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Law, Medicine & Health Care
Abortion on the Supreme Court agenda: Planned Parenthood v. Casey and its possible consequences.LawKoslov, Tara Isa
Acceptability of mifepristone for early pregnancy interruption. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawDavid, Henry P.
AMA advises physicians to screen for signs of abuse.LawHandler, Michael D.
Analysis of power in medical decision-making: an argument for physician autonomy. (Medical Futility)LawSandroni, Stephen, Koch, Kathryn A., Meyers, Bruce W.
An axiology for national health insurance. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawDougherty, Charles J.
Antiprogestin drugs: ethical issues. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawMacklin, Ruth
Antiprogestin drugs: research and clinical use in Sweden. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawBygdeman, Marc, Swahn, Marja-Liisa
Are adolescents good candidates for RU 486 as an abortion method? (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawSenderowitz, Judith
A retrospective on Cruzan. (right to die, right to refuse treatment)LawMeisel, Alan
Avoiding "cloudcuckooland" in ethics committee case review: matching models to issues and concerns. (Ethics Committees)LawCohen, Cynthia B.
Benten v. Kessler: the RU 486 import case. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawPine, Rachel N.
Capping the crisis: medical malpractice and tort reform.LawJavitt, Gail, Lu, Elaine
CDC expands definition of AIDS; more new cases expected.LawMiller, Matthew A.
Clinton lifts federal funding ban on fetal tissue transplant research.LawDichiara, Peter M.
Clinton move to streamline waiver process could facilitate Oregon plan.LawKasmin, Jennifer A.
Do pharmacists have a right to refuse to fill prescriptions for abortifacient drugs? (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawWeinstein, Bruce D.
Do those who cannot speak really have a voice? (guardian ad litem in case involving withdrawal of medical treatment) (Medical Futility)LawDew, Betty
Ethical dilemmas in HIV infection: what have we learned? (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawLo, Bernard
Ethics committees and due process. (response to Susan M. Wolf, Maryland Law Review, vol. 50, p. 798, 1991) (Ethics Committees)LawFletcher, John C.
Ethics committees, organ transplantation and public policy. (Ethics Committees)LawDickens, Bernard M.
FDA regulation of health claims on food labels to take effect in 1993.LawZecha, Anne T.
Futility: a concept in search of a definition. (Medical Futility)LawGostin, Lawrence O., Cranford, Ronald
Futility: not just a medical issue. (Medical Futility)LawLo, Bernard, Alpers, Ann
Germ-line therapy: a new stage of debate. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawFletcher, John C., Anderson, W. French
HIV education and the law: a critical review.LawBurris, Scott
Hospice care as an alternative to euthanasia. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawMiller, Robert J.
Husband may prevent former wife's donation of frozen embryos.LawMahler, Nancy D.
"Inducing a miscarriage": women-centered perspectives on RU 486-prostaglandin as an early abortion method. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawBerer, Marge
Insurer liable for cost containment program: Wilson v. Blue Cross of Southern California.LawRosenblatt, Sarah E.
Introduction of abortion technologies: a quality of care management approach. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawGreenslade, Forrest C., Winkler, Judith, Leonard, Ann H.
Justice, politics and community: expanding access and rationing health services in Oregon. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawGarland, Michael J.
Medical futility: legal and ethical aspects. (Medical Futility)LawGrant, Edward R.
Medical futility. (Medical Futility)LawMiles, Steven H.
Mistakes and fraud in medical research. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawFriedman, Paul J.
Myth and reality: the threat of medical malpractice claims by low income women.LawRothenberg, Karen H.
New York implements anti-referral law.LawBruck, Matthew H.
Patents and the supply of therapeutic products. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawHayhurst, William L.
Patient dumping in the federal courts: expanding EMTALA without preempting state malpractice law. (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act)LawJain, Samir C., Hoyt, Shawn S.
Physicians and futile care: using ethics committees to slow the momentum. (Medical Futility)LawBrennan, Troyen A.
Required reconsideration of "do-not-resuscitate" orders in the operating room and certain other treatment settings.LawCohen, Cynthia B., Cohen, Peter J.
RU 486 in France and England: corporate ethics and compulsory licensing. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawBoland, Reed
RU 486/prostaglandin: considerations for appropriate use in low-resource settings. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawHolt, Renee
RU 486, the FDA and free enterprise. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawBuc, Nancy L.
RU 486: what physicians know, think and (might) do - a survey of California obstetrician/gynecologists. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawHeilig, Steve L.
Self-insured employers may cap health coverage for specific diseases.LawHenry, Vickie L.
Some ethical costs of rationing. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawMenzel, Paul T.
Special ethical issues in the management of PVS patients. (persistent vegetative state) (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawBrody, Baruch A.
Studying the acceptability and feasibility of medical abortion. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawWinikoff, Beverly, Sivin, Irving, Coyaji, Kurus, Cabezas, Evelio, Coyaji, Banoo, Krishna, Usha, de la Concepcion, Oscar, Eschen, Andrea, Brady, Martha
Supreme Court to rule on scientific testimony in Daubert v. Merrell Dow.LawMiller, Simon J.K.
Surrogate mother prevails in negligence suit.LawHewitt, Mary Beth
The FDA: is it protecting the public with one hand tied behind its back? (Food and Drug Administration)LawShedlin, Roger S.
The "gag rule" revisited: physicians as abortion gatekeepers.LawBloche, M. Gregg
The morality of physician-assisted suicide. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawWeir, Robert F.
The moral standing of animals in medical research. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawBeauchamp, Tom L.
Toward a theory of process. (Ethics Committees)LawWolf, Susan M.
Treatment decisions for terminally ill patients: physicians' legal defensiveness and knowledge of medical law.LawMcCrary, S. Van, Swanson, Jeffrey W., Perkins, Henry S., Winslade, William J.
Updating RU486 development. (Antiprogestin Drugs: Ethical, Legal and Medical Issues)LawBaulieu, Etienne-Emile
Voluntary euthanasia and the risks of abuse: can we learn anything from the Netherlands? (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawBattin, Margaret P.
Whodunit? Causal responsibility of utilization review for physicians' decisions, patients' outcomes. (Current Issues in Biomedical Ethics)LawMorreim, E. Haavi
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