National Real Estate Investor - Abstracts

National Real Estate Investor
1984: Industry Leaders Predict Plenty of Money, Strong Office Leasing, Bolstered Retail Sector Foreseen.Real estate industryFossett, F.
Adjournment Leaves Real Estate Tax Issues Unresolved.Real estate industryJacobs, B.G.
AT&T Leases Prompt Use of Unusual Device.Real estate industryReinbach, A.
Belgium: Once Huge Office Surplus Is Absorbed; Rents Are Increasing.Real estate industry 
Birmingham.Real estate industryBearden, S.
Building Diagnostics Uses Variety of Techniques.Real estate industryNewman, J.H.
Canadian Markets Expect Turnaround during 1984.Real estate industry 
City Review: Charlotte.Real estate industryUpchurch, C.
City Review: Columbus.Real estate industrySpellman, R.
City Review: Long Island.Real estate industryKahn, D.
City Review: Los Angeles.Real estate industrySt. George, K.
Conservative Earnings Approach Is Advised.Real estate industry 
Consultants Can Maximize Assets for Corporations.Real estate industryFarrell, W.D.
Corporate Real Estate Activity.Real estate industryReinbach, A.
Court and IRS Differ on Partnership Liabilities.Real estate industryMorris, R.A.
Emphasis Placed on Benefits and Net Basics.Real estate industry 
Fairfield County.Real estate industryWalsh, G.
Financial Deregulation Has Impact on Real Estate.Real estate industryDowns, A.
Fort Worth: Area Leaders Band Together to Attract National Corporations; Some Market Sectors are Holding Their Own, while Others Are Growing.Real estate industryWilliams, T.
France: Government Policies Discourage Internal, Foreign Investment.Real estate industry 
Germany: Election Results Renew Interest in Development.Real estate industry 
Greenville/Spartanburg: High Tech Textile Industry Provides Strong Base for Development; Area Attracts Major Corporations Establishing Headquarters.Real estate industryMonk, F.
Hong Kong: Property Values Drop as Concern Mounts for Colony's Future.Real estate industry 
How Will Deregulation Affect S and Ls, Syndicators?Real estate industryDowns, A.
Irish Republic: Market Stays Down Due to Unhappy Economic Picture.Real estate industry 
London Undergoes a Surge in Rehab Market.Real estate industry 
Magic of Mixed-Use Synergy Attracts Developers; Projects Proliferate, as Shift Is Away from CBD.Real estate industryJohnston, D.
Malaysia: Demand for Office Space Continues Downward Slide.Real estate industry 
Nashville: Improved Economy, Lower Interest Rates Benefits All Sectors; Deversified Industry Base is Key to Current Construction Boom.Real estate industryBattle, B.
New Bill Sets Up Rental Program, Kills Rate Ceilings.Real estate industryJacobs, B.G.
Northern New Jersey.Real estate industryKarsian, D.
Oakland/East Bay: Downtown Plagued by Construction Slowdown, Building Guidelines, Suburban Areas Reap Benefits Continue to Grow.Real estate industryWeber, D.
Opportunities for Hawaii Investing Are Promising.Real estate industryWeiskittel, R.
Orange County: Office Vacancy Rate Declines as Space Absorption Accelerates; Market Will Tighten Before New Wave of Space Hits in Late '85.Real estate industrySt. George, K.
Politics Affect International Market.Real estate industryParrish, C.
Property Managers Confront Problems around the World.Real estate industry 
Real Estate Assets Are Undermanaged.Real estate industryLeinberger, C.B.
Recovery Leading to Brighter Future for Industry; All Suite Concept, Computers Are Major Innovations.Real estate industryFossett, F.
Reduced Demand, Political Uncertainty Limit Building; High-Tech Sparks an Otherwise Dull Industrial Market.Real estate industryCunnew, T.
Sacramento.Real estate industryWoodard, J.
Sao Paulo, Brazil: Reduced Demand Inflates Supply of Office Space.Real estate industry 
Sarasota/Fort Meyers/Naples.Real estate industryBoard, P.T.
Singapore: Though Growth Rate Slows Construction Moves Up Sharply.Real estate industry 
South Africa: Depressed Economy, Drought, Gold Prices, Paint Gloomy Picture.Real estate industry 
Survey Finds Certain Patterns Last Year.Real estate industry 
Sydney: Leasing Healthy; Space Shortage Rising Rents Continue.Real estate industry 
Syndicators Begin to Develop Own Projects.Real estate industry 
Tampa: Out-of-State Developers Make Plays for Business in Bay Area; Vacancy Rates Remain Manageable Despite Jump in Office Space.Real estate industryWarren, B.
The Netherlands: Center-City Office Market Is Tight; Investment Yields Up.Real estate industry 
The New Age of Buildings Requires Awareness.Real estate industryNewman, T.H.
Tucson: Emphasis on Copper, Cotton, Cattle, Climate Broadens; Now, High-Tech Development Offers Incentives to Investors.Real estate industrySheehan, M.
United Kingdom: Office Market Tight; Enterprise Zones Net Most Action.Real estate industry 
Westchester County: Proximity to Manhattan Provides Alternative for Relocations; Office Market Expands, Thanks to Phone Break-Up, Good Economy.Real estate industryDerven, R.
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