Modern Asian Studies 2007 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 2007
'An untouchable in the presence of Brahmins' Lord Wavell's disastrous relationship with Whitehall during his time as Viceroy to India, 1943-7.Regional focus/area studiesGlynn, Irial
Commercial world of Mancherji Khurshedji and the Dutch East India Company: A study of mutual relationships.(Biography)Regional focus/area studiesNadri, Ghulam Ahmad
Crafts and statecraft in eighteenth century Jodhpur.Regional focus/area studiesSahai, Nandita Prasad
Customs of governance: colonialism and democracy in twentieth century India.Regional focus/area studiesChandavarkar, Rajnarayan
Disciplining the saffron way: moral education and the Hindu Rashtra.Regional focus/area studiesFroerer, Peggy
'Dispersal' and the failure of rehabilitation: refugee camp-dwellers and Squatters in West Bengal.Regional focus/area studiesChatterji, Joya
Environmental history of Tamil Nadu state, law and decline of forest and tribals, 1950-2000.Regional focus/area studiesSaravanan, Velayutham
From land to the tiller to land liberalization: the political economy of Gujarat's shifting land policy.Regional focus/area studiesSud, Nikita
From negotiation to coercion: textile manufacturing in India in the eighteenth century.Regional focus/area studiesPrakash, Om
Guns, slums, and "yellow devils": a genealogy of urban conflicts in Karachi, Pakistan.Regional focus/area studiesGayer, Laurent
Harbouring traditions in East Timor: marginality in a lowland entrepot.Regional focus/area studiesMcWilliam, Andrew
Hindi Dalit autobiography: an exploration of identity.Regional focus/area studiesBeth, Sarah
Imperial solution of a colonial problem: Bhils of Khandesh up to c. 1850.Regional focus/area studiesBenjamin, N., Mohanty, B.B.
Indian labor immigration and British labor policy in nineteenth-century Ceylon.Regional focus/area studiesWenzlhuemer, Roland
Kingdom, household and body history, gender and imperial service under Akbar.Regional focus/area studiesO'Hanlon, Rosalind
Missionary education, religion and knowledge in India, c. 1880-1915.Regional focus/area studiesBellenoit, Hayden J. A.
Moguls of the Chinese cinema: the story of the Shaw brothers in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, 1924-2002.Regional focus/area studiesStephanie Po-Yin Chung
Monastic patronage and temple building in contemporary Sri Lanka: caste, ritual performance, and merit.Regional focus/area studiesSamuels, Jeffrey
Paul Scott's later novels: the unknown Indian.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesGoonetilleke, D.C.R.A.
Property rights dynamics and indigenous communities in Highland Kerala, South India: an institutional-historical perspective.Regional focus/area studiesKjosavik, Darley Jose, Shanmugaratnam, N.
Race matters: orientalism and religion, India and beyond c. 1770-1880.Regional focus/area studiesKapila, Shruti
'Relationships based on love and relationships based on needs': Emerging trends in youth sex culture in contemporary urban Vietnam.Regional focus/area studiesAn Nguyen, Phuong
Rituals of rule in the administered community: the Javanese slametan reconsidered.Regional focus/area studiesNewberry, Jan
Tales of the land: British geography and Kandyan resistance in Sri Lanka, c. 1803-1850.Regional focus/area studiesSivasundaram, Sujit
Terribly severe though mercifully short: The episode of the 1918 influenza in British Malaya.Regional focus/area studiesLiew, Kai Khiun
The construction of regionalism in modern Japan: Kodera Kenkichi and his "Treatise on Greater Asianism" (1916).Regional focus/area studiesSaaler, Sven
The Court of Wards in a princely state: Bank robber or babysitter?Regional focus/area studiesCohen, Benjamin B.
The Great Bengal famine and the question of FAD yet again.Regional focus/area studiesIslam, M. Mufakharul
The Manchurian economy and the 1930s World Depression.Regional focus/area studiesWright, Tim
The personal equation: political economy and social technology on India's canals, 1850-1930.Regional focus/area studiesLewis, Michael
The 'problem of people': British colonials, Cold War powers, and the Chinese refugees in Hong Kong, 1949-62.Regional focus/area studiesMark, Chi-Kwan
War, changing patterns of warfare, state collapse, and transnational violence in Afghanistan: 1978-2001.Regional focus/area studiesSidky, H.
Who is a Brahmin in Singapore?Regional focus/area studiesParameswaran, Ashvin, Sebastian, Rodney
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