Journal of Third World Studies 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Third World Studies 1999
Africa and the rest of the black world in perspective.Regional focus/area studiesAssensoh, A.B., Alex-Assensoh, Y.
Africa's 'development crisis': a failure of economics or ideology?(critique of 'Africa: The Challenge of Transformation' and 'Africa's Agenda')Regional focus/area studiesClark, Andrew F.
Africa's second democratic transition.(critique of 'Multiparty Democracy and Political Change: Constraints to Democratization')Regional focus/area studiesVaughan, Femi
An Islamic perspective on non-alignment: Iranian foreign policy in theory and practice.Regional focus/area studiesSadri, Houman A.
Azerbaijan, the U.S., and oil prospects on the Caspian Sea.(Rhetoric Versus Action: The Challenge of Policy Implementation )Regional focus/area studiesRasizade, Alec
Bilingual education on an uneven playfield: the Kenyan case.Regional focus/area studiesSure, Kembo
Doctrinal model for PKO.(peacekeeping operations)Regional focus/area studiesMitchum, Albert
Examining the impact of arms transfers on human development.Regional focus/area studiesBlanton, Shannon Lindsey
Growth by debt: foreign borrowing and dependent capitalism in Chile, 1958-1970.(Rhetoric Versus Action: The Challenge of Policy Implementation )Regional focus/area studiesKofas, Jon V.
Managing rapid urbanization in Africa: some aspects of policy.Regional focus/area studiesHope, Kempe Ronald, Sr.
Pragmatism and rhetoric in Yemen's policy toward Israel.Regional focus/area studiesAbadi, Jacob
Preparing the Third World for the new millennium.Regional focus/area studiesMbaku, John Mukum
Quakers in Africa.Regional focus/area studiesCurrey, Cecil B., Johnson, Robin
Rethinking current explanations of political changes in Sub-Saharan Africa.Regional focus/area studiesMakoba, J. Wagona
Technology-transfer and public transportation functioning in less developed countries: an exploratory study.Regional focus/area studiesNjoh, Ambe J.
The impact of religious, social, and economic forces upon the development of management education in Latin America.Regional focus/area studiesTheodore, John D.
The Kurdish question and the Middle East.Regional focus/area studiesMagnarella, Paul J.
The military and democratization in Africa.(Rhetoric Versus Action: The Challenge of Policy Implementation )Regional focus/area studiesAka, Philip C.
The military and the (re)making of African postcolonial identity in Ken Saro-Wiwa's 'Sozaboy' and Manuel Rui's 'Yes, Comrade!'.Regional focus/area studiesMeek, Sandra
The origin of the marginalization of former southern Cameroonians (Anglophones), 1961-1966: an historical analysis.Regional focus/area studiesNgoh, Victor Julius
The political report to the 8th Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party: an anatomy of the writing process.(Rhetoric Versus Action: The Challenge of Policy Implementation )Regional focus/area studiesStern, Lewis
The role of universities in promoting cooperation between social and pure scientists for human development in Kenya.(Rhetoric Versus Action: The Challenge of Policy Implementation )Regional focus/area studiesNafukho, Fredrick Muyia
The situation of the Bedouin of Jordan's Karak Plateau.Regional focus/area studiesBurnett, G.W., Baqain, Rair Naim al, Dirksen, Murl
Turkey and Iran during the Cold War.(Rhetoric Versus Action: The Challenge of Policy Implementation )Regional focus/area studiesBishku, Michael B.
United States-Latin American relations: recent historiography.Regional focus/area studiesLeonard, Thomas M.
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