Journal of the Operational Research Society - Abstracts

Journal of the Operational Research Society
A Markov Sensitivity Model for Examining the Impact of Cost Allocations in Hospitals.Computers and office automation industriesHannan, E.L.
An Air Force Crew Allocation and Scheduling Problem.Computers and office automation industriesSherali, H.D., Rios, M.
An Equation for the Optimal Value of T, the Inventory Replenishment Review Period when Demand Is Normal.Computers and office automation industriesDonaldson, W.A.
A Note on Determining Order Quantities with a Linear Trend in Demand.Computers and office automation industriesMitra, A., Cox, J.F., Jesse, R.R.Jr.
A Note on the Proportional-Idling-Time Opposite- Failure-Modes Model.Computers and office automation industriesBendell, A.
A Steady-State Approximation for the Exk/M/1 Queue.Computers and office automation industriesCosmetatos, G.P.
Demand During Lead Time for Normal Unit Demand and Erlang Lead Time.Computers and office automation industriesBagchi, U., Hayya, J.C.
Fixed Routes.Computers and office automation industriesBeasley, J.E.
Interdisciplinarity in Operational Research - in the Past and in the Future: An Invitation to IFORS'84 in Washington D.C.Computers and office automation industriesMuller-Merbach, H.
Linear Programming with Special Ordered Sets.Computers and office automation industriesSnyder, R.D.
Managing Manufacturing Operations in the U.K.Computers and office automation industriesNew, C.
Manufacturing's Strategic Role.Computers and office automation industriesHill, T.J.
Model and Situation Specific O.R. Methods: Risk Engineering Reliability of an L.N.G. Facility.Computers and office automation industriesChapman, C.B., Cooper, D.F., Cammaert, A.B.
Modelling National Development Programmes.Computers and office automation industriesWolstenholme, E.F.
Multiproduct, Three-State Production Inventory Systems.Computers and office automation industriesCadambi, B.V., Venkoba Rao, T.S.
Negative Income Tax and Unemployment.Computers and office automation industriesCooper, A.G.
P-Medians and Multi-Medians.Computers and office automation industriesBoffey, T.B., Karkazis, J.
The Origins of Operational Research in the Coal Industry.Computers and office automation industriesHicks, D.
The Viable System Model: Its Provenance, Development, Methodology and Pathology.Computers and office automation industriesBeer, S.
University Cuts and Statistical Information.Computers and office automation industriesMolinero, C.M.
Vehicle Scheduling Revisted.Computers and office automation industriesWaters, C.D.J.
Who Rules the Waves?Computers and office automation industriesCoyle, R.G.
Work and the Future.Computers and office automation industriesCadbury, A.
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