Journal of Safety Research 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Safety Research 2005
A comparison of aggressive and DUI crashes.(Driving Under the Influence)Transportation industryCook, Lawrence J., Knight, Stacey, Olson, Lenora M.
Advantages and disadvantages of different crash modeling techniques.Transportation industrySando, Thobias, Mussa, Renatus, Sobanjo, John, Spainhour, Lisa
Analysis of non-fatal and fatal injury rates for mine operator and contractor employees and the influence of work location.Transportation industryKarra, Vijia K.
An empirical investigation of safety climate in container terminal operators.Transportation industryChin-Shan Lu, Kuo-chung Shang
An evaluation of the effectiveness of a baby walker safety standard to prevent stair-fall injuries.Transportation industryRodgers, Gregory B., Leland, Elizabeth W.
An overview of CERSSO's self evaluation of the cost-benefit on the investment in occupational safety and health in the textile factories: "A step by step methodology".Transportation industryAmador-Rodezno, Rafael
Applying user feedback to improve data access and usability: Massachusetts beta test results.Transportation industryRothenberg, Heather A., Knodler, Michael, Riessman, Robin
Approaches to understanding young driver risk taking.Transportation industryRhodes, Nancy, Brown, David, Edison, Aimee
A research model-forecasting incident rates from optimized safety program intervention strategies.Transportation industryIyer, P.S., Haight, J.M., Castillo, E. Del, Tink, B.W., Hawkins, P.W.
Backseat safety belt use and crash outcome.Transportation industryCook, Lawrence J., Zhu, Motao, Hardman, Susan B.
Characteristics of worker accidents on NYSDOT construction projects.(New York State Department of Transportation )Transportation industryMohan, Satish, Zech, Wesley C.
Computer simulations help determine safe vertical boom speeds for roof bolting in underground coal mines.Transportation industryGallagher, Sean, Ambrose, Dean H., Bartels John R., Kwitowski August J., Battenhouse, Thomas R., Jr.
Connecticut statewide sTEP wave evaluation.Transportation industryGeary, Lori L., Ledingham, Katherine A., Maloney, Susan C.
Crash data and signal coordination: A one-way pair case study.Transportation industryTindale, Steven A., Ping (Peter) Hsu
Data mining of tree-based models to analyze freeway accident frequency.Transportation industryLi-Yen Chang, Wen-Chieh Chen
Development and implementation of a driver safety history indicator into the roadside inspection selection system.(Inspection Selection System)Transportation industryLantz, Brenda, Loftus, Jeff
Development of a statewide highway safety data warehouse: Massachusetts data warehouse and web-based access.Transportation industryWoodhall, Judith
Effect on fatality risk changing from secondary to primary seat belt enforcement.Transportation industryWilliams, Allan F., Farmer, Charles M.
Effects of two doses of methylphenidate on simulator driving performance in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.Transportation industryBarkley, Russell A., Murphy, Kevin R., O'Connell, Trisha, Connor, Daniel
Evaluation of the Reading, PA nighttime safety belt enforcement campaign: September 2004.Transportation industryPreusser, David F., Chaudhary, Neil K., Alonge, Mark
Examining legal rules to protect children from injuries in recreational and sport activities.Transportation industryCentner, Terence J.
Falls among older adults--risk factors and prevention strategies.Transportation industryStevens, Judy A.
Freight transport and non-driving work duties as predictors of falling asleep at the wheel in urban areas of Crete.Transportation industryTzamalouka, Georgia, Papadakaki, Maria, Chliaoutakis, Joannes El.
Graduated driver licensing research in 2004 and 2005.Transportation industryHedlund, James, Compton, Richard
Homeland security, car crashes and traffic incident data: Killing three birds with one IT architecture.Transportation industryWoodhall, Judith
Household youth on minority operated farms in the United States, 2000: Exposures to and injuries from work, horses, ATVs and tractors.Transportation industryHendricks, Kitty J., Myers, John R., Layne, Larry A., Goldcamp, Micheal E.
Identifying best practices states in motorcycle rider education and licensing.Transportation industryBaldi, Stephane, Baer, Justin D., Cook, Andrea L.
Identifying crash propensity using specific traffic speed conditions.Transportation industryAbdel-Aty, Mohamed, Pande, Anurag
Incidence rates and risk factors for injury events in high school students in Lijin County, China.Transportation industryZhang, Ying, Jia, Cunxian, Zhao, Zhongtang, Qigui, Bo, Liu, Zhaolan
Injury severity codes: A comparison of police injury codes and medical outcomes as determined by Nass CDS investigators.(National Automotive Sampling System and Crashworthiness Data system)Transportation industry 
Is road increasing? Results of a repeated survey.(traffic accidents)Transportation industrySmart, Reginald G., Mann, Robert E., Zhao, Jinhui, Stoduto, Gina
Management commitment to safety as organizational support: Relationships with non-safety outcomes in wood manufacturing employees.(occupational safety and health)Transportation industryJansen, Karen J., Micheal, Judd H., Evans, Demetrice D., Haight, Joel M.
