Modern Asian Studies 2006 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 2006
Capitalizing on catastrophe: Reinvigorating the Japanese state with moral values through education following the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.Regional focus/area studiesBorland, Janet
Catastrophe, opportunism, contestation: The fractured politics of reconstructing Tokyo following the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.Regional focus/area studiesSchencking, J. Charles
Children, emotion, identity and empire: Views from the Blechyndens' Calcutta Diaries (1790-1822).(Arthur Blechynden)Regional focus/area studiesRobb, Peter
Colonial gifts: Family politics and the exchange of goods in British India, c. 1780-1820.Regional focus/area studiesFinn, Margot C.
Colonial Hong Kong as a cultural-historical place.Regional focus/area studiesCarroll, John M.
Committed mothers and well-adjusted children: Privatization, early-years education and motherhood in Calcutta.Regional focus/area studiesDonner, Henrike
Cutlets or fish curry?: Debating Indian authenticity in late nineteenth-century Bengal.Regional focus/area studiesChaudhuri, Rosinka
Differentiated actors: Central-local politics in China's rural tax reforms.Regional focus/area studiesLi, Linda Chelan
Emotional and domestic territories: The positionality of women as reflected in the landscape of the home in contemporary South Asian women's writings.Regional focus/area studiesLau, Lisa
Empire on the cheap: The control of opium smoking in the Straits settlements, 1925-1939.Regional focus/area studiesGoto-Shibata, Harumi
Foreign devils, finance and informal empire: Britain and China c. 1900-1912.Regional focus/area studiesPhimister, Ian
Gandhi, 'truth and translatability.Regional focus/area studiesMajeed, Javed
Ideology and cosmology: Maoist discussion on physics and the Cultural Revolution.(Mao Zedong)Regional focus/area studiesYinghong Cheng
Indian labor, labor standards and workers' health in Burma and Malaya, 1900-1940.Regional focus/area studiesKaur, Amarjit
India's unfinished journey transforming growth into development.Regional focus/area studiesNayyar, Deepak
Indonesian corporations, cronyism, and corruption.Regional focus/area studiesBrown, Rajeswary Ampalavanar
Notions of nationhood in Bengal: Perspectives on Samaj, 1867-1905.Regional focus/area studiesGupta, Swarupa
'Only Women can Change this World into Heaven' Mei Niang, Male Chauvinist Society, and the Japanese Cultural Agenda in North China, 1939-1941.Regional focus/area studiesSmith, Norman
Philology in Viet Nam and its impact on Southeast Asian cultural history.Regional focus/area studiesThomas, Richard G.
Politics, power and the Chinese maritime customs: The Qing restoration and the ascent of Robert Hart.(Era overview)Regional focus/area studiesHorowitz, Richard S.
Power, hegemony and politics: Leadership struggle in congress in the 1930s.(Mahatma Gandhi)Regional focus/area studiesSarkar, Jayabrata
Provincialism in modern India: The multiple narratives of education and their pain.Regional focus/area studiesKumar, Nita
Purloined letters: History and the Chinese Maritime Customs Service.Regional focus/area studiesBickers, Robert
Recast(e)ing identity: Transformation of inter-caste relationships in post-colonial rural Orissa.Regional focus/area studiesTanabe, Akio
Robert Hart and China's statistical revolution.(Era overview)Regional focus/area studiesEberhard-Breard, Andrea
Robert Hart and Gustav Detring during the Boxer Rebellion.Regional focus/area studiesVan De Ven, Hans
Robert Hart in China: The significance of his Irish Roots.Regional focus/area studiesO'Leary, Richard
Sealing the mouth of outrage: Notes on the meaning and intent of Hart's These from the land of Sinim.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesKing, Frank H.H.
Strong and weak media? On the representation of 'terorisme' in contemporary Indonesia.Regional focus/area studiesFox, Richard
The Boxer indemnity-'nothing but bad'.Regional focus/area studiesKing, Frank H.H.
The commemorative character of Thai historiography: The 1942-43 Thai military campaign in the Shan States depicted as a story of national salvation and the restoration of Thai independence.Regional focus/area studiesMurashima, Eiji
The Meiji Earthquake: Nature, nation, and the ambiguities of catastrophe.Regional focus/area studiesClancey, Gregory
The problem with 'rich refugees' sponsorship, capital, and the informal economy of Tibetan refugees.Regional focus/area studiesProst, Audrey
The South China Sea in the age of European decline.Regional focus/area studiesTonnesson, Stein
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