heterogeneity, contract design, and the efficiency of carbon sequestration policies for agriculture.Environmental services industryAntle, John, Capalbo, Susan, Mooney, Sian, Elliott, Edward, Paustian, Keith
Stochastic pollution, costly sanctions, and optimality of emission permit banking.Environmental services industryInnes, Robert
Strategic environmental policy: eco-dumping or a green strategy?Environmental services industryGreaker, Mads
Targeting enforcement to improve compliance with environmental regulations.Environmental services industryFriesen, Lana
Tax distortions and global climate policy.Environmental services industryBabiker, Mustafa H., Reilly, John, Metcalf, Gilbert E.
Tax/subsidy policies in the presence of environmentally aware consumers.Environmental services industryGangopadhyay, Shubhashis, Bansal, Sangeeta
Temporal correlation in recreation demand models with limited data.Environmental services industryHaab, T.C.
The amenity value of the Italian climate.Environmental services industryMaddison, David, Bigano,Andrea
The determinants of household recycling: a material-specific analysis of recycling program feature and unit pricing.Environmental services industryPalmer, Karen, Jenkins, Robin R., Martinez, Salvador A., Podolsky, Michael J.
The effects on welfare of the imposition of individual transferable quotas on a heterogeneous fishing fleet.Environmental services industryHeaps, Terry
The influence of public open space on urban spatial structure.Environmental services industryWu, JunJie
The long-run effects of environmental reform in open economies.Environmental services industryKarp, Larry, Zhao, Jinhua, Sacheti, Sandeep
Trade liberalization, corruption, and environmental policy formation: theory and evidence.Environmental services industryList, John A., Damania, Richard, Fredriksson, Per G.
Trade liberalization, environmental policy, and welfare .Environmental services industryBurguet, Roberto, Sempere, Jaume
Uncertain measurements of renewable resources: approximations, harvesting policies and value of accuracy.Environmental services industryMoxnes, Erling
Uncertainty and species recovery program design.Environmental services industryDyar, Julie A., Wagner, Jeffrey
Valuing aborginal artifacts: a combined revealed-stated prefernce approach.Environmental services industryBoxall, Peter C.
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