Net-cost model for workplace interventions.Transportation industryGold, Judith, Lahiri, Supriya, Levenstein, Charles
Non-fatal transportation injuries among women: Differences in injury patterns and severity by age.Transportation industryDellinger, Ann M.
On the joint valuation of averting fatal and severe injuries in highway accidents.Transportation industryHojman, Pablo, Ortuzar, Juan de Dios, Rizzi, Luis Ignacio
Optimal strategies for adaptive curve lighting.Transportation industrySivak, Michael, Schoettle, Brandon, Flannagan, Michael J., Minoda, Takako
Parental risk perceptions of childhood pedestrian road safety: A cross-cultural comparison.Transportation industryLam, Lawrence T.
Participation for understanding: An interactive method.Transportation industryKoningsveld, Ernst A. P.
Physical limitations and musculoskeletal complaints associated with work in unusual or restricted postures: A literature review.Transportation industryGallagher, Sean
Probationary and non-probationary drivers' nighttime crashes in Western Australia, 1996-2000.Transportation industryAdams, Claire
Recidivism study of New Mexico's convicted DWI offenders 2000-2003.(driving-while-intoxicated )Transportation industryHarmon, Judith S., Woods, Brian
Road safety effects of roundabouts in Flanders.Transportation industryBrabander, Bram De, Nuyts, Erik, Vereeck, Lode
Safety conscious planning in small and medium-sized MPOs and rural planning agencies: Results of a domestic scan.(metropolitan planning organizations)Transportation industryHerbel, Susan B.
Safety-culture in a Norwegian shipping company.Transportation industryHavold, Jon Ivar
Safety halls--an evaluation.Transportation industryNyberg, Anders, Gregersen, Nils petter, Nolen, Sixten, Engstrom, Inger
Safety rules and regulations on mine sites-The problem and a solution.Transportation industryLaurence, David
Suicides and other fatalities from train-person collisions on Swedish railroads: A descriptive epidemiologic analysis as a basis for systems-oriented.Transportation industryRadbo, Helena, Svedung, Inge, Andersson, Ragnar
Synthesis and recommendations of the economic evaluation of OHS interventions at the company level conference.Transportation industryBiddle, Elyce, Ray, Tapas, Owusu-Edusei, Kwame, Jr., Camm, Thomas
The crash severity impacts of fixed roadside objects.(crash injuries)Transportation industryHoldridge, Jason M., Ulfarsson, Gudmundur F., Shankar, Venky N.
The development of an instrument measuring unintentional injuries in young children in low-income settings to serve as an evaluation tool for a childhood home injury prevention program.Transportation industryAtkins, S., Jordaan, E. R., Niekerk, A. van, Seedat, M.
The impact of a nationwide effort to reduce airbag-related deaths among children: An examination of fatality trends among younger and older age groups.Transportation industryNichols, James L., Compton, Richard P., Glassbrenner
The older driver with dementia: An updated literature review.Transportation industryDysken, Maurice, Adler, Geri, Rottunda, Susan
The potential method-an economic evaluation tool.Transportation industryBergstrom, Monica
The prediction of safe lifting behavior: An application of the theory of planned behavior.Transportation industryJohnson, Stephen E., Hall, Andrea
The Productivity Assessment Tool: Computer-based cost benefit analysis model for the economic assessment of occupational health and safety interventions in the workplace.Transportation industryOxenburgh, Maurice, Marlow, Pepe
The relationship between protective and risk characteristics of acting and experienced workload, and musculoskeletal disorder cases among nurses.Transportation industryYeung, Simon S., Genaidy, Ash, Deddens, James, Sauter, Steve
The risks of driving on roadways with 50 miles per hour posted speed limit.Transportation industryDhungana, Prabhakar, MIng Qu
The role of sales of new motorcycles in a recent increase in motorcycle mortality rates.Transportation industryPaulozzi, Leonard J.
Understanding the return on health, safety and environmental investments.Transportation industryLinhard, Joanne B.
Using GIS for law enforcements.(Geographical Information System)Transportation industrySmith, Randy, Graettinger, Andrew J., Keith, Kerri, Hudnall, Matthew, Parrish, Allen
Using persuasive messages to encourage voluntary hearing protection among coal miners.Transportation industryVaught, Charles, Stephenson, Michael T., Booth-Butterfield, Steve, Patel, Dhaval, Zuckerman, Cynthia, Witte, Kim, Quick, Brian L.
Work domain analysis for air traffic controller weather displays.Transportation industryAhlstrom, Ulf
